Lotus Lite – The Natural Skinny Pill

Skinny Pill 24 packsLotus Lite (the natural skinny pill) is an all natural slimming pill that is very UK oriented. Its founder is very visible on the official product website and everything about it seems believable and likeable.

There are six main ingredients that are listed and all have a specific task.

It is definitely one of the better brands we have reviewed recently.

official websiteClaims:  To be the all natural slimming that can help you lose between 15-30 pounds in 30 days

Positives: Good story, appears to be a good company and pretty good ingredients

Negatives: Seems to lack power, the main fat burning ingredient green tea is listed as the appetite suppressing agent.

partially recommended

Lotus Lite Review

Skinny Pill reviewLotus Lite has been brought to us as the ‘’Natural Skinny Pill’’ – the ultimate weight loss supplement that was born out of desperation from serial Yo-Yo dieter, Sally. Her inspirational testimonial showcases a dire journey of fad diets, horrible detoxes, diet pills, yo-yo dieting and bad lifestyle habits.

It’s a story we are all familiar with; losing weight only to pile the pounds back on again later and slide right back to our old eating habits and bad ways. Sally claims that Lotus Lite literally changed the way she feels about food, her life, herself and her weight, and that this all natural weight loss supplement enabled her not only to lose the weight, but to keep it off for good.

The natural ingredients are able to reduce cravings and balance glucose levels while effectively reducing a ravenous appetite and helping you lose weight fast with no restrictions.

What is Lotus Lite and What is in It?

There are six main active ingredients that work together to blast fat and boost your metabolism :

Lotus Leaf is a sacred and tropical water plant that can be found growing in various areas of South East Asia. Hindus and Buddhists have long considered the plant to be holy with its pale green leaves and vividly white flowers that bloom on the water. But Lotus Leaf extract has another powerful ability – it is able to stimulate digestion and block fat cells from forming in the body. With its powerful forces boosting the body’s metabolism naturally, it is packed with anti-oxidants that have many documented health benefits, such as being good for a healthy heart.

Green Tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that we have become familiar with in a relatively short space of time. It is being used for everything from cancer treatment, depression, migraines, skin care and heart disease because of its intensive ability to fight free radicals. But Green Tea extract has also become known as being a key fat fighting ingredient and is able to naturally boost your metabolism, helping you burn more fat, while reducing cravings for high GI, sugary food items like white bread, fast food and processed items.

Fu Ling, or Poria Cocos, is not very well known, if at all. Resembling a coconut, Fu Ling can be found growing in the roots of pine trees in Asia and it has a number of health and weight loss benefits. Fu Ling is able to help with water retention, removing any excess water from your system, immediately helping you look and feel trim and slim. In addition it has the ability to help you combat depression, because of its beneficial effects on the nervous system.

Fish Collagen is a bonus ingredient that can assist with skin elasticity and skin moisture while assisting you to maintain a beautiful body shape you can be proud of, helping your skin retain its natural elasticity while you lose weight and also being able to help reduce the effects of wrinkles and fine lines.

Daikon, also known as mooli, is a type of radish and the seeds have been used as a traditional form of natural remedy for cleansing the blood and the body, aiding digestion and helping for extreme fatigue. Excellent as a natural remedy for migraines, sinus and even hangovers, the Daikon seed in Lotus Lite helps to promote a healthy digestive system and assist the kidneys in flushing out toxins. This can effectively help with bloating and discomfort due to a sluggish digestive system.

The Adzuki Bean is the secret weapon in Lotus Lite, and is the key ingredient to help you curb your cravings and keep your appetite at bay. The natural complex carbohydrates fill you up and balance out glucose levels through the day, changing the way you feel about food forever.

Is Lotus Lite the Real Deal?

We would love to give Lotus Lite our backing but there are one or two irks that prevent. There are also in our opinion better products in existence that do the “natural diet pill” concept better.

The customer reviews from unbiased sourced are mixed. Two examples of customer reviews are as follows

Amazing review

Ok review

Where To Buy Lotus Lite Skinny Pills

Can be ordered direct from the official website. Also available from Amazon and Ebay – there are also several other independent resellers such as gyms, salon and leisure centres in the UK that stock.

Interestingly a free sample can be ordered. We would normally advise customers to NOT get involved in any free samples or free trial offers as they always end in tears due to the dreaded autoship program. This free sample offer however, appears to be free and no credit card details are taken.

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