Does Full & Slim Work, the diet drink that works just like a gastric band

Full and Slim diet drink reviewFull & Slim is a newly introduced diet drink that its makers claim can help its users lose up to a stone in just over 6 weeks.

The British media (Daily Mail and Daily Express) have reported on the diet drink and likened its effects to that of gastric band but without the need for invasive surgery and associated cost and potential complication.

Could it really be be too good to be true?

Full&Slim official websiteClaims:  To help users banish hunger pangs by creating a feeling a satiety (fullness)

Positives: Contains a good natural ingredient.

Negatives: Works out be very expensive.

Diet pills not to buy

Full & Slim Diet Drink Review

Full & Slim (or Full and Slim  – even the manufacturers don’t appear to be too sure judging by the official website) is now on sale after a pretty high profile introduction.

Virtually all British daily newspapers have featured the new diet drink comparing it to the effects of a gastric band and stating that the manufacturers say it can help dieters shift 14lbs in a just over a month and half.

How Does Full & Slim Work

Essentially it is an appetite suppressant that is taken in the form of a drink. Once swallowed the  contents expand in the stomach causing a feeling of fullness in the user resulting in a much reduced intake of calories.

This process is very simple, tried and tested and not exactly new, virtually all appetite suppressants work in a similar fashion by decreasing hunger in the user. How this is comparable to a gastric band is anyones guess.

Full and Slim is available in three flavours: Orange, Grapefruit and Mango and Passionfruit. It can be purchased in boxes of 21, 42 or 63 sachets. each sachets cost £1.65. If you follow the manufacturers directive and take three sachets a day (£5.95) then it can work out very expensive.

What Is In Full And Slim

glucomannan appetite suppressantThere are are three main active ingredients: Glucomannan, L-Carnatine and Green Tea Extract.

L-Carnatine is a fat burner that can help with the transportation of fatty acids around the body, Green tea extra can help to increase the metabolic rate. It is Glucomannan that is the ingredient of most interest and the one that the products philosophy is built on

Glucommanan (also know as the konjac root) is a natural root that is rich in dietary fibre. Once exposed to water or liquid it can expand to several times its original size.

Full&Slim In The Media

As mentioned above it has appeared in many national newspapers including the Daily Mail and Daily Express.

Full and Slim Success Stories

There has been one clinical trial involving 500 women. The manufacturers claim that 70% of women who participated lost weight with some losing a stone in just over 6 weeks

The makers say that of 500 women who drank the supplement before each meal, around 70 per cent lost a stone or more in weight within six weeks. The average weight was 3lbs per week. Unfortunately we cannot find any reference to these claims.

Is Full & Slim Recommended – Bottom Line

Full & Slim is trying to position itself somewhere between the meal replacement market and diet pill market. It asks the question “do you find meal replacement and diet pills a bit strange?

SupersculptA sachet of Full & Slim costs £1.65, it’s £5.95 for 3 sachets (one of each flavour)  and £28.95 for a box of 21. This works out to be £178 per month or £115 if you buy 4 boxes of 21.

Its main ingredient Glucomannan is its one shining beacon, this natural appetite suppressant has lots of credence, it is with an existing product that is better associated with – the 5:2 Fast Formula.

If you are considering Full And Slim then consider Gravitate Supersculpt, its much less expensive and some pretty convincing clinical data.

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