JetRush – Does It Work, Customer Comments and Side Effects

Jetrush energy tabletsAccording to the manufacturers JetRush is the most powerful legal stimulant money can buy and is an ideal solution for dead tired workers who need a little help to burn the midnight oil or stressed students who need to stay up all night cramming for their exams.

Businessmen with deadlines to meet, even rushed-off-their-feet mothers, JetRush is the solution for one and all—even those who have a high tolerance to stimulants.

Lets take a closer look to see if it can deliver on his promise.

JetRush from NextGenClaims:  To be the worlds most powerful energizer

Positives: we’ll get get back to you on this

Negatives: Not the safest product on the market, questionable sales tactics.

Diet pills not to buy

Proposed Benefits

  • Mood Enhancement
  • Razor sharp mental focus
  • The world’s most powerful energizer
  • Powerful, long-long lasting stimulation
  • Keeps you going for hours with no jitters and no crash!
  • Provides a full day’s and night’s worth of extreme energy
  • Appetite Suppression & Weight Control

So is JetRush a Weight loss Supplement?

JetRush is a hard-hitting stimulant designed to kick a little extra life into people who are so used to abusing stimulants they have become immune to their effects. Some of the ingredients, such as caffeine may also provide some weight loss benefits, but there are many better—safer—alternatives.

Manufacture and Marketing

JetRush is made in the USA by NexGen Biolabs. The company produces several other dietary supplements and, like JetRush, these products are marketed with overwhelming doses of hype.

There is also some concern about NexGen Biolab’s integrity. The company received an unfavourable mention on ABC News when some of their reps were caught trying to pass out free samples of pills on university campuses.

The company has also been caught offering to pay people $10 for leaving 5 star reviews on their Slenderfruit7 Amazon sales page.

When a product promises levels of stimulation like that it’s never a good sign, but NexGen states there will be ‘ no crash and no jitters’. That does not seem likely and it’s a strange thing to say about a product for which they later issue a health warning:

“*Warning: JetRush has been developed in order to provide extreme energy, and may be too powerful for those without a history of stimulant use. Follow all directions carefully and discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.”

That’s a big contradiction and, as far as JetRush goes, the alarm bells are already ringing loud and clear. 

Dosage – How To Take JetRush

The recommended dose is one capsule, taken on an empty stomach, once a day. It is permissible to take a second capsule six to eight hours later, but for obvious reasons NexGen warn against taking the product within nine hours of bedtime.

Key Ingredients

No inclusion rates are available due to the use of a proprietary blend, but each capsule contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous:  Caffeine powder. The stimulatory effects of caffeine cannot be disputed. It also possesses appetite suppressing qualities, but many less troublesome alternatives are available.
  • Synephrine:  A dangerous ingredient that is often credited with fat burning abilities, but any such abilities are less certain than its potential for causing side effects. Synephrine supplementation has been links to cardiovascular issues, including heart attacks and strokes.
  • Hordenine:  A plant extract, often taken from barley and cactus. Hordenine is believed to provide mental stimulation and boost the metabolism.
  • Phenylethylamine (PEA):  An amino acid that is naturally occurring in chocolate. Phenylethylamine supplementation is believed to result in a short-term high  (wears off in a matter of minutes).
  • Schizandrol:  An extract taken from the schisandra chinensis plant, native to China. Schizandrol is also believed to produce a short-term high, but in this case the effects may last up to an hour.

 Possible JetRush Side Effects and Health Issues

Potential side effects include:

Jitters Anxiety
Mood swings/Depression Headaches
Raised blood pressure Sweating
Nausea/vomiting Heart palpitations
Dizzy spells Racing heart rate
Heart attack Stroke

Potential users may want to think twice about using this product and should always seek medical advice prior to use.

Customer Feedback

Many Amazon customers reported a negative reaction to JetRush and stories of racing hearts were not uncommon, but the removal of the sales page and subsequent addition of a fresh page makes this information no longer accessible.

The Bottom Line

As a weight loss tool JetRush falls flat on its face. Any weight loss potential the blend may possess cannot compare to the majority of (safer) alternatives.

As a stimulant JetRush probably kicks ass, but the associated side effects may put some users on their ass—or much worse. The blend contains a scary mix of ingredients and the lack of inclusion rates makes it impossible to predict how bad side effects may be, so JetRush is a product that is best avoided. And bearing in mind the length the manufacturers are willing to go to in order to manipulate/suppress accurate product feedback, consumers may be wise to avoid all NexGen Biolabs products.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy JetRush – Purchasing Options

JetRush can be purchased from the manufacturer’s website and worldwide shipping is available. It is also possible to buy JetRush on eBay.  At the time of this review JetRush is also available on, but how long this will remain the case is hard to say. JetRush was on once before, many customers complained about side effects and the product sales page vanished from the site taking all the customer feedback with it. A fresh sales page has recently appeared on, giving NexGen a clean slate, and within a matter of days nine customers had left five star feedback.

Recommended Diet Pill

Garcinia Cambogia ExtraIf you are looking for an alternative that is the complete opposite to JetRush in terms of its transparency towards customers reviews, safety, mechanic of action and what it actually does the all roads lead to Garcinia Extra.

A natural fat burner that is produced in registered facilities and has many success stories attached to it.

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