Dietrim With CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid Review

Dietrim with CLADietrim calls itself a revolutionary supplement and claims to be backed by the latest scientific research.

It’s main ingredient is CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) naturally derived from the safflower plant and said to help fat metabolism,

Manufactured by Vitabiotics and available commonly in the UK, can this pill live up to its promise of optimizing your metabolism and supporting your weight loss program?

Vitabiotics website selling DietrimClaims:  To aid in balancing your body fat to lean muscle ratio

Positives: Its from a reputable company and its cheap if purchasing the 15 day supply to try.

Negatives:  Weak formula and hard to justify over competitive products. Not so cheap for a 30 day supply

How Does Dietrim Work

Work out on DietrimTo its credit, Dietrim does not present itself as a weight-reduction solution by itself. Vitabiotics’ website stresses the importance of a healthy diet and regular exercise, while the role of Dietrim itself is mainly to optimize the impact of these lifestyle changes on your body.

The main effect of the pill appears to be an increase in your metabolism, preventing excess damage from free radicals while you work out, and providing valuable nutrients that may be missing from your diet as a result of changing your eating habits.

What are the Ingredients

The main active ingredient in Dietrim is Tonalin CLA, also known as conjugated linoleic acid, which comes from the safflower plant. This compound is purported to boost metabolism and increase your fat-burning potential.

However, studies show that it takes a significant amount of CLA to make use of its advantages, and it does not appear that Dietrim provides enough of this ingredient.

Doubt there is enough of the main ingredient (CLA) to promote weight loss

Papain, papaya extract, is also present in Dietrim, and contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as supposed benefits for digestion and protection against free radicals. Unfortunately, none of these benefits have been scientifically substantiated, so you are most likely only gaining the benefit of nutrients that are available in many other products on the market, and which are usually found in higher concentrations.

The pill also contains cinnamon bark extract, used in aiding digestion and lowering blood sugar levels, and chromium, which supposedly assists in burning fat and providing energy. However, claims about the effectiveness of chromium have not been definitively proven, and a recent study by the National Institute of Health failed to find concrete evidence that it affect fat levels in any way.

In addition, the pill contains many vitamins and minerals which may be considered ‘filler’ in a product of this type. Dietrim lists zinc, lecithin, magnesium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, co-enzyme 12, and several other bio-active ingredients which give general nutritional support to any diet, not just those whose aim is to reduce weight.

Press Reports and Media Coverage

Dietrim advertisementDietrim has had some attention from leading supplement review sites, but hasn’t generated all that much support.

Most writers came to the same conclusion presented here – while the product doesn’t make outlandish claims or try to offer itself up as something that it’s not, what it is may not provide much in the way of fat-reduction assistance, and may be no better than a simple multivitamin.

Dietrim Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

There aren’t many user reviews of Dietrim available online, and part of the reason may be that it’s hard to tell how much of your success in achieving weight-loss results is due to the product, and how much is due to the work you put into leading a healthier lifestyle.

On a popular UK health and body-care website, Dietrim was given 6 positive reviews, but over 36 ratings, only received 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Dietrim Side Effects

Vitabiotics claims that this product does not produce any negative side effects when taken at the recommended dosage.

According to the Vitabiotics website, users who took a dosage in excess of this reported looser bowel movements. People are warned to stop taking the supplement and contact their health professional if they experience any unforeseen side-effects.

In addition, the product is not safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and it is not considered safe for children. Given the lack of stimulants in this product, it is likely that Dietrim is safe to use for most people. However, as with any supplement, check the list of ingredients in the product and make sure you do not have allergies to any of them.

Does Dietrim Work

The greatest difficulty in assessing the performance of a supplement which is only intended to support other weight-loss activities lies in being able to distinguish what part of your results can be attributed to the pill, and what part was due to sensible dieting and exercise.

At the cost of £14 for a 15 day supply, with much better and cheaper alternatives to obtain the vitamins and minerals that make up most of the ingredients in the pill, and without enough CLA make affect your ability to lose weight, it seems very hard to justify the cost.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy In the UK

Can be purchased from the Vitabiotics website as well as several authorised stockists such as Boots, Holland and Barrett etc..

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