Lipo Slender Review – Green Coffee, Is It A Scam, Positives and Negatives

Lipo Slender with Green CoffeeLipo Slender is another supplement promoting itself as a weight loss miracle.  The product makes some strong claims on its website.

In fact, the single page site is chock full of promises.  Not are you supposed to lose weight automatically, you will also burn fat, keep your muscle and not suffer from hunger in the process.

It all seems too good to be true, so is it?

Official Lipo Slender websiteClaims:  To reduce cravings, increase energy levels and provide a fact acting antioxidant formula

Positives: Contains green coffee (although not enough and not Svetol based)

Negatives: Many, many complains from a company perspective – customer service is pretty much non-existent

Diet pills not to buy

What Is Lipo Slender And How Does It Work

Lipo Slender is a pill comprised of a blend of supposedly powerful weight loss aids. Although the ingredients are described according to how they aid in weight loss, there is no further information given, such as how many pills to take, how often to take them or how much of each ingredient is contained in the formula.

Key Ingredients

Lipo Slender lists its key ingredients as green coffee, ginger, psyllium husks, green tea, caffeine and chlorogenic acid.

Ginger is commonly used for upset stomach, nausea and digestive ailments and some inflammatory conditions.  It is not clear on what information the website is basing claims that ginger burns fat and speeds metabolism.

Green coffee, green tea and caffeine have each been shown in published, peer-reviewed studies to aid in weight loss.
Ginger is commonly used for upset stomach, nausea and digestive ailments and some inflammatory conditions.  It is not clear on what information the website is basing claims that ginger burns fat and speeds metabolism.
Psyllium husks are the outer covering of seeds from the Blond psyllium herb. It is highly fibrous and absorbs water in the intestines. It is used to treat both constipation and diarrhoea, and in certain doses may help reduce cholesterol.
Chlorogenic acid is a phenol found in green coffee bean and numerous other plants and herbs.  Its inclusion in the ingredients list seems redundant.

Although  green coffee, green tea and caffeine have scientific studies to back up their weight-loss claims, it is significant to note that this product does not clearly state how much of each is contained in the formula, how much of the formula is in each pill, nor how many pills are to be taken daily.

Without this information it is impossible to know whether the amounts of these ingredients equals or even approaches the effective dosage.

Product Media Focus

Lipo Slender advertsLipo slender has been the subject of numerous consumer complaints and scam-alerts.  The vast majority of complaints concern the auto-ship feature.

Apparently, the company promises a free bottle and 14 day trial period, after which customers are automatically charged a substantial fee and enrolled in an automatic shipping and billing plan that incurs subsequent monthly fees.

Although some people are likely guilty of not reading the fine print when signing up for a free bottle, several claim that the product did not arrive at all or that it arrived after the 14 day trial period had already expired and they were charged anyway.  There are also numerous complaints from consumers who attempted to cancel the auto-ship plan or get refunds.

Any Success Stories

The website contains canned testimonials that would be believable to only the most desperate, and vulnerable of consumers.

Any Side Effects

Ginger can affect blood clotting abilities.  This can increase bleeding and bruising when taken in combination with clotting medications like aspirin, heparin and warfarin.  It can also affect blood sugar and blood pressure by lowering both.  Taking ginger along with diabetes or blood pressure medication can result in blood sugar or blood pressure dropping too low.

Psyllium husks can cause significant allergic reactions.  It can lower blood sugar in type-2 diabetics and interfere with blood sugar medication.  It also interferes with other medications like warfarin, lithium, digoxin, and a form of estrogen called ethinyl estradiol.

Consumers taking any of these medications are strongly advised to consult with their healthcare professional before taking products containing psyllium husks.  Additionally it can increase the risk of choking in people with swallowing disorders.

Pregnant or nursing women should not use this product.

Should You Buy It

Short answer: No.  This product is trying to ride the coattails of GCBE to promote its too-good-to-be-true claims of effortless weight-loss.  It is not transparent in the formulation or dosing instructions prior to purchase.

The website is a clone of a similar product, even using the same pictures of a man in a lab coat, and a woman holding a scale.  Because it is not clear who the Lipo Slender parent company is, it’s not clear whether they are just copying this other product, or if they offer both products and are just recycling images and layout. Neither answer bodes well for consumers.

Additionally, the dubious auto-shipment program and consumer complaints regarding charges and disputes should be a warning to potential consumers.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy Lipo Slender In The UK

Can be ordered online from the official website – there does not seem to be a high street stockist.


Buy Svetol green coffee tablets onlineAlthough have advised against Lipo Slender we can thoroughly recommend green coffee bean extract as a weight loss ingredient.

One the best examples is Svetol Green Coffee from the UK’s leading health supplement stockists Evolution Slimming.

Read our review on Svetol Green Coffee Extract

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