Dare To Bare Diet Pills Review

Dare-to-BareDare to Bare is a dietary supplement that is manufactured by Shine Tanning and Beauty Ltd with arguably a bigger offline customer base than online.

It is is targeted towards women primarily. The main claim of Dare to Bare is to reduce body fat, increase metabolism, accelerate weight loss, all while boosting energy levels.

It is very high profile on Amazon and eBay – products that end up on these kind of sites usually can given a very wide berth.

We take a look and put the product to the test

Dare to Bare SlimmingClaims:  To accelerate your weight loss, boost energy, reduce fat while increasing metabolic rate

Positives: Reasonably cheap

Negatives: Unproven and not the most potent of formula’s

How does Dare To Bare Work

The manufacturer claims that by using all natural ingredients, Dare to Bare increases the metabolic rate in the body, and creates a thermogenic effect.

This effect then targets calories by breaking them down, and assisting the body in burning them. This claim in and of itself is evidence that Dare to Bare is an ineffective product.

While heightened thermogenesis and increased metabolism will aid in weight loss, calories cannot actually “break down and burn”. In fact, the body needs to convert protein or carbohydrates into energy, and burn fat in order to lose weight.

The website for Dare to Bare is extremely limited in the information that it provides. There are no further claims to how their product works, or even what makes it work, there are also no references made to any clinical studies conducted on their product.

What are the Ingredients

One thing that makes Dare to Bare so risky to try is the lack of information pertaining to the full list of ingredients in the product.

However, there is some limited information on what is in the drug. Caffeine is a pretty common ingredient found in most diet pills, it is used to boost energy levels. Ginseng is another ingredient found in Dare to Bare, also used to increase energy.

Gota Kola is used to rid the body of excess fluids. Green Tea is a natural ingredient that has been shown to help the body regulate blood sugar levels. Lecithin is an ingredient that will help in breaking down cholesterol and fat while monitoring the metabolism; this ingredient is essential to organs and cells within the body.

Finally it is known that Dare to Bare contains Yerba Mate, an ingredient used to suppress the appetite.

There have been extensive tests done on Caffeine, Green Tea, and Ginseng and they are commonly found ingredients in weight loss supplements. However an accurate review of ingredients cannot be provided as the company does not provide any information on the quantity of each ingredient in the supplement, nor is a full ingredient list available.

It is important to note that Gota Kola is not the most effective way to lose weight, but is actually a diuretic.

In the Press – Media Exposure

This product is still fairly new, there is not yet much information regarding the pill. The main resource for information on the supplement is the Dare to Bare website, which to say the least provides somewhat biased feedback.

Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

Reviews and success stories for Dare to Bare are as in short supply as the ingredient information. After checking popular search pages like Google, and Bing, as well as sites that sell the product such as Amazon no reviews can be found.

In fact, the only place to find testimonials is, again, on the manufactures website. It can be assumed that those reviews are somewhat biased as they are not likely to provide any negative advertising for their own product.

Dare To Bare Side Effects

Since there is only a limited amount known about the ingredients in the contained in the supplement a full list of side effects cannot be provided. As with any products that contain energy supplements (such as caffeine and ginseng) consumers need to be aware if they have any type of caffeine sensitivity.

It can cause jitteriness, nausea, insomnia, and increased heart rate. A more thorough list of side effects could be presented if the company provided a complete ingredient list.

There are also risks when taking any type of diuretics (such as the Gota Kola found in Dare to Bare), beginning with risk of dehydration. Other side effects of consuming a diuretic include abnormal heart rhythm, dizziness and lightheadedness, electrolyte disturbance, headaches, high blood sugar levels, increased urination, increased thirst, irregular menstruation, loss of appetite, low blood sodium levels, loss of appetite, muscle cramps, nausea, skin rash, and weakness/ fatigue.

Does Dare To Bare Work

It is nearly impossible to confirm if Dare to Bare is actually effective in helping someone lose weight. While there are some ingredients within the supplement that are commonly found in weight loss pills, there is great concern over the use of a diuretic as well as the fact that an extensive ingredient list is not available. Clinical studies would need to conducted and documents before it can be determined if this product actually works.

In conclusion, there is great concern over the lack of information and facts about this product. Before taking any supplements you should know exactly what ingredient, and what quantities are used in it.

Diuretics can be extremely dangerous while trying to lose weight, combating additional water consumption while working out will quickly dehydrate the body. The manufacturer’s website is extremely limited in the amount if information it provides, to the point that are no terms and conditions, or privacy policy on the site.


Where To Buy Dare To Bare

Can be purchased online through its own official website or offline in selected tanning salons across the UK

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