Flat Tummy Lollipops – That Kim Kardashian Diet Product

Flat Tummy LollipopsFlat Tummy is a range of weight loss products aimed at young women (referred to as “babes” on the official website).

In May 2018, the company launched an appetite suppressing lollipop and paid Kim Kardashian to help boost initial sales by promoting the lollipops via her Instagram page.

It’s hard to say how effective this turned out to be for the brand owner Flat Tummy Co, but the move resulted in a massive backlash of bad publicity for Kardashian.

The The Good Place actress and model Jameela Jamil was quick to share her distaste via Twitter, saying Kardashian was “toxic” and “exploitative”. Kardashian removed the offending post, replaced it, removed it, and then replaced it again.

At the time of our Flat Tummy Lollipops review, the picture of Kardashian sucking on one of the pops was still posted on Instagram, minus the original promotional text.

Claims: To suppress the appetite and help people to “kick” their cravings.

Positives: We are finding it hard to find any reason why you would buy this apart from the taste. Not the best weight loss product.

Negatives: Gimmicky. We prefer alternative products

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How Do Flat Tummy Lollipops Work 

Flat Tummy Co don’t make any claims that their lollipops will help women to lose weight.

They only say their pops suppress the appetite and help people to “kick” their cravings but, with a name like “Flat Tummy” printed on the bag, women who buy the product are likely to expect the product will deliver just that.

However, the pops only contain one active ingredient and, although there is evidence to show it may have a hunger reducing ability, the study that shows this also suggests it is lacking in power.

Flat Tummy Lollipops Kim Kardashian

Ingredient Profile and Potential

Each Flat Tummy Lollipop contains a patented form of saffron called Satiereal, but the amount provided per pop is not disclosed.

The good news is, there is evidence to suggest the ingredient may offer a hunger curbing effect, but anyone who takes a little time to examine the study results in detail will discover Satiereal is not exactly a power ingredient.

Sixty overweight women stuck with the study for the full eight weeks but, although the ingredient did appear to help the women to avoid snacking, the average weight loss achieved was only 0.96kg.

Satiereal in flat tummy lollipopsThat’s roughly two pounds, so Satiereal is hardly dynamite stuff.

It’s also worth noting the women who took part in the study were given 176.5mg of Satiereal per day.

In the absence of any inclusion rates, there is no way to know if two Flat Tummy appetite suppressing lollipops provide this amount.

If they provide less, women sucking on these pops may not obtain any benefit at all. On the other hand, if the dose is too high, side effects could be an issue because overly high doses of saffron can be bad for the health.

Usage Instructions – The manufacturers state users can snack on a maximum of two appetite suppressing lollipops per day. The recommended times are two hours before lunch or two hours before the evening meal because these are the times when hunger urges are likely to be at their highest.

Flat Tummy Lollipop Reported Side Effects

If Flat Tummy Co are aware of any side effects they fail to disclose it in their Flat Tummy Lollipops marketing material.

Other Usage Considerations

Flat Tummy Co do not provide an ingredient profile, so customers who purchase this product are buying blind.

Although it may be tempting to take a “suck it and see” attitude, we strongly suggest all potential users get a doctor’s advice prior to using Flat Tummy Lollipops.

This is especially important where existing health issues exist or if using medication. Pregnant or nursing mothers should be particularly cautious before using any type of dietary supplement at all.

Flat Tummy Lollipop Customer Opinion

A few average customer reviews read:

“Watermelon is my favourite. I’m definitely snacking less now.”

“The flavour is better than normal lollies.”

“These taste soooo goood and the grape is super delicious. Felling less hungry during the day also.”

None of the reviewers state they lost any weight.

Marketing and Distribution

Flat Tummy Lollipops is only available via the manufacturers website. Each bag contains 30 lollipops, in several different flavors. The flavors are: berry, yellow apple, watermelon, and grape.

Worldwide shipping is available, but additional costs apply. Customers with a US postal address can get their consignment of appetite suppressing lollipops delivered for free.

Is There A Guarantee

Flat Tummy Co fails to back any of their products with a money back guarantee.

The Final Appraisal

What we appear to be looking at here is a product that is more about gimmick than delivering results.

The active ingredient’s ability to suppress hunger is only supported by a single study that shows it’s potency is likely to be lacklustre at best.

Customer reviews suggest the lollipops are likely to taste pretty nice, but all lollipops do and it’s worth noting Flat Tummy Co’s product provides 35 calories per pop.

That’s about equal to a normal lollipop of the same size, so were not even talking about a low-calorie treat.

We didn’t find any reviews left by people claiming the product had helped them to lose weight and, although some reviewers say they felt less hungry, it is possible this may have only been a placebo effect—they were expecting to feel less hungry so they did.

If you want to buy lollipops and pay higher than normal prices, Flat Tummy has got your back, but if you want to do some serious fat fighting we suggest you save your lolly and spend it on an alternative product instead.

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