Avesil UK Review, Is The Free Trial Just A Scam

The diet product industry is sadly full of companies who are working hard to fleece you.

Avesil is manufactured by a company in the US that has been around for quite a while, but who sell the product using a “trial” method to get money from unsuspecting consumers. Upon receipt of the “trial”, the consumer is then billed for £50 / $90 – a very costly amount for one bottle with a very problematic and frustrating mechanism for ‘unsubscribing’.

The 14-day trial is something you will not want to fall for, along with many other suspect aspects of this product, as described below.

Claims:  To help with fast, safe weight loss by reducing appetite, burning fat and boosting energy levels

Positives: Precisely zero

Negatives:  Free Trail offered. Can work out very expensive and frustrating as you try to cancel. A prime example of a dodgy diet pill.

Avesil Review – How does it Work

Avesil is advertised to reduce your appetite, burn energy quickly and boost energy, along with making you lose weight.

The headline for Avesil is a generic ‘Fast Safe Weight Loss’. Avesil is claimed to reduce your appetite and burn fat, raise your thermogenic body process and regulate your levels of blood sugar.

A “special formula” is mentioned in the advertisement of this product, although the information does not go into specifics. It is hard to tell exactly how Avesil works and what would make it better than other products that are similar.

The manufacturer directs consumers to take six capsules a day, which definitely seems like a large amount. The capsules are to be taken before eating.

The advertising material suggests that “Doctors trust this formula” – the marketing material below appears to be just a photostock image of a doctor.

What are the Ingredients

With only four ingredients listed, it makes you wonder what else is really in the product. The ingredients of Avesil are listed as caffeine at a level of 75 mg, chromium as ChromeMate at a level of 100 mcg and 83% of the daily recommended amount, an Avesil “proprietary blend” (nowhere is is stated what the blend is), in addition to decaffeinated green tea extract and Ashwagandha root extract.

There are several name brand products listed such as GreenSelect, Sensoril, and EGCG although the details of what is really contained in these products is not listed.

By listing a “proprietary blend” in their ingredients, there is really no telling what other ingredients are included and this is a good way for the manufacturer to hide cheaper contents.

Although it is advertised to suppress appetite, there is no ingredient listed that would cause this to happen, at least according to modern scientific theory. Also, chromium has been proven in tests to be ineffective for reducing body fat and transforming it into lean muscle.

Press and Media Coverage

By being vague with the information they provide on the website, they still manage to skirt within the realms of legality. Although the FTC now has strict rules in regards to the trials companies like this can offer, the manufacturer of Avesil can still reel in unsuspecting consumers looking for a free offer.

When searching online, it is very obvious that the company that manufactures Avesil is not on everyone’s “good list” and this includes most of the top review websites that either reject or approve certain dietary weight loss supplements.

Many websites consider the Avesil trial to be a scam since the trial starts as soon as the person orders the product and it usually takes five days to receive it. People have experienced credit card charges showing up several days before the end of the trial.

One strange red flag about the company is that the address that is listed as a contact is really the address for a home furnishing store in Miami, Florida!

Avesil Customer Success Stories or Complaints

After viewing information online provided by people that have taken Avesil , and have also been drawn into the trial, one can see that there are a lot of unhappy people that feel Avesil is a huge waste of money.

Some suggest to drink a cup of coffee instead and save your money! Other people are upset that they were put on the auto-ship program and charged $90 / £50 when they were under the impression the trial was legit and now cannot successfully reach the manufacturer to have the charges canceled.

Many complain that the manufacturer has terrible customer service and the product itself is just as bad.

Avesil Side Effects

Because there are no reports that show the true ingredients of Avesil, the side effects can vary. Most people reported side effects of mild headaches, increased heart rate while others have experienced more severe side effects such as stomach aches, acne breakouts, and irregular heart beat issues, including atrial fibrillation.

Does Avesil Work

Going by all of the customer reviews provided on various websites on the Internet, it is safe to say that the answer is no. Although there are claims that clinical trials have been performed, there is no real truth proving these claims.

The free trial is a massive red flag. It is suggested that you do not purchase this products

Avesil Stockists UK – Where To Buy

There is not an Avesil UK website as such, all order go through the main US site.

There is not a high street presence in the UK, retailers or health supplements such as Holland and Barett and GNC do not stock, nor do the big brand chemists and pharmacies such as Boots and Lloyds.

Alternative Slimming Supplements

capsiplexnewIf you are serious about losing weight then we would recommend Capsiplex. It is a potent fat burner but also natural and free from side effects.

It is based on chili pepper and can help to break down fat cells and convert them to energy.

The manufacturers claim that using Capsiplex can help reduce calorie intake by 280 per day.

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