Adipozin Review, Does It Work, Get The Facts

Adipozin is an over-the-counter diet pill that is designed to help both men and women lose excess water and weight.

The main process in which Adipozin helps people lose weight is by increasing their metabolic rate.

According to the manufacturer, once a customer’s metabolism is increased they will start noticing significant internal water reduction and weight loss within one to two weeks.

In addition to this, the Adipozin diet pill is also supposed to suppress hunger, instantly burn away fat, and also promote lean muscle mass.

Each diet pill contains active ingredients that supposedly make it very easy for customers to achieve these results.

Claims:  To help you burn fat with minimal effort and obtain a lean and sexy figure.

Positives: Not an awful lot, a highly dubious product

Negatives:  Poor feedback from customers and poor reviews generally.


What are the Ingredients

With regards to these active ingredients, some of them include pomegranate, damiania, stearate, gelatin, chromax, guarana, glucomannan, yerba mate, caffeine, and green tea.

Media And Press Highlights

Press reviews regarding Adipozin have included numerous negative stories over the past several months.

Many of these press reviews highlighted the potential dangers of using this type of weight loss drug.

Many reviews also specifically referenced Adipozin as a weight loss option to avoid. Although it cannot been confirmed, it would be safe to assume that these negative press stories have had some negative impact on its sales

It would also be safe to assume that these types of stories should make the average person in general be very apprehensive about purchasing or using any type of weight loss drug.

Adipozin Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

Additional factors that may also contribute to the current poor image of Adipozin in the industry are the many negative comments and feedback from actual customers.

Although there have been one or two positive statements about Adipozin, the majority of recent online reviews have been very negative. As an example, there have been several customer testimonials which all contained statements about the disappointing results they received from using the diet pill.

Some of these included statements about how the pill did not work even after taking it for a full month, and also how some customers actually gained weight after taking the pill for two weeks.

There have also been many customer testimonials stating how the Adipozin diet pill did not increase their metabolism or help to suppress their hunger. As a matter of fact, several customers stated that taking Adipozin each day actually made them want to eat more.

All these negative customer comments and feedback are bound to make others at least think twice about purchasing or using this product. This would especially be the case for anyone who already has issues or concerns about using an over-the-counter diet drug.

Adipozin Side Effects

Because of all the active ingredients contained in Adipozin diet pills, many of those who have used them have complained about some serious side effects. The side effect caused in most cases has been related to caffeine.

Each Adipozin pill contains a high level of caffeine, which is designed to make customers feel energetic and keep them awake. However, instead of making them feel awake and full of energy, customers have complained about feeling very irritated, nervous and jittery.

This has especially been the case for individuals who already drink caffeine infused products like tea, soda and coffee. Since these products also contain high caffeine levels, the additional caffeine in Adipozin makes it very hard for them to relax or get to sleep.

Some of the other side effects of this product also include allergic reactions to specific ingredients.

For example, there have been a large number of customers who have complained about experiencing frequent headaches as a result of the green tea and guarana ingredients, while these same two ingredients have also caused other customers to experience increased heart rates and severe dehydration.

Some of those who experienced dehydration also complained about stiff muscles and joints. This is due to the fact that their muscle and joint areas were not getting enough fluid.

In regards to those who complained about experiencing increased heart rates after taking Adipozin for several days, some stated that the increased heart rate almost made them feel like they were having a mild heart attack.

Does Adipozin Work

Based on all the information available, especially the press reviews and customer testimonials, it seems that the overall opinion of Adipozin is that it is best avoided.

One of the most important reasons for drawing this conclusion is related to all the side effects caused by this pill. These side effects could potentially lead to some serious health issues, especially for people who currently have heart or respiratory problems.

However, Adipozin has also simply proven to be very ineffective in helping people lose weight.

Where To Buy Adipozin In The UK

High street retailers such as Boots the Chemist, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett do not stock (nor do their on their online webstores).

The official website appears to be the only stockist as far as a UK customer is concerned. There are of course Amazon and Ebay – but buying a slimming supplement from either of these could be plagued with potential issues.


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