BikiniBOD Review – Women Only Diet Pills

BikiniBod productsBikiniBOD is a diet pill marketed alongside the promise that it has been designed by women for women.

Gender specific diet pills are becoming increasingly popular, but the “female fat burner” angle is generally just hype.

Most diet pills for women contain ingredients that can be found in many other diet pills, including those that are sold as fat burners for men.

This is also the case here, but the formulation does have a slight edge on the competition because it includes a proprietary blend that is intended to enhance physical beauty.

Claims: To support a healthy metabolism, suppress appetite and enhance beauty

Positives: Does contain some good good ingredients.

Negatives: Support appears to be lacking

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Promised Benefits

  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Helps suppress feelings of hunger
  • Contains some of the best beauty-enhancing ingredients in the world

The Main Ingredients and Their Capabilities

Each capsule contains:

  • Biotin (1000mcg)
  • BikiniBod Proprietary Blend (500mg)

Biotin is a good inclusion because it’s a B Vitamin that is known to encourage a healthy metabolism and may also help provide healthy-looking nails, hair and skin.

Although it contains some good ingredients, the value of the proprietary blend is disputable because no inclusion rates are provided for the individual components it contains. To make matters that little bit more confusing. The proprietary blend consists of two further proprietary blends.

  • Hair, Skin and Nails Blend: grape extract, blueberry extract, raspberry extract, cranberry extract, prune extract, sour cherry extract, bilberry extract, strawberry extract, green coffee bean extract, green tea extract
  • Thermo Blend: Caffeine anhydrous, Advantra Z, yohimbe, raspberry ketones, uva ursi, l-theanine, garcinia extract, toothed club moss

The purpose of the first blend is self-explanatory. The name says it all. All of the fruit extracts are a good source of antioxidants.

Green tea and green coffee bean extract are also known to be rich in antioxidants and have no doubt been added because antioxidants purge the body of toxins, help ensure healthy skin cells, and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun.

Green tea is also a proven fat burner, and green coffee bean extract is renowned for its ability to burn through stubborn stores of fat, so both offer additional value that makes them particularly appropriate choices for the BikiniBOD diet pill formulation.

The second blend is obviously intended to encourage thermogenic fat burning. This is a process where the body starts to lose calories into the atmosphere in the form of heat. It occurs naturally during exercise.

That’s why “working up a sweat” can be such a good way to burn excess calories. Caffeine has proven to be a good thermogenic fat burner so, if enough is included, it’s presence has value. Advantra Z is trademarked citrus fruit extract that provides synephrine. A review of the (human) clinical trials conducted on synephrine shows it has the ability to boost the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning.

Yohimbe also has the power to encourage thermogenesis, but it’s a stimulant. Caffeine and Advantra Z are stimulants as well, so BikiniBOD may not be suitable for people who have problems tolerating stimulants. The other ingredients included in the Thermo Blend also have the ability to help the body to burn fat, but the power of the blend will depend on adequate inclusion rates.

How to Use BikiniBOD – Two capsules are required each day. The first one should taken 15 to 30 minutes before breakfast. The second capsule of the day should be taken five to six hours later. After three months of use, a two to four week break from supplementation is required. Customers are also provided with a free monthly nutrition plan and those who use it to modify their eating habits for the better will undoubtedly attain the best results.

BikiniBOD Customer Testimonials

There are some customer testimonials on the official website, and people appear to be saying good things about the product, but reviews published at such a biased source cannot be relied upon for accuracy.

BikiniBod testimonials

BikiniBOD Side Effects

BikiniBOD does not contain any gluten or soy. It’s also a vegan friendly weight loss product, but the manufacturer stresses the pills are not intended for women who are pregnant or nursing a child.

Women with existing health problems are advised to get medical approval before using the product. The same is true for women who are using medication.

The warning on the back of the bottle points out BikiniBOD diet pills should not be used with alcohol. It also states the pills should never be used in conditions of extreme cardiovascular exertion.

That’s a pretty strange statement to make because exercise is a doctor recommended way to lose weight. Many people who are earnest about losing weight exercise hard and place themselves under exertion. Does this mean women who are training hard at the gym, or jogging to lose weight, will be unable to use BikiniBOD?

The Verdict

The idea of a beauty-boosting diet pill is bound to be attractive to women and, presuming sufficient ingredient inclusion rates, BikiniBOD is not without promise.

Unfortunately, there is no way to ascertain if the formulation is potent enough to deliver the kind of results promised.

Customer reviews would undoubtedly provide a good insight into how well BikiniBOD works, but the only reviews we could find were those on the BikiniBOD website and it exists to make the product attractive to customers.

The reviews published there certainly help to do this, but reviews published at a less biased source would carry more weight. However, there’s a guarantee, so anybody who buys BikiniBOD should be able to get their money back if they are unsatisfied with the product’s performance.


BikiniBOD is backed by a 90-day money back guarantee.

Where to Buy BikiniBOD

BikiniBOD is only available from the manufacturer’s website. Each bottle contains enough pills to last for 30 days and the cost per bottle is $49.99.

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