Ketone Balance Duo Review, Does It Work and Where to Buy in UK and Ireland

Ketone Balance Duo reviewKetone Balance Duo is the combination of two of the most popular weight loss ingredients currently in circulation.

Both Raspberry Ketone and Green Coffee Bean have been critically acclaimed by the medical community, the media and above all, successful dieters.

Combining more than one active ingredient is not unique or revolutionary but it is the first time raspberry ketone and green coffee bean have been partnered in such a high profile product.

Ketone Balance Duo looks to be something quite special.

Official website of Ketone Balance duo for UK and IrelandClaims:  To offer a dual action fat burning mechanism with added anti-oxidant benefits

Positives: Contains raspberry ketone, green coffee bean and green tea. Lots of positivity from the industry

Negatives:  Not an awful lot in truth

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What Is Ketone Balance Duo And How Does It Work

Ketone Balance duo close upAs mentioned above Ketone Balance Duo is the combination of two of the most effective, most popular and most critically acclaimed fat burning weight loss ingredients in existence.

Such is the notoriety of raspberry ketone and green coffee bean that a third ingredient, Green Tea is included as an almost afterthought and hardly gets a mention on the product packaging. Green Tea was (and still is) a highly effective fat burner and anti-oxidant agent but is given third billing to the ‘big two’

Imagine the results you could see if you combined two ingredients to create a revolutionary weight loss supplement

raspberry ketoneRaspberry Ketone is arguably the premier ingredient, it has received unpresedented publicity over the course of 2012 and 2013. It is fat burner that can not only burn excess fat but also prevent the accumulation and creation of new fat cells. To say that it does this magnificently would not be be an overstatement.

green coffee beanGreen Coffee works in much the same way. The medical community that are focused on weight loss are split between which is the most effective, Green coffee or Raspberry Ketone, as with most things in life individuals react differently so including two fat burning ingredients in the one product your chances of success are greatly enhanced.

Media Focus and Press Highlights

The positivity emanating from both the product and ingredients from the press is extremely reassuring and almost makes a review such as this redundant. It is hard to pick a media article that sums up the impact this formula has made to industry so it would be best left to TV’s Dr oz to explain the finer workings of one ingredient in his own inimitable way, the other video is taken from a Fox news report.

Potential Side Effects

The three ingredients included do not have a history of side effects. There are one or caveats that apply – such as pregnant and nursing mothers should not use, the same applies to anyone on existing medication unless advised to contrary by their GP or doctor.

Is It Recommended

It is unlikely that you will find a better combination of ingredients together in the one product.

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Where To Buy Ketone Balance Duo, Stockists in UK and Ireland

Buy Ketone Balance DuoAvailable to to buy directly from the official website only. It ships worldwide including of course anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

The cost per bottle, which should last about a month is £38 or €44. There are multiple currencies if you would prefer in dollars for whatever reason. There also price breaks for multiple month purchases and free delivery on the larger order.

There is also a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click here to visit Ketone Balance Duo website and view special offers