15 Day Di.et Plan with customer comments and testimonials

15 day diet plan15 Day Di.et Plan is a rapid weight loss program developed by a team of fitness experts and nutritionists.

It’s intended to help people to avoid the need for expensive diet pills and supplements and lose weight fast in a safe and natural way.

The system consists of five in-depth guides intended to reveal the secret to losing weight fast, keeping it off, and avoiding the pit-falls that can result in yo-yo dieting.

Claims: 15 Day Di.et Plan is a rapid weight loss program developed by a team of fitness experts and nutritionists.

Positives: The level of information provided is exceptional and it is easy to see a lot of thought has been put into the creation of this product and some very knowledgeable people must have been involved.

Negatives: There aren’t that many negatives

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Promised benefits include:

  • Lose up to 15lbs of body fat in 15 days
  • Eliminate mid-day energy crashes
  • Look 3-5 years younger
  • Drop 1-2 dress sizes
  • Reduce aches and pains
  • Say goodbye to cellulite
  • Get back into your favorite old clothes
  • Lose the fat from stubborn areas and enjoy better muscle definition

Health experts say the best way to lose weight is by diet and exercise. 15 Day Di.et Plan is intended to help people to do this, but we don’t mind admitting we had some initial doubts about the system. However, the system comes with a really good money back guarantee and we managed to discover such a lot of positive customer reviews, we couldn’t help but be impressed.

15 day diet plan review

What is 15 Day Di.et Plan and How Does It Work?

15 Day Di.et Plan consists of five weight loss guides. The first guide provides an introduction to the 15-day diet and contains tips on overcoming the obstacles that can scupper the best intentions and cause diets to fail. It also explains why shooting for a weight loss of only 1/2 lb per week is setting you up for a fail.

The second guide contains comprehensive information about choosing a nutrient-rich diet that includes food that can improve the body’s ability to burn fat. Specific meal plans are included and there are options for meat eaters, vegetarians, or vegans.

Guide number three contains the 15-day home workout. These exercises are an important part of the weight loss program because they are intended to double the results obtained by following the meal plans. The 15-day workout guide also provides information about the most efficient stretching techniques, the best exercises for burning fat, and how to break through plateaus.

The fourth guide explains the value of fat burning supplements and details how the right choice of supplements can accelerate the results obtained by diet and exercise and help you hit your weight loss goals faster.

The final guide is vitally important because it explains the reasons why people who have lost weight can regain it so quickly. It also reveals the secret to avoiding post-diet weight gain.

15 Day Diet Testimonials

15 Day Di.et Plan Customer Feedback

At the time of this review, 15 Day Di.et Plan was still a relatively new weight loss system, but it had already created quite a buzz and succeeded in impressing a lot of people.

A few average 15 Day Di.et Plan customer reviews read:

“This weight loss program works. Don’t doubt it. Most days I lose 1lbs and sometimes its more.”

“I didn’t want to be the only “big girl” at my sisters wedding. I’d tried a few pills that didn’t work and I was running out of time so I needed to loose weight fast. Di.et had a really good guarantee so I knew I had nothing to loose and gave it a go. Wow! I’m so glad I did. I never dreamed it was possible to drop a couple of dress sizes so fast and I must have looked pretty good because the best man asked me out on a date!!!” 

“I thought this was just another diet scam until I spotted the guarantee. Di.et is no scam. I’d lost 8 pounds by the end of the first week. My friends couldn’t believe the change in me.”

“This diet plan is every bit as good as people say it is. I’m amazed how well it works. I lost 17lbs in 2 weeks and haven’t felt this good in years.”

15 Day Di.et Plan Side Effects & Health Issues

The system involves making lifestyle changes that include switching to healthier foods and getting more exercise. It offers a good way to loose weight without side effects. However, as with most things in life, a little common sense is required. Pregnant and nursing mothers would be unwise to make any major changes to their diet or level of physical activity without a prior discussion with their doctor. The same can be said for anyone who has existing health condition(s) or concerns.

Our Opinion of the Information Presented in the 15 Day Di.et Plan

We read the five guides that make up the 15-Day Di.et Plan and were extremely impressed.

The level of information provided is exceptional and it is easy to see a lot of thought has been put into the creation of this product and some very knowledgeable people must have been involved.

The workout guide is a good example of this because it provides valuable advice on the correct use of stretching techniques. Many people fail to realize the importance of stretching, but it is necessary to warm the muscles up and prevent injury. It also provides numerous other benefits and experts at the Harvard Medical School say people should be stretching every day.

How Well the Plan Works in Practice

15 Day Diet Before and After photosTwo of our reviewers decided to see how hard it would be to stick with the system and complete the 15-Day Di.et Plan. Both reviewers agreed the program requires a committed effort, but said the guides helped keep them motivated.

The first member of our team recently gave birth to her second child and had been left with excess poundage she did not want. A similar thing happened after the birth of her first child and she got back in shape by combining diet and exercise with one of the products we recommend on this site.

The timing was right, so this time she used the 15-Day Di.et Plan and by the end of the program she’d lost 18lbs.

The second member of our team was unable to complete the program. He was only 8 pounds over his ideal weight and the 15-Day Di.et Plan got him back in shape in seven days. To lose further weight would not have been healthy, so he stopped and began using the maintenance guide.


Di.et is backed by a 75-day money back guarantee. Bearing in mind the fact that this is a 15-day weight loss plan, a guarantee period that lasts so long is exceptional.

The Final Verdict

15-Day Di.et Plan gets top marks from us. It offers people the opportunity to lose weight fast and keep it off. It has already helped many people get back in shape, including two members of our review team, so we are happy to recommend the product to anyone looking for a way to lose weight in a quick, safe, and natural way.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

15 day diet planThe system is only available via the official website.

At the time of this review, the price was just € 45 / £35 / $45. That’s extremely reasonable.

Many diet pills cost more than this and have a lifespan of just 30 days. Customers who purchase the 15-Day Di.et Plan are buying a system they can use for the rest of their lives.

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The Exante Diet – As Used By Frankie Essex

Exante Diet LogoThe Exante Diet is a set of weight loss systems that provide the tools and support for people looking to drop anywhere from 2 pounds to 10 stone.

There are 2 very low calorie diet (VLCD) plans, 2 Low Calorie Diet (LCD) plans and even a 5:2 intermittent fasting plan. Eligibility for each plan is determined through body mass index (BMI) measurements and whether or not aspirants have existing medical conditions that would limit their participation. For those with the highest BMI’s, and looking to lose the most weight the first stage would be the Exante Diet Total Solution.

The Exante Diet is currently on promotion – it can be ordered from its own official website. many of the products are on special offer at over 50% discount

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Exante diet product rangeThe Exante Diet Total Solution is a (VLCD) that offers a great deal of flexibility and variety.  VLCDs in general work by providing complete daily nutritional needs in 800 calories or less. Nutrients are ingested in the form of meal replacement products unique to each diet.  VLCDs have enabled millions of UK participants to lose thousands of pounds of weight over the last 50 years.

What Frankie is doing is incredibly brave – the usual partnership between product and celebrity is typically after the celebrity has lost weight …. not before. If she achieves her goal if will give a massive amount of credibility to the Exante Diet.” Antony Belanger, Diet Critic

Frankie Essex Endorses The Exante Diet

With the Exante Diet, users consume a maximum of 600 calories daily by eating three Exante products. It’s that simple.  Each Exante diet product measures 200 calories so there is no measuring or weighing of food necessary. There are no complicated foods to purchase or prepare either. Users simply choose between Exante diet shakes, bars, soups and food packs.  In addition, users also need to perform 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day.

ExantewebsiteRecently, former TOWIE star Frankie Essex has undertaken a very public journey to be another VLCD success story. She has recently become an ambassador for the Exante Diet plan and will adhere to the rules from 12 March through 4 June. Her stated goal is to lose 3 stone and fit into a size 8 by the time she’s through.  To up the accountability factor, and invite the public along on her journey, she has recently posed for candid “before” photos published in the Mail Online. Throughout the coming weeks she will continue to document her progress online.

The Frankie Essex DietAfter the Exante Diet Total Solution Plan, the other plans are the total Plus Solution, the Working Solution and the Simple Solution. Each plan still requires users to consume 3 Exante diet products per day, but they each gradually increase daily caloric intake with supplemental meals or snacks.

This allows a measured return to conventional foods while maintaining weight loss. A sudden resumption of previous eating habits will result in users regaining any weight previously lost.  Exante diet participants must cycle between the VLCD plan for 3 weeks with a 1 week LCD plan taken in between.

How does a VLCD work?

VLCDs typically result in rapid fat loss because of the way the human body works. It stores energy in two forms. First, excess starches and sugars are converted to fat. Long term energy reserves are also formed and stored in the liver and muscles. On a VLCD, the body is taking in far less than the 1800 to 2000 calories than the 1800 to 2000 it typically needs to function properly. To make up for this deficit, the body will first burn fat (or adipose) tissue for fuel.

Next it will turn to the secondary stores, which take the form of glycogen. Ketones are produced as a by-product of the glycogen in the liver being used up. When the body is producing ketones it is in a stake known as ketosis. The levels of ketones can be measured with over-the-counter urine test strips. Monitoring ketone levels is one way VLCD adherents can determine their success.

The Exante Diet, if followed as directed, ensures a state of ketosis. Dieters like Frankie Essex can easily tell if they are on the right track. Following the entire plan can eliminate the failure of yo-yo dieting, which is something Frankie has admitted to struggling with in the past.

Are there any side effects?

Some people are expressly forbidden to follow the Exante Diet. These include people under the age of 18 or over the age of 70, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.  Certain behaviour or eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia can also preclude participation. The Exante Diet takes these warnings seriously.  Users must complete a BMI check and contraindications check before they can purchase the products.

Constipation is the most frequently encountered side effect of a VLCD, to include the Exante Diet. To prevent this, the Exante Diet recommends users drink between 2-4 litres of water per day.

Do We Recommend

You have to be reasonably fit and healthy to take in any VLCD – if you are and you want to try one then this is the diet to embark on.

 Have you heard about the Pina Colada Diet? 

The Pina Colada Diet Plan – with Garcinia Cambogia

Pina-colda-dietIf you mention Pina Coladas to most people the first thing that comes to their mind will probably be either the cocktail or Rupert Holmes’ 70s hit “The Pina Colada Song”. Dieting and weight loss are probably the last thing anyone would think of, but believe it or not the Pina Colada Diet does exist and many dieters who have tried it are happy to sing its praises.

The Pina Colada Diet could be seen to be appropriately named because it is a cocktail of sorts, but without any alcohol. The essential ingredients are a combination of tropical fruits, protein shakes, weight loss supplements and workout routines. So it would be unfair to consider the system just another fad diet because it is actually a structured weight loss program that promises results via a combination of healthy eating, regular exercise, and (the secret weapon)  Re:Active Pina Colada flavor Skinny Shakes and pills.

Re:Active Pina Colada

Dieting the Pina Colada Way

Aficionados of the diet claim it can carve out ‘a new bikini body’ in just four weeks, but dieting the Pina Colada way is not just a case of popping a few pills and waiting (hoping) for the magic to happen. Pina Colada Dieters need to make a serious commitment to taking an active part in attaining their weight loss goals and that involves some lifestyle changes that some dieters may find hard to live with.

Eating healthy and swapping some meals for protein shakes can be a hard adjustment to make. Taking the necessary fat burning pills should not present a problem to anyone, but the required workouts that ensure maximum fat burning and help carve out a new fitter, healthier, and more toned body may prove to be a commitment that many dieters do not wish to make.

The Pina Colada diet is not a diet from dreamers, it’s a diet for doers that are willing to hit the gym and put in the necessary work.

How it Works

Each day begins with a glass of ‘melt water’ (tap water that has been frozen and allowed to thaw).

The required fruit, shakes, and healthy meals nourish the body without all of the extra fat and sugars that are such a big part of the daily diet of people who are ‘eating normally’.

The fat burning tablets kick-start the metabolism and encourage more efficient fat burning and the workouts ensure the body is put in a situation where it needs to begin burning off some extra fat (to fuel the workout).

Everyone knows that cutting down on fats and calories can result in weight loss and that’s just a true for ‘regular exercise’, so the Pina Colada Dieting method has obvious potential, but not everyone is familiar with melt water or the ingredient garcinia cambogia (used in the pills), so let’s take a look at them now.

What is Melt Water?

Melt water is prepared by placing normal water into an airtight container and placing it inside a freezer. After a while a layer of ice will form on the inside of the container. This should be removed and disposed off. The rest of the water is then returned to the container and allowed to fully freeze before being thawed ready for use. The preparation process removes salts and other unwanted material and the resulting liquid retains essential minerals such as magnesium and calcium. Drinking melt water helps to purge toxins from the body and is believed to enhance the metabolism.

What is Garcinia Cambogia?

Garcinia cambogia what does it doGarcinia Cambogia is a popular super fruit ingredient that has become very popular since it was endorsed by the American TV show host Dr. Oz who called it a “magic” weight loss aid.

The ingredient is extracted from a fruit that originated in Indonesia. It contains high levels of hydroxycitric acid (HCA)—a substance that has a strong reputation as an appetite suppressant and can also prevent the growth of fresh fat cells within the body.

Read more about Garcinia Cambogia here

A Typical Pina Colada Dieting Day

  • First drink of the day:  1 glass of melt water
  • Breakfast: Poached eggs and steamed spinach.
  • Lunch: A shake (5 days a week) or a meal consisting of lean fish or meat with some vegetables.
  • Dinner: Lean fish, courgette, and butternut squash.
  • Supplementation: Garcinia cambogia tablets before each meal.
  • Training: 45 minutes to an hour in the gym (weights and cardiovascular) at least once each week.

 What the Media Says About the Pina Colada Diet

The Daily Mail featured the diet in their “FeMail” pages. A young lady named Deni Kirkova stuck with the system, lost 10 lbs. in four weeks, and was ‘absolutely thrilled’ with the results:

  • 2″ lost from her hips
  • 2″ lost from her waist
  • Toned physique

Deni also stated she never felt deprived of food and said the diet has taught her to love healthy eating.

In Conclusion

Potential Pina Colada Dieters should be aware the diet allows no alcohol so dieters who wish to look good in a few weeks will need to forsake the feel good benefits of their favorite tipple whenever they go out. This is a sacrifice some people may find hard to make. Committing to the required exercise may also prove difficult, but any sacrifices made should pay dividends later on. Eat less fat, consume less calories, and burn off excess fat and calories—it’s a common sense approach to weight loss so there can be no doubt that the Pina Colada diet should work (if it is strictly adhered to) and with daily supplementations of a powerful ingredient like Garcinia Cambogia results are practically guaranteed.