OxyElite Pro Review, Does It Work, Customer Comments

OxyElite Pro claims to be “The World’s Premium Super Thermogenic” weight-loss supplement.

Manufactured by USP Labs, the company’s website makes bold claims about reasons fat is difficult to burn, and talks about ‘secret’ ingredients and methods that this product uses to help you achieve weight-reduction.

But have they really unlocked the secret to superior weight loss.

Read the review and discover what customs think about the product.

Claims:  Claims to be “The World’s Premium Super Thermogenic” weight-loss supplement with unmatched potency.

Positives: Not an awful lot, a highly dubious product

Negatives:  Poor feedback from customers and poor reviews generally. Now been discontinued

How Does it Work

OxyElite Pro works on the principle that Alpha-2 receptors drive fat storage, preventing it from being burnt off. In order to combat this, USP Labs claims that it has identified a way to interfere with this behavior by blocking and shutting down the Alpha-2 receptor and allowing fat to be broken down by the body.

What are the Ingredients

USP Labs groups the components of OxyElite Pro under the heading “Proprietary Blend”. While a list of ingredients is provided, the amounts of each item that can be found in the product are not disclosed, with the exception of caffeine.

The blend and caffeine can be found in nearly equal amounts, with the bulk of ingredients adding up to 119mg and caffeine accounting for an additional 100mg.

  • Rauwolfia Canescens (Rauwolscine) – USP Labs likens this ingredient to yohimbine, found in other weight-loss supplements, which works by targeting Alpha-2 receptors. However, USP indicates that the problem with yohimbine is that it also targets Alpha-1 receptors, which may interfere with fat loss. While this compound is theorized to aid in weight reduction, it is not known whether a sufficient quantity is available in OxyElite Pro.
  • Bauhinia purpurea L. – Based on the idea that T3 and T4 hormones promote fat loss, Bauhinia purpurea L. is used in this product to enhance levels of these thyroid hormones in the body, and increase the conversion of T4 into more powerful T3. Again, while it is possible that this substance promotes thyroid hormone production and activity, there is no information available regarding the amount required to accomplish this, or whether this product contains enough to do the job.
  • Geranium Stems – Also known as DMAA, 1,3-Dimethylamylamine is extracted from geranium stems to provide a stimulant effect analogous to that of epinephrine. It is commonly found in thermogenic diet products such as OxyElite Pro.
  • Cirsium Oligophyllum – USP claims that this whole plant extract can help target subcutaneous fat for reduction, and leave important visceral fat, which protects organs, intact.
  • Caffeine – Typical of diet pills, caffeine is included in the product not only for its stimulant properties, but also because of purported synergistic effects when combined with cirsium oligophyllum, boosting the effectiveness of cirsium by nearly 10 times its usual potency. No proof is provided to support this claim.

OxyElite Pro in the Press

In April 2012, the Federal Food and Drug Administration issued a warning letter to several supplement providers, including USP Labs, indicating that they did not provide legally required evidence that their product was safe.

Specifically, this letter targeted products containing DMAA, including OxyElite Pro. The company’s response to this letter is currently unavailable.

OxyElite Pro Customer Results or Testimonials

Online reviews of this product appear to be mixed. Some users have reported satisfactory results, while others have experienced disappointment with the product.

Many purchasers did indicate a noticeable stimulant effect from using OxyElite Pro, but this was not consistently indicative of attendant weight loss.

Testimonials like the one above appear on the official website, but other less unbiased sources paint a different picture.

OxyElite Pro Side Effects

Because of the presence of DMAA, caffeine, and the purportedly synergistic way that caffeine and cirsium oligophyllum work in tandem, the usual cautions about stimulant-based products hold true, and you should definitely avoid this product if you have experienced sensitivity to caffeine in the past.

One of the few things that online reviews appear to agree on is that the level of caffeine in this product seems to be quite high, and produces noticeable effects.

Users have reported various other side-effects, but they have not been confirmed to have been definitely caused by use of this product.

Anyone considering OxyElite Pro should carefully examine the list of warnings provided on the product’s packaging or available on its website to prevent the development or exacerbation of a serious medical condition.

Does OxyElite Pro Work

The jury appears to be undecided, if online reviews are to be believed. The makers of the product do not provide any data backing up their claims, only citing scientific research articles which serve to demonstrate that the concepts behind the pill may promote weight loss, but not necessarily the pill itself.

The lack of information regarding the amount of each ingredient in OxyElite Pro certainly doesn’t help consumers come to an educated decision regarding its effectiveness.

The only thing that can be said for certain is that purchasing this product will make your wallet thinner – whether it does anything for your waistline is another matter entirely.

Where To Buy OxyElite Pro In The UK

The only realistic stockist is the official website. It costs around £20 for one bottle which is 90 tablets, enough for a month.

It is highly improbable that regular high street retailers such as Holland and Barrett, Tesco and Boots the chemist will hold the product.

There is a free sample offers which we highly recommend you do not take up. Diet pill manufacturers rarely give anything away for free  USP labs are no different.

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