Flat Tummy Plus Review – chewable slimming pill but is it just a laxative

Flat Tummy Plus 20% FOSElifexir Flat Tummy Plus is a food supplement that has a laxative effect. It therefore aids digestion and as a result means that food is digested quicker keeping the stomach flat.

Laxatives are usually marketed as effective treatment for constipation or digestion problems; however Flat Tummy Plus is marketed as its name describes – to help flatten the stomach area.

A familiar sight in Holland and Barrett stores – but is it worth trying?

Flat Tummy Plus at Holland and BarrettClaims:  Pleasant tasting chewable tablets to help flatten your stomach

Positives: Reputable company. Affordable

Negatives: Not really a weight loss product, others preferred

Diet pills not to buy

What Is Flat Tummy Plus And How Does It Work

Flat Tummy with Flat Tummy PlusFlat Tummy Plus is a chewable tablet containing ingredients that aid digestion and encourage bowel movement including magnesium and prebiotics (see below for ingredients). Two – four tablets a day for at least 30 days are recommended after meals, and are taken by dissolving them in the mouth. Clinical studies have not been undertaken for this product.

As a laxative it encourages speedy digestion of food and makes the digestive system more susceptible to bowel movements, which subsequently result in allowing for the attainment of a flat belly.

However, it does not aid in actually weight loss, Flat Tummy Plus does not burn fat, increase metabolism or suppress appetite. It is a chewable prebiotic food supplement which stimulates bacteria growth and activity. Prebiotics enable increased activity of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria, which encourage digestion.

Key Ingredients

Flat Tummy Plus contains Fructo-oligosaccharides, Sweetners, Anti-caking agent, Magnesium Stearate and Mint Flavouring.

FOS or Fructo-oligosaccharides are special sugars similar to fibre, which feed the bacteria in the digestive system helping to stimulate the digestive process.

Magnesium Stearate is a laxative. Magnesium relaxes the muscles in the intestines allowing for better movement in the intestines. Secondly, magnesium encourages the intake of water, which subsequently allows for stool to pass out of the body more easily. Both these actions are believed to assist in the attainment of a flat belly.

Sorbitol, the sweetener, helps to stimulate bowel movements.

Peppermint essential oil – it is thought that peppermint essential oil allows for enhanced bowel movement and has anti-spasmodic properties, smoothing muscles along the intestines and the digestive tract to aid digestion.

Interesting Flat Tummy Plus Fact

The tablets contain fructo-oligosaccharides (soluble fibre) which contribute to dietary fibre and enhance the taste and sweetness of artificial sweeteners. Naturally these are found in vegetables, fruit and pulses, so really by simply eating a healthy balance diet with these elements can give you the same levels of good bacteria and thus stimulating your digestive system.

Flat Tummy Plus Media Focus

Flat Tummy Plus has absolutely no media attention. Having been on the market for many years, without weight loss outcomes it is not a high-profile product that media could recommend for weight management.

Any Success Stories

Since the product is not for weight management there are no positive experiences of using the product from a diet management perspective. As a digestive product, there are few success stories overall, except for a few that state it tastes pleasant and has stimulated their digestion.

Any Side Effects

As a food supplement there are no severe side effects, however you may experience stomach upset and nausea, as well as vomiting and diarrhoea. Large doses of magnesium or sorbitol can result in causing an irregular heartbeat and drop in blood pressure. Excessive diarrhoea can lead to dehydration and will also result in depletion of valuable nutrients the body needs.

Taking the supplement long term is not recommended but although the warnings indicate that long term use will cause laxative effects, it provides no information as to the dangers and health risks.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Elifexir Flat Tummy Plus is £9.99 for 32 tablets so makes an affordable supplement and Elifexir is a well reputed company. The product is probably more useful to those suffering with constipation and digestion problems rather than those trying to seek weight loss solutions. It would be unrealistic to take this tablet and expect a flat stomach as its name suggests.

If dieting it is better to change eating and lifestyle habits in order to lose weight. This supplement is more of a laxative than it is a supportive supplement for healthy digestive function.

The use of laxatives for dieting has never been recommended and it is indeed one of the methods used by those with eating disorders such as Anorexia Nervosa.

Weight loss is best when it is achieved by a healthy eating plan and a well balanced diet covering all food groups which will deliver all the nutrients a body needs in fewer calories than had been previously consumed. If dieters need assistance in the form of a supplement, one that merely has a laxative effect is certainly not recommended.

Diet pills not to buy

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