Adios and Adios Max, Differences And Details

Adios and Adios MaxAdios and Adios Max are herbal weight-loss pills marketed heavily in the UK. Claiming to be the country’s favorite diet pill, Adios comes in two versions, regular and maximum strength.

If you were to walk into Boots, Superdrug or any of the familiar chemists and health supplement stockists it is virtually guaranteed to find the pink, green or yellow box wedged between the competitive slimming pills and diet supplements.

Adios has been around for long time, this is usually a good sign. Does it actually work and is worth buying.

Adios WebsiteClaims:  To be the UK’s favourite slimming pill and speed up your weight loss naturally

Positives: Reputable brand, good … in its day

Negatives:  … had its day now. Others preferred

How do Adios and Adios Max Work

Adios natural slimming pillsAdios and Adios Max claim to work by acting on your metabolism, speeding up the rate at which stored fat is converted to energy, and expending calories in the process.

What is notable about this product is that its website makes sure to drive home the point that the product will only produce results in conjunction with a healthy, calorie-controlled diet, and regular exercise.

While the marketing material gives the impression that Adios and Adios Max can help with weight reduction, they back off from making any concrete claims regarding its effectiveness.

What Is The Difference Between Adios And Adios Max

Adios Max contains the same ingredients to the standard product, but in a higher dosage. The ingredient, Fucus is upped in quantity to 45mg to 120mg.

What are the Ingredients

Butternut in Adios pillsThis product is made of four main ingredients derived from naturally-occurring plants. Butternut (image right), not to be confused with butternut squash, comes from the bark of a tree native to North America, and is known for its laxative and bowel supporting effects, giving a slight boost to metabolism and digestion.

Dandelion root, which comes from the dandelions that grow all around the world, and boldo dry extract, derived from a shrub native to Chile, provide diuretic functions, drawing out fluids from your body and thus helping prevent water retention. They also promote liver function.

Fucus In AdiosFucus is a seaweed which is purported to aid metabolism by encouraging thyroid activity due to its high level of iodine.

This is considered to be the main and key ingredient. It is the quantity included of fucus that determines whether it ‘Max’ or standard.

Publicity and Media Coverage

This product has not been the subject of much press, either positive or negative, and given its potential for little more than a very mild effect, if any is to be had at all, this is not surprising.

Diet supplement review sites generally conclude that the product doesn’t have much to offer that diet and exercise alone can’t provide.

Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

ExerciseReviews appear to vary based on the user’s diet and exercise regimen. Those who used calorie-controlled diets and exercised regularly found satisfactory weight-loss results; those who did not were disappointed with the product.

Remove the product from the equation, and the results would still be the same, which does not say much for the impact its use can make on weight reduction.

More alarming, however, was that several reviews claimed the product caused hair loss. While it can’t be substantiated that Adios or Adios Max was directly responsible for this condition, the number of reviews, some of which can be found on the Amazon’s listing for the product on its UK website, seem to point to the fact that this is no mere coincidence.

Possible Side Effects

The relative simplicity of this product’s ingredients is a good sign in terms of potential side-effects.

The company’s website advises that the product should not be used by people who may be allergic to any of the ingredients, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, or individuals under the age of 16. In addition, consumers with existing serious medical conditions are cautioned to consult with their physician before use.

The product is gluten-free and safe for vegetarians, but not for those on a vegan diet. And although butternut is used in the product, the manufacturer claims that it is safe for those with nut allergies, as only the bark of the butternut tree is used. In spite of this, numerous reports that the product caused sudden loss of hair, as noted above, definitely cast some doubt as to this product’s safety.

If you experience any side effect stop using using and contact your GP

Does Adios Work

Rather than bombard potential purchasers with overwhelming claims of effectiveness, this product does the exact opposite.

Rather than make bold statements, it continually defers to proper dieting and exercise as the key to weight loss, casting itself in a supplementary role. While this modesty may be refreshing, it also underscores how little the product is able to do for you on its own.

Its ingredients may produce a very mild effect on your metabolism, but most testimonials which cited satisfactory weight loss also mentioned following the diet and exercise suggestions of the pill’s manufacturer, and these healthy lifestyle choices were much more likely the cause of fat reduction, rather than Adios or Adios Max itself.

There may be little risk involved in using this product, but there is probably just as little reward. And if claims that the product can lead to sudden hair loss are true, then there may be too much risk as well.

Diet pills not to buy

Adios Stockists High Street and Online

As mentioned in the opening few paragraphs it is available to buy from many high street outlets and stockists in the UK.

Recommended Alternatives

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Capsiplex is a natural fat burner that can help users lose 278 calories per serving. Its manufacturers suggest that one Capsiplex serving can have the same calorie burning effect as cycling for 40 minutes

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