Capsiplex Review, The Chili Fat Burner, Does It Really Work And Is it Worth Buying

Capsiplex chili fat burnerCapsiplex has quite literally created a whole sub-niche in the diet pill industry. Before its arrival the fat burning genre was pretty bland. Now there is a plethora of products all built on the concept of using the heat from chili pepper.

It is the invention and creation of Scottish based Advanced Health – it has forced the previously ‘US heavy’ market place to up its game to compete. It is truly a product the UK can be proud of.

When it was first introduced into the United States it created unprecedented demand, quite possibly due to association with a host of celebrities such as Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears.

As ever, perception and reality can be two totally different things so lets take a look and see if Capsiplex can live up to expectation.

Claims:  To be able help you burn 278 calories before, during and

Positives: Contains chili pepper extract (capsicum), has a long list of satisfied customer, re-orders are among the highest in the industry

Negatives: Does have a tendency to court the media

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Capsiplex Review – Does It Work

When everything is commuted down to its most basic level the only question that prospective customers wants answering is “does it work?”. Although all things do not work for all people Capsiplex does come exceedingly close.

Possibly the biggest signal that deciphers if a product is effective is its re-order rate. Capsiplex has a re-order rate in the mid 70’s (77%)

3 decades of independent study and clinical research has confirmed the link between capsicum and the fat burning effect numerous times.

How Does It Work, What Does It Do

The manufacturers claim that you can burn approximately 280 calories before, during and after exercise, it can even burn calories while you do practically nothing (earning the headline of the ‘slim while you sit pill’).

Capsiplex contains hot chili extract (red pepper also known as capsicum extract) these contain Capsaicinoids that can reduces appetite, increases metabolism, burn calories while reducing body fat and overall body mass.

In its marketing material Capsiplex often use an infographic that compares the effect of taking one capsule to jogging for 25 minutes or 40 minutes of cycling.

Capsiplex With 5HTP What Is The Difference

5HTP in capsiplexYou may have noticed a similar product called Capsiplex Plus – this is exactly the same as the original product apart from the inclusion of two new ingredients namely Bioperine and 5HTP.

Bioperine is an accelerator, it speeds up the effects of the other ingredients and makes them work faster,

5HTP is used a natural mood improver – it is often used to combat depression and can also help fight fatigue and insomnia.

Capsiplex Plus is the complete weight loss solution as depression has a definite link with obesity and over eating.

**** Capsiplex now ships either on its own of with an additional product called 5HTP****

In the Media, Press Highlights And Lowlights

If there is one product that really benefited from positive media exposure its Capsiplex. Sometimes circumstances transpire to form something great just at the right time. The media took hold of a story and really propelled Capsiplex into the spotlight.

There was so much media interest when it was first introduced that stock levels ran dry after 3 days of its introduction. A reported 50,000 orders were taken in advance and one year on well over a million units were shipped worldwide making Capsiplex the fastest and best selling comercial non-prescription fat burner.

roxanne pallettThere are several other pieces of PR we could highlight – in truth we would probably need a whole website dedicated to Advance Health publicity benefits.

The most recent marketing hook up has been with Roxanne Pallett (the former Emmerdale actress) below is a video of her talking bout her experiences with Capsiplex

Any Side Effects Or Negative Comments

There are no reported side effects if taken as recommended, nor are there many negatives comments.

Does Capsiplex Work

Although it is a fair assessment to say that hype and large sales figures do not always equate to a product being effective – but in this case it is hard to arge with 30 years of clinical study. The simple fact is that customers love Capsiplex, they buy it, it seems to work for them and so they buy it again.

Where To Buy Capsiplex In The UK

Capsiplex fat burner UKAvailable to buy only from its official website. It was available in the UK street in store at Holland and Barrett but the manufacturers have taken the decision to supply direct rather than use third parties – a lot of manufactures are appearing to use this method rather than mass distribution.

Capsiplex is available to buy without prescription and available for over 18’s only.

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