TNC LA Five Review – LA Five positive, negatives, ingredients and side effects

LA Five from TNCLA Five is a food supplement brought to market by TNC (That Nutrition Company). TNC first began trading in early 2015, but at the time of this review (March 2016) all sales appeared to be handled via Amazon and the TNC website was no longer functioning. This could indicate things are not well at TNC and the fact that several Amazon reviewers claim to have experienced difficulties in receiving their orders could be seen as a further reason to avoid the product.

The way the product is marketed via Amazon also raises some concerns. TNC have crammed numerous keywords into the product title. Keywords are the search terms people use when they are looking for items on the internet and many of the keywords used are not a match for the product’s abilities.

#1 BEST SELLER T5 Supplement– T5 supplements encourage the thyroid gland to produce extra hormones that are important for an efficient metabolism. None of the ingredients used in the formulation are capable of achieving this.

Strong Effective Weight Loss & Detox Slimming Supplement For Your Wellness – The formulation does not contain ingredients that possess detoxification abilities.

Powerful Pre-Workout Formula – Although some of the ingredients may provide extra energy, a quick look at blend as a whole suggests it is unlikely to excel as a pre-workout supplement.

Some of the other claims (Nutrition And Weight Control, Natural Appetite Suppressant Tablets) may hold water, but to refer to the product as “Fat Burner Diet Pills At Their Best” is probably an exaggeration and “Risk Free” is very misleading because customers are not provided with a money back guarantee.

Claims: To be able to suppress appetite and create a feeling of satiety (fullness)

Positives: Does contain ingredients that have been researched and have a degree of clinical data.

Negatives: Relies heavily on hype and could be argued it doesn’t do what the marketing leads you to believe.

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Each capsule contains unspecified amounts of seven ingredients.

  • Caffeine: As an energy provider, caffeine offers undeniable benefits. It also supports improved mental focus and shows promise both as a fat burner and as an appetite suppressant. However, the many benefits caffeine may offer could be severely hampered if the inclusion rate is too low.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: The results of some studies suggest supplementation with acetyl-l-carnitine may be beneficial for reducing body fat, but the results also appear to indicate Acetyl L-Carnitine may offer more value to those who are in the later years of their life.
  • Citrus Aurantium: An ingredient that has proven value as a metabolism booster and weight loss provider. However, unusually high doses can result in dangerous side effects, so the fact that an inclusion rate is not specified is a cause for concern.
  • Green Tea Extract: Green tea provides a mix of catechins, polyphenols, and caffeine that has been proven capable of increasing 24-hour energy expenditure and fat oxidation. It’s a good ingredient that can be found in most weight loss supplements but, without an inclusion rate to guide the way, it is impossible to say how well it will perform here.
  • Guarana Extract: A berry extract that is naturally high in caffeine, but releases it slowly to provide prolonged benefits.
  • Magnesium Stearate + Silicia: These ingredients are generally used as binders and fillers. They offer no tangible benefits, but a high inclusion rate could overly dilute the main ingredients and render the product less effective.
How to Take – Customers are told to “take one to two capsules daily”. Other than a warning about not exceeding the stated dose, no other information is provided.

Customer Feedback

Amazon feedback is predominately good and suggests a product that works, but things may not be as they seem. One Amazon customer says she placed an order via the company’s Facebook page, but never received any pills. She also states the she was told she could have free samples if she wrote a positive review even though she hand not tried the pills. She sums up her feeling about this in a single sentence: “If you need to bribe people to write a review they can’t be good.”

The “one star” reviewers also raise a number of other issues. Several people claim they never received their shipments and one man says his order was “cancelled without notification”. Many more people state the pills failed to work at all and some reviewers claim LA Five caused them to gain weight.

Side Effects, Health Issues & Supplementary Information

The label states LA Five is not a suitable option for pregnant or lactating women or anyone suffering from allergies. People who are taking medication are advised to consult a doctor before commencing supplementation. Anyone who experiences side effects should stop supplementation and consult a doctor.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

At the time of this review it was only possible to purchase LA Five via Amazon UK and the price per (60 capsule) bottle was £7.83.

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