Fat Metaboliser, the cheap diet pill that is under £10

Fat Metaboliser Tablets reviewFat Metaboliser from Nutrition Headquarters is one of the most familiar diet pill brands to a UK based customer. It is sold predominantly at Holland and Barrett in both the high street and online via its web store.

It offers dieters the opportunity of using a slimming tablet without a high cost – although it has to be said that nowadays even the premier and highly effective commercial diet pills are priced keenly. Fat metaboliser is around £10 for a month supply.

We put Fat metaboliser under the spotlight and find out just how cheerful this cheap diet pill actually is.

website that sells fat metaboliserClaims:  To contain vitamins, minerals and botanical extract that combines with a 14 day eating plan can help you reach your weight loss target.

Positives: Its cheap at under £10 and is available to buy a Holland and Barrett

Negatives: Not the most potent of formula’s. There is no money back guarantee.

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Fat Metaboliser Review

Old packaging for fat metaboliserFat Metaboliser is weight loss capsule produced by Nutrition Headquarters. Very little is known about the company, but it appears to be a favored supplier of the Holland & Barrett health food store chain, and this suggest it is probably a reputable company.

The capsules are available from a variety of independent retailers, but Holland & Barrett appear to be responsible for the majority of sales.

The product is suitable for users of either sex and, as the name suggests, it is designed to assist weight loss by aiding the metabolism’s ability to burn off excess calories and fat.

It is also one of the cheapest weight loss products available in the UK, but many factors suggest Fat Metaboliser may also be one of the weakest products on the market, so the big question is, will it provide value for money? Let’s take a look and see.

Usage Instruction and Promised Benefits

Woman Eating2One capsule should be taken in the middle of the morning, and a second capsule in the middle of the afternoon. It is also recommended that the product be used as part of general weight loss regimen that includes regular exercise and a reduced calorie diet.

With this in mind the manufacturers have produced a 14-day diet plan that allows a maximum of 1,500 calories each day (less than 25% of which comes from fat), but the diet plan is only available as a PDF document and has to be downloaded from the internet.

It has to be said that the marketing of this product is anything but aggressive and nobody can accuse Nutrition Headquarters of making bold claims or unrealistic promises. In fact the main sales spiel is rather lackluster in comparison to many competing products:

“Fat Metaboliser provides a combination of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts, alongside a 14 day diet plan, to help you reach your weight management goals.”

The combination in question actually looks pretty good at first glance, but some promising ingredients are let down by low inclusion rates that severely restrict any potential they may have.

Key Ingredients

Chromium:  Often incorporated in weight loss supplements for its alleged ability to boost the metabolism and provide increased energy, but recent test results suggest its benefits are highly overrated.
Vitamin B6:  Vital for amino acid reactions and for controlling the release of glucose, but most people will attain a sufficient amount of this vitamin from their normal diet.
Green Tea:   A powerful antioxidant with a good reputation for assisting weight loss, but clinical tests fail to support the many claims made for green tea.
Cayenne Pepper:  Always a popular ingredient. One study showed that half a teaspoon of cayenne can result in 10 times more calories being burnt over a four hour period, but the inclusion rate here is a mere 5mg, which is much too low to be effective.
L-Carnitine:  Some evidence suggests L-Carnitine may improve muscle metabolism, but a significant amount is required and, once again, the inclusion rate here (10 mg) is just too low.
Uva Ursi:  Often called bear berry because it is a favorite food of wild bears. Also favored as an ingredient in many home remedies, but there is no evidence Uva Ursi aids weight loss.
Kola Nut:  The fruit of the African kola tree. It is essential for flavoring coke and is also a good source of caffeine, but test results are conflicting and its ability to assist weight loss remains unclear.

Testimonials and Success Stories

Customer feedback appears to be limited to the Holland & Barrett website and shows a mixed reception to the product. Some people state the capsules work well and extoll their virtues. Others claim they have seen little or no benefits at all.

Fat Metaboliser Side Effects

The low inclusion rates make side effects unlikely, but chromium is known to effect insulin levels so the manufacturers suggest diabetics refrain from using the product unless approved by their doctor. The same advice is offered to people with hypoglycemia.

Is Fat Metaboliser Recommended

There is no denying the cost of this product makes it very purse-friendly, but no money back guarantee is offered, and the low potency of the capsules means they are unlikely to offer much support to people who wish to lose weight.

When it comes to weight loss products, the end result is the only thing that matters and a cheap price tag will do little to assuage the disappointment if those results are not forthcoming.

Many other products are available that can provide those all-important results and in most cases these products are backed by a guarantee that ensures real value for money because the consumer has nothing to lose.

Fat Metaboliser Stockists

Look no further than Holland and Barrett

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