Fitium Personalised Diet Review

Fitium diet programmeFitium is a new weight loss system that has been growing rapidly in popularity. It is a diet solution that is both affordable and personalized.

You may be wondering whether Fitium is something that you should try or just another crazy diet fad. Today, we will review this diet so that you can make an informed decision.

Fitium websiteClaims:  To be a personalised diet and fitness plan that is easy to use and cost effective

Positives: Lots of option, put together with expertise, very cost effective.

Negatives: Tailored primarily for the English language.

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What Exactly Is Fitium

Fitium is an online weight loss system that was designed with the help of a personal trainer, nutritionist and medical doctor. These experts used their experience to create a system that is easy to follow. You can access this system from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Fitium provides you with a personalized diet plan, which differentiates it from the hundreds of other online diet plans. According to Fitium, this greatly increases your chances of losing weight and maintaining your weight loss for the rest of your life.

How Fitium Works

The creators of Fitium believe that there is no such thing as a “one size fit all diet.” Age, fitness, diet, health, lifestyle and genetics all play a role in weight loss. This means that a diet that helps one person lose weight can actually cause another person to gain weight.

Fitium takes an approach that is different, and we will review that approach below:

1.) Fitium wants to understand exactly how your body works. You will be asked to take an online assessment that takes anywhere from five to 10 minutes to complete.

2.) After you complete your assessment, Fitium will create a personalized diet plan for you. The plan will help you tackle the areas that are most likely causing you to gain weight.

According to Fitium, this approach will help you save effort and time by allowing you to focus on the areas that will help you get the most results in the fastest amount of time.

3.) After you have received your personalized diet plan, you will get access to a weekly coaching program. The program will show you how you can start your new diet plan in manageable steps. You will get “coaching challenges” that will show you how to implement the necessary changes.

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4.) Changing or starting a new habit can be very difficult. There are a number of factors that can reduce your chances of success. That is why Fitium has designed a seven day Accelerator course that will help avoid common pitfalls so that you get start getting results fast. This seven day accelerator course will also help you develop strategies that will ensure long-term success.

5.) You will also get a meal planner along with your Fitium membership. This meal plan features breakfast, lunch and dinner meals that are not only tailored to meet your needs, but they are also easy to prepare. Creating nutritious meals will no longer be a pain if you use Fitium. All of the meals can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. Additionally, your meal planner will give you snack ideas.

6.) Do you want to spend more time exercising but do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a gym membership? You will be happy to know that Fitium has several video workouts that you can do without stepping foot outside of your home. These workouts are also tailored to meet your fitness needs.

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7.) Fitium also has a dashboard that makes it easy for you to keep track of your progress, meals, activity and health vitals. According to Fitium, this dashboard helps improve your accountability. There have been clinical studies done to show that this helps double weight loss results.

That is not all that Fitium offers. This website has a library that is filled with strategies that will help you deal with the obstacles that will cause you to get off track, such as social occasions and emotional eating.

How Does Fitium Compare With Other Weight Loss Programs And Diets

If you have tried to lose weight on your own or followed a diet plan before, then you know that it is very hard to get lasting results. This is what has a tendency to happen:

  • You no longer enjoy eating because you are limited to eating tasteless foods.
  • You spend a lot of money on tasteless diet foods.
  • You are miserable throughout the day because you have food cravings that you are unable to satisfy.
  • You suffer from frequent headaches and feel tired.
  • You end up gaining back the weight that you lost.
  • You give up because you are tired of not seeing any results.

The problem with many weight loss plans is they that they take a “band-aid approach.” This means that they focus on the symptoms instead of the causes of the weight gain. That is why most people who follow traditional weight loss programs only get temporary results.

Fitium differs from other weight loss programs because it helps you understand the factors that are causing you to gain weight. It also helps you make changes that will help you lose weight and improve your overall health.

The Verdict On Fitium

You should definitely try Fitium if you are looking for a weight loss program that will deliver lasting results. There are sooo many fads that come and go, this appears to be the real deal, there is a real community and you get an awful lot for your money.

It really depends on what you want – Fitium gives you a real sense of achievable weight loss, health and fitness.

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How To Sign Up For Fitium

sign up for FitiumThe sign up process is simple. Head over to the official site and the rest is self explanatory. The pricing is as follows.

£98.50/year (£1.89/week)
£54.99/6 month (£2.11/week)
With the monthly plan is £14.95 (£3.44/ week)
For the US / rest of the world, the prices are
$129.50 / year ($2.48 / week)
$74.99 / 6 month ($2.87/week)
And our monthly plan is $19.95 ($4.59/week)


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