Clean 9 Review with positives and negatives

Clean9 detox SupplementClean 9 is a detoxification system produced by Forever Living.

It consists of a combination of supplements and meal replacement shakes backed up by a diet plan.

If the marketing material is to be believed, customers who follow the program in the recommended way will benefit from a full body cleanse that will provide the “perfect starting point for transforming their diet and fitness” and the results will be apparent in just 9 days.

However the Clean 9 sales page provides very little information about the product, its ingredients, or the correct usage.

The Proposed benefits are:

Weight Loss
• Weight Management
• Cleanse
• Health

The first three (alleged) benefits are self-explanatory. “Health” is ambiguous to say the least, but probably promises use of the product will improve the overall health.

Claims: To be the complete weight loss and detox system

Positives: Reputable company, positive reviews

Negatives: The detox product is not as effective as Detox Plus in our opinion

What is Clean 9 and How Does it Work?

Although Forever Living fails to provide any information about the way Clean 9 is supposed to promote any of the benefits that are promised for it, detox systems are usually designed to purge the body of free radicals and other toxins that can build up over a period of time.

People obtain toxins from the food they eat and the environment around them. White bread and pasta, for instance, are both sources of free radicals. Free radicals are also produced as a by-product of certain biological processes and may collect in the intestines at locations where waste matter becomes lodged. These toxins, no matter their origins, can have an adverse reaction on the metabolism and cause it to become sluggish; leading to weight gain, reduced energy levels, and many other problems. Purging the body of toxins should get the metabolism back on track and get the body functioning in a more efficient manner.

The fact that the Clean 9 system involves swapping meals for shakes should allow for a reduced calorie intake and this will, of course, prevent further weight gain. If the calorie intake is reduced significantly the body may then be forced to start burning its stores of fat to obtain extra energy.

Key Ingredients

The pack consists of five items:

1. Aloe Vera Gel (2 X 1 lighter bottle)
2. Forever Lite Ultra Shake (1 pouch)
3. Forever Garcinia Plus (54 softgels)
4. Forever Therm (18 tablets)
5. Forever Fiber (9 sticks)

As the name suggests, Aloe Vera Gel provides aloe vera, which has a laxative effect and may help to purge the intestines. The Forever Lite protein shakes contain soy protein, which should help support muscle growth and repair during the detox period and compensate for the lack of food-provided nutrients. The hydroxycitric acid provided by the Garcinia Plus soft gel capsules may provide appetite suppression and could also discourage excess calories from being stored as fat.

The Forever Therm tablets contain camellia sinensis leaf extract and guarana. Camellia sinensis is rich is antioxidants that should help fight free radical toxins. It also contains caffeine, as does guarana. Although caffeine is usually used as a stimulant it also has the ability to suppress the appetite, boost the metabolism, and trigger thermogenic fat burning.

The final item, Forever Fiber, contains a blend of acacia gum and corn fiber. Both ingredients are high in natural fiber; which can help exercise the digestive organs and improve bowel health. Fiber can also provide a feeling of satiety.

How to Take – The manufacturer’s website fails to provide any guidance about how the Clean 9 cleansing plan should be used, but full instructions are provided in the pack. The first two days appear to be solely concerned with the detoxification process because the only things consumed are supplements and a meal replacement shake. For the remaining seven days of the plan, supplements and meal replacement shakes are used alongside the recipes recommended in the usage guide.

Customer Feedback

The only customer feedback available comes via Amazon and suggest the product may work better for some people than others. One lady uses the words “horrible” and “awful” in the same sentence and adds that the pills are “grossly overpriced”, gave her a “thumping headache”, nausea, and other nasty side effects. However, another customer states Clean 9 made her feel fabulous, improved her skin, and helped her to lose 8lb in weight.

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

Forever Living does not mention if side effects are likely to be an issue, but pregnant or nursing women should never use any brand of dietary supplement unless its use has been authorised by their doctor. People who have existing health issues, or are taking medication, are also advised to seek medical guidance before commencing use of dietary supplements.


Clean 9 appears to be sold without a money back guarantee.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Clean 9 can be purchased from the manufacturer’s online store and the two flavours offered are chocolate and vanilla. Customers receive a 9-day supply of supplements, can usually expect to pay around €121 per pack, and may also receive a free gift such as a shaker or measuring tape.

Recommended Detox Supplement

Detox-PlusIf you looking for a highly effective detox supplement then as far as we are concerned there is only product to choose and that is Detox Plus from Evolution Slimming.

Detox Plus is available directly from the Evolution Slimming website and is one of, if not the, best detox supplement on the market

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