Alli Slimming Pill Review – the non prescription slimming pill available to buy over the counter

Alli-BigAlli is a weight loss supplement manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), who refer to it as an “anti-obesity wonder drug”.

It is available in capsule form and is designed to help people who have serious weight issues. It is not intended for use by anyone who has a body mass index (BMI) of less than 25.

Alli capsules reported to be approved by the FDA and can be bought online from the manufacturer’s website, which seems to be the main source of supply.

Alli websiteClaims:  To be able to help you achieve your target by helping you lose 1lb for every 2lbs you lose

Positives: Respected company, decent ingredients

Negatives:  Some unpleasant side effects, not as powerful as manufacturers and advertising would lead you to believe

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What Is Alli And How Does It Work

Alli what it isThe capsules must be taken at mealtimes and can they can be taken up to three times a day.

The drug works by preventing the absorption of up to 25% of any ingested fat.

The exact amount blocked will be dependent on the amount of fat eaten, but the majority of users block 100 to 200 fat calories each day.

Key Ingredients

The main ingredient is a reduced strength version of the prescription only drug, orlistat (Xenical). Each capsule contains 60mg. Alli also contains several other ingredients.

  • FD&C Blue 2. Edible Ink:  A colorant often added to food, drugs, and cosmetics
  • Gelatin:  A form of collagen, created from various animal by-products, and used in many foods, including marshmallows and ice cream. The only purpose served here is as a binder and filler ingredient.
  • Iron Oxide:  The FDA includes Iron Oxides on its list of indirect food additives that are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). Its use here is hard to speculate, but it is probably incorporated as a filler.
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose:  A white powder, manufactured from refined wood pulp and chemically inert. Often used in the pharmaceutical industry and especially useful for creating hard tablets that dissolve easily.
  • Providone:  Another common ingredient in pharmaceutical products. Mainly used as a means of dispersing and suspending other ingredients.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate:  An organic compound that is often found in cleaning and hygiene products. Its main medical use is as an ingredient in enemas and laxatives, but it is also used as an excipient in some dispersible aspirin.
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate:  A starch found in rice, corn and potatoes. Its presence in tablets and capsules ensures they dissolve more easily.
  • Talc:  A form of hydratedmagnesium silicate—the softest mineral known to man. It’s most common use is probably in talcum powder. Used here as a filler ingredient.
  • Titanium Dioxide:  A common ingredient in sunscreen and cosmetics. Also an increasingly popular filler ingredient in nutritional supplements, but its long term safety has never been tested and the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies it as a Group 2B carcinogen (a possible cause of cancer in humans).

Alli Success Stories

Independent testimonials and reviews are hard to find, but the manufacturers claim to have conducted studies where subjects taking Alli lost 50% more weight than those in the control group.

Alli can cause a treatment effect whereby the user often soils their undergarments without warning – this has been coined the Alli Oops

Alli Side Effects

Alli side effectsThe inclusion of titanium dioxide could be a cause for concern, but there are no side effects attributed to the use of this drug. Its use can, however, have some rather unpleasant implications.

As stated earlier on in this review, orlistat works by preventing the absorption of up to 25% of any ingested fat. Once the fat has entered the body, if it cannot be absorbed, there is only one place for it to go.

The speed at which it reaches that destination has taken many users by surprise and, in extreme cases; lost bowel control has resulted in soiled undergarments. It is also worth noting that anyone eating a meal that contains 15g or more of fat is likely to experience loose and oily stools.

It is recommended that pregnant or lactating mothers seek medical advice before deciding to use this or any other form of weight loss supplement. The same advice is offered to those who have existing health issues, or who are undergoing any course of medication.

Is Alli Recommended

The fact that doctors prescribe orlistat to some of their more obese patient probably offers the most significant endorsement possible.

Although Alli does not contain the same concentrated level of orlistat as the prescription-only Xenitol, it seems highly likely that Alli will offer similar weight loss benefits, but potential users may want to give the matter serious consideration before deciding to use this product—especially if their diet is likely to contain high or unknown amounts of fat.

It is obviously recommended that anyone following a weight loss program should reduce their intake of fat, but the failure to do so, while taking Alli, offers some unique consequences that could be as embarrassing as they would likely be unpleasant.

Alli is designed to help people with significant weight issues and it seems likely that the product’s target consumer group could probably obtain a prescription for orlistat, and have the added benefit of medical supervision. Bearing in mind the special health issues involved with being so overweight, this seems like the more sensible option.

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Where To Buy Alli

Could be purchased in many outlets and stockists – although it is interesting to note that retailers offline in the UK high street are getting less and less. Boots, Superdrug and the big pharmacy and chemists chains appear to be opting out

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PhenQ Phentermine alternativeThere are several diet pills that are recommended over and above Alli. Perhaps the preference for potential Alli users would be PhenQ.

PhenQ is a potent fat burner and appetite suppressant that is available to buy without prescription and has many success stories connected to it.

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