6 Week Bikini Body Review, Does It Work, Price and Stockists

6 Week Bikiki Body Diet from NutrologieThe 6 Week Bikini Diet is a 4-in-1 diet plan that targets women in the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada who want to look their best on the beach during the summer months.

The weight loss plan includes a 6-week supply of Lipo capsules that have been clinically proven to help women burn off unwanted fat and a 6-week supply of Meta-lite capsules to increase metabolism, in addition to the 6-week supply of meal replacement shakes and fitness and diet programmes.

The concept was developed by Nadia Mason, an expert nutritionist with a masters degree.

Nutrologie website for the 6 week bikini dietClaims:  A new multi faceted approach to weight loss using best of breed principles

Positives: Contains raspberry ketone, green coffee bean and green tea. Lots of positivity from the industry

Negatives:  Cheesy television advert.

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The 6 Week Bikini Body Review

It all starts with the meal replacement shakes, and the people at Nutrologie have spared no expense in making their shakes tasty and they come in two flavours, rich chocolate and fruity strawberry.

Just drink them in the place of a meal and know that nutritionists state that replacing just one meal a day helps to significantly reduce calorie intake.  The shakes also have 1/3 of the daily recommendations of carbohydrates, proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, and fibre required for a healthy diet.

52 diet planThe criticism that has been levelled at Nutrologie is that it is complicated and could have a high drop out rate. The 5:2 Diet together with the 5:2 Fast Formula is proving to be more popular with a very high success rate. Read about the 5:2 Fast Formula

whats included in the 6 Week Bikini Body Diet

Nutrologie diet pillsThe capsules and tablets work in tandem to speed up metabolism and gently cleanse your system.  It’s safe for you as both the capsules and tablets are made with proven, all-natural ingredients.

The fitness plan was created by celebrity trainer Lex Dunn in corroboration with Nutrologie, and the result is a step-by-step guide to get your backside and abs into shape without using expensive exercise equipment and without taking more than 45 minutes of your time a day.

Nadia Mason of 6 Week bikini diet fameNadia Mason’s diet plan has 60 delicious and easy to prepare recipes and there are even recipes for vegetarians.

There are mouth-watering favourites such as Thai baked fish, grilled chicken kebabs, and more.  There are even choices for those with a sweet tooth, but, essentially the diet is designed to keep calorific intake to the minimum without forgoing minerals and vitamins.

Most dietary inclinations are catered for.

Where to the Dukan and Atkins diets may fail -Nutrologie have redesigned the whole concept of “how to lose weight”

Key Ingredients Of The Capsules

The key to the effectiveness of this product is the ingredients.  Green tea, one of the active ingredients, has been proven in studies to help people to shed unwanted body fat.

Raspberries, another natural ingredient in 6-Week Bikini Diet, is known for naturally increasing metabolism in users and also has a number of other health benefits as they act as antioxidants and they regulate sugar in the blood.

Aloe vera is another natural ingredient in 6 Week Bikini Body, and it works to speed up metabolism and also aids greatly in the digestion process.

The full ingredient list is: Green Tea, Caynne, Chromium, L-tyrosine, Caffine, L-theanine, Raspberry Ketones and Black Pepper Extracts

Media Focus

The 6-Week Bikini Diet has gotten its share of positive attention from the media.  The product  has its own Facebook page.  It has also been reviewed several independent websites (such as this with a majority rating it very positively.  Some reviewers make a salient point if you do not exercise and eat properly while on the program, it is unlikely that you will lose any weight.

It also notes the high price of the product as compared to the competition and notes that the shakes may actually increase one’s calorie intake instead of decrease it as people tend to eat more in their  other two meals of the day when they skip one.

Another review of the product can be found at SlimmersDigest.  They note that the product is partnered with reputable brands and like its holistic approach to weight loss, but feel that overall it is not the best deal around.

The Bottom Line – Is It Recommended

6-Week Bikini Diet is the right approach for people that actually have the time and patience to stick with the program for the duration.  It has the endorsement of noted dieticians and exercise gurus and many of the ingredients used in the product have been proven in clinical trials to help people lose weight.

But most doctors will tell you that safe weight loss involves gradually losing small amounts of weight, and any woman who is her late 20’s or older should not expect to get the body of the young models featured on the web site strutting around in revealing bikinis as it is not a realistic expectation.

Where To Buy 6 Week Bikini Body, Stockists

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