Addrena Review – Burn Fat, Boost Energy and Improve Mental Focus

Addrena reviewAddrena is a supplement marketed towards men and women who want to boost their energy levels, burn their body fat, and/or improve their mental focus. The product used to be sold under the brand name Adderllin. It is unclear why the name was changed, and the formulation remains the same, but both versions of the product are intended to attract the attention of people who are hoping to buy Adderall online.

The drug Adderall is a form of amphetamine that is sometimes prescribed to people suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

It is also a much sought after athletic performance enhancer and cognitive function booster that is occasionaly used as an aphrodisiac.

Different people are interested in the drug for different reasons but, as with all forms of amphetamine, Adderall is addictive. In the UK, amphetamines are considered a Class B drug and anyone who has them in their possession can face up to seven years in prison and/or an unlimited fine.

Addrena can be bought legally online but, although the supplement is probably a much better option than the drug it is designed to mimic, customer reviews suggest it presents side effects of its own.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each tablet contains unspecified amounts of the following 15 ingredients:

  • Caffeine: A popular stimulant that can boost energy levels and improve mental focus and concentration. Caffeine can also increase the metabolism and encourage fat burning.
  • Guarana: A berry extract that is a potent source of caffeine.
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract: A stimulant that is taken from the bark of a tree. It’s sometimes used as a treatment for erectile dysfunction, as a performance enhancer, and a fat burner, but its ability to deliver results in any of these areas appears to be far from proven.
  • Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium): A fat burning stimulant sourced from a species of citrus fruit.
  • White Willow Bark Extract: Provides an aspirin alternative called salicin that is sometimes used as a pain killer.
  • Choline Dihydrogen Citrate: A choline boosting ingredient that appears to have the ability to improve the attention, but the only study that supports this claim was conducted on elderly people.
  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine: There is some evidence this compound may help improve fat burning but, like choline, it appears to work better for people who are getting on in years.
  • Bacopa Extract: A popular mind-boosting herb. Long-term use is generally required before any noticeable results are noticed.
  • Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE): Although DMAE is often marketed as a memory booster and mood enhancer, its abilities require further study.
  • Vitamin B3: Helps support healthy metabolic function.
  • Vitamin B12: Has a similar value to Vitamin B3 (above).
  • Vinocetine: A man-made chemical that is intended to mimic the abilities of periwinkle extract. It may have the ability to improve mental function by increasing blood flow to the brain but, due to the way it’s produced, many people argue that it should be classed as a drug.
  • Huperzine: A plant extract that may have value as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Acetyl-L-Tyrosine: Although Acetyl-L-Tyrosine is sometimes used as a hunger suppressant, the ingredient has more value as an alertness booster, but large doses are required.
  • Piperine: A black pepper extract that improves the bioavailability of other ingredients.
How to Use -The recommended dose is one tablet per day, but halving the tablets is also permissible; and people who want an extra energy boost can increase the dose to two tablets.

Addrena Customer Feedback

A few average customers reviews read:

“I took these pills for 4 weeks and lost 6 pounds. It’s not great but its better than nothing and they are a cut above the rest when it comes to boosting energy levels. Superman, you got some competition.”

“These pills didn’t do any of the good things they were supposed to, like helping me to lose weight, but they are in a class of their own when it comes to side effects. First I felt sick. Then I was sick. After that the headaches kicked in. I cannot recommend.”

“I can’t say I’ve noticed any weight loss, but Addrena is great for energy and helps me to maintain my focus while studying late into the night.” 

“I bought these pills to improve my concentration at work. They made me feel so nauseous I had to leave the office early and go home. Never again.”

Addrena Side Effects

Many customers state the product made them feel unwell, so all potential users would be wise to discuss the matter with their GP before commencing supplementation.

Reported side effects include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Feeling weird
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sweaty palms
  • Feelings of restlessness
  • Stomach upsets
  • Feeling jittery
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Cold sweats

Where to Buy Addrena

Addrena is exclusive to the official website. Each bottle contains 60 tablets and carries a price tag of $39.99 (£32.30).


A refund is available, but only if no more than 14 tablets have been used and the claim is made within 30 days of purchasing the product.

The Verdict

The fact that no inclusion rates are provided makes it very difficult to speculate on the value of the formulation just by looking at the ingredients it contains. However, it does have some ingredients that may have the ability to make the tablets work in the required way. The problem is, several of the ingredients are stimulants.

Some people do not tolerate stimulants well, and customer feedback suggests some past users have already found the tablets presented them with more problems than benefits.

After weighing things up, we feel Addrena offers very little value as a diet pill. The best weight loss ingredient included is probably caffeine, but it’s diluted with a lot of other additions.

The fact that so many people report side effects makes the formulation equally unsuitable for people who need a pill to aid their studies, or improve their mental focus and cognitive function for some other reason.

Addrena probably has more to offer as an energy provider, but the fact that it contains so many stimulants will likely make it more suitable for bodybuilders and other gym-goers who have already built up a resistance to stimulants by the long term usage of other products that contain them.

PhenQ reviewOur preference is fo PhenQ – arguably the best fat burning supplement on the market.

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Vitamin D-Max – Why you simply MUST take a high strength Vitamin D3 Supplement

A review of Vitamin D MaxVitamin D is considered by many healthcare professionals to be just about the most important and beneficial of all the vitamins.

To maintain optimum health we need a good balance of all the major minerals and vitamins, most of which we can get form our food if we eat a healthy, nutritious diet. Although Vitamin D is available from food sources such as oily fish and eggs (vitamin D2) it is best administered in its synthesised form, sunlight (D3) – bad news if you live in norther europe, particularly the UK.

This is review is for a premier brand of D3 supplement Vitamin D Max. If you are serious about your vitamin D intake then the quality of the supplement is paramount. In Vitamin D Max we could just have reached the pinnacle.

Website for Vitamin Max 2Claims:  To contain high strength and pure vitamin D3 up to 20,000iu

Positives: Quite possibly the most beneficial supplement we have ever reviewed. Vitamin D3 should NOT be optional

Negatives: Its reasonably expensive at £25 a month but what price do you put on your health?

Recommended diet pill

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Vitamin D Max Review

Vitamin-d-benefits-1Vitamin D-Max is a super-strength vitamin D supplement that contains no additives, binders, or fillers. It is suitable for vegetarians, is kosher, and is also halal.

Vitamin D is essential for healthy muscle function, a healthy immune system, calcium absorption, strong bones, hormone regulation, nervous system function, inflammation reduction, and other functions of the human body. Vitamin D is usually acquired naturally from sun exposure, though fewer and fewer people are spending enough time in the sunlight to absorb as much as they need.

Vitamin supplements are actually a very helpful and positive way to combat this problem, though choosing the proper supplement is definitely not always easy… hence D-Max. D-Max offers all of the pure Vitamin D that your body needs through a hassle-free supplement, thereby eliminating the danger of a Vitamin D deficiency, which can cause a variety of different health problems.

Benefits Of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 is incredibly important for a number of reasons. For one, it is crucial to the body’s ability to absorb and metabolize both phosphorous and calcium, both of which are necessary for various functions within the body, including the maintenance of healthy bone structures.

Evidence indicates the synthesis of vitamin D from sun exposure is regulated by a negative feedback loop that prevents toxicity, but, because of uncertainty about the cancer risk from sunlight, no recommendations are issued by the Institute of Medicine, USA, for the amount of sun exposure required to meet vitamin D requirements.

Vitamin D3 is also an immune system regulator. In fact, scientists say that arming the immune system with Vitamin D3 is essential to protecting against disorders like the common cold. It can also help to reduce the risk of conditions such as multiple sclerosis, and can help to keep the brain working well in the later years of life.

Vitamin D can also help to make it easier to maintain a healthy body weight, and can reduce the severity of conditions such as asthma. It can even help to prevent rheumatoid arthritis in women!

Vitamin D3 Deficiencies – What Are The Dangers?

Vitamin D deficiencies can cause a number of different health problems. Since it is required for healthy bone structure, a deficiency of the vitamin could result in bone deformities or low bone density.

vitamin d deficiency bones

A vitamin D deficiency could also lead to low blood calcium levels, conditions such as rickets, low blood phosphate levels, increased risk for falls and fractures, and even elevated parathyroid hormones.

Who Needs Vitamin D3?

Of course, everyone needs vitamin D3… though there are definitely some people who tend to need it more than others. Doctors actually recommend higher doses of the vitamin to women who are pregnant or breast-feeding, mostly because it is so crucial that they received the appropriate levels for their developing babies. Adults over the age of 60 are also on the list of people who generally need more Vitamin D3 than what is normally acquired from sunlight and diet alone.

Growing children also need plenty of it, as it will contribute in a very positive way to their growth and development. Adults who work indoors or who spend little time in the sun may also run into Vitamin D3 deficiency issues if they do not get it in a supplement. Of course, spending too much time in the sun can be bad for the skin, which is why a supplement is a great choice for safely adding more Vitamin D3 to your diet.

Vitamin D-Max Advantages

Vitamin D-Max supplements actually offer several advantages. For one, they are convenient and easy to take. Two, they can be taken with you on-the-go in your purse or you backpack, making them portable. Three, they can provide you with raw and essential Vitamin D3 without requiring you to spend time in the sun or to eat foods that you may otherwise not be interested in eating.

And finally, Vitamin D-Max supplements are ineffective and virtually free of side-effects. Of course, overdosing on Vitamin D is possible, but you have to take a LOT for a LONG time before this is really a concern.

Why Vitamin D-Max?

Vitamin D-Max may be very similar to other supplements on the market, but it does offer a few unique angles that make it a very healthy choice for the acquisition of Vitamin D in one’s diet. For one, the Vitamin D offered in D-Max is pure and high strength. Two, it is fit for vegetarians and contains no fillers, additives, or binders. And third, it is technically a food supplement, so you can be sure that you won’t have to deal with dangerous drugs or other harmful additions when ingesting it.

How Does It Work?

Vitamin D-Max works basically like any other type of capsule supplement. You simply buy whichever product fits your needs, and then take the capsules with a glass of water or with another type of liquid.

Does Vitamin D-Max Help To Fight Off Diseases?

You may actually be glad to know that Vitamin D-Max can indeed help to fight off diseases, infections, and inflammation. Vitamin D3 is actually a well-known immune-system booster, meaning that the body is more prepared to fight off conditions ranging from the common cold, to asthma, to multiple sclerosis when the body has been receiving sufficient amounts of the Vitamin. Vitamin D3 is actually considered one of the healthiest vitamins in existence that you can take. It is so effective, in fact, that some say that it might one day be reclassified as a hormone!

Taking D-Max will give you plenty of Vitamin D3 to boost your immune system, which can definitely lead to an increase in the body’s ability to fend off diseases of all kinds.

How Do You Get Vitamin D Naturally?

Vitamin d from sunlightNaturally, Vitamin D tends to be acquired by direct exposure to sunlight and through foods. Sunlight exposure, however, needs to have a UV index of 3 or greater in order for the proper UVB wavelengths to be present.

Levels that meet this requirement are seen, for example, on most days in the tropics… as well as on particularly sunny days in the spring, summer, and autumn in temperate climates. The arctic circles, however, almost never see the kind of sunlight needed for Vitamin D production.

A human being requires about fifteen minutes of direct sun exposure (meeting the above requirements) on the exposed skin of the hands, arms, face, or back twice per week to get the required dose of Vitamin D.

Vitamin-D Rich Food Sources

Some types of fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, are actually good natural sources of Vitamin D.

Other foods that contain this essential vitamin include fish liver oils, cheese, egg yolks, some mushrooms, and beef liver.

How Much Vitamin D Do You Need In Order To Be Healthy?

According to the Institute of Medicine of The National Academies, people 1 to 70 years of age should be taking 600 IU of Vitamin D per day if they are getting no sunlight exposure. Those 71 years of age and older should be taking 800 IU, while pregnant or lactating women are also instructed to make sure that they are taking at least 600 IU per day.

Babies who have been weaned from breast-milk should consume 1,000 mL of vitamin-D fortified formula or whole milk every day. Doctors also say that children and adolescents who do not get adequate Vitamin D through sunlight or their diet should take 400 IUs in Vitamin D supplements per day to avoid health problems.

Are You Struggling To Get Enough Vitamin D3?

People who work inside, who don’t eat many Vitamin D3 rich foods, and who do not consume a lot of vitamin-D fortified foods may very well be struggling to get the essential Vitamin D3 that they need. Anyone meeting this description may want to think about taking a Vitamin D3 supplement, just to make sure that they are getting enough of it to keep their bones and immune system healthy.

Is Vitamin D-Max Worth The Cost?

Order D Max onlineAs it turns out, Vitamin D-Max supplements truly deliver on their claims. They are natural, filled with pure Vitamin D3, and will definitely help to deliver the levels of the vitamin needed to maintain good long-term bone health and immune system function.

Vitamin D-Max is priced between £24.95 and £29.95 a month – and be purchased directly form their official website.

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