Coffee Slender – can three cups a day really help you lose weight

Coffee Slender diet aidYour morning coffee might do a lot more than give you that jolt you need to start your day. It may help you lose weight as well.

This is welcome news for those who are a bit gun shy about taking pills or potions that they are not familiar with or are not all natural.

Coffee Slender is a diet supplement that has been around for a while and is one of the first of its kind to harness coffee and caffeine as its main component for helping people lose weight? So is it still as groundbreaking now as it was back then?

official website of coffee slenderClaims:  Three cups a day can contribute to weight loss

Positives: Been on the market for several years

Negatives: has been overtaken now by several products. Starting to look old and jaded.

Diet pills not to buy

What is Coffee Slender?

Svetol in Coffee SlenderCoffee Slender is a supplement that is made up of freeze-dried coffee and Svetol—a patented extract. What makes coffee so powerful for weight loss is its concentration of chlorogenic acid which comes from green coffee beans.

Many studies have been done on chlorogenic acid showing how it blocks the absorption of glucose in your body keeping blood sugar levels normal while decreasing insulin production. When insulin is low, your body will store less fat and when blood sugar is leveled, sugar cravings are reduced.

Clinical trials show that Svetol can slow your glycaemic response – that is, the speed at which your blood sugar levels are raised by the carbohydrates you eat

Aside from the weight loss benefits, chlorogenic acid has also been shown in studies to contain some very potent antioxidants which are important for keeping your body from being attacked by free radicals that can cause serious health issues and even disease.

Coffee Slender coffee is one hundred percent natural and contains a lot more chlorogenic acid than regular coffee. It works just like instant coffee so all you have to do is simply add it to boiled water and stir.

How To Take Coffee Slender

Coffee Slender sachets and diet aidOne cup of the coffee has 60 mg of caffeine. It is best to take Coffee Slender with meals. However, there are a few other options if you are not a coffee drinker or do not like to take caffeine. Coffee Slender tablets have almost zero caffeine and one tablet equals one cup of the Coffee Slender coffee but without the caffeine.

The Svetol is taken from decaffeinated coffee beans in this case. It is preferable to take one tablet prior to eating. Finally, there are Coffee Slender mints and chewing gum which can be taken before and after your meals. Both of these options are sugar and caffeine-free.

The Pros of Coffee Slender

Coffee Slender has been around for several years and had earned a reputation for being effective and safe to use since it is all natural. The website cites results from clinical trials with data suggesting that the product does in fact work.

What is even more interesting about Coffee Slender is that they have several options that you can use by offering tablets, gum and mints that are also decaffeinated. This takes great consideration to those who are sensitive to caffeine but still want to take the product and lose weight.

The Cons of Coffee Slender

The biggest problem with Coffee Slender is not necessarily the product itself, but its lack of product information, and price, on its website. You cannot order any Coffee Slender products directly from the website nor is there any pricing information given.

One site that reviewed the product had it listed at $19.75 (£11.95) for a one-week supply for twenty-one coffee sachets. You actually need to do your own search for a site that sells it and that is easier said than done. There is also no complete ingredient list so you have to assume that the only thing in it is the Svetol and the coffee. That may not be so comforting to consumers who prefer a lot more information in a supplement before purchasing it.

The site also lacks customer reviews or testimonials which are usually big selling points when trying to promote a product that claims to help you lose weight. Seeing is believing for most people and it is easier for people to see the product in use rather than reviewing a bunch of facts and statistics from studies and trials.

Should You Try Coffee Slender?

With such a long history in the diet supplement market, using this product is definitely not a bad choice. However, since its creation, many other products that use green coffee bean extract have hit the market and have been proven to work just as well if not better than Coffee Slender.

Of course, these other products are also a lot more forthcoming with regards to their cost and product ingredient information. Perhaps Coffee Slender felt their cutting edge product did not require more than their word backed by some study data. However, today’s consumers require a lot more information given how many weight loss supplements exist.

They can be a lot more discriminating when it comes to what they decide to purchase. With that in mind, Coffee Slender is not a bad product, but there are better ones out there.

Recommended Alternative

Svetol Green Coffee or Coffee SlenderIf we were reviewing this product several years ago it would no doubt have got a recommendation.

Now it is a compromise with products such as Evolution Slimming’s Svetol Green Coffee tablets.

It contain 50% CGA making it the highest strength commercial supplement

Read more about Svetol Green Coffee tablets here

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