Liponutra, Can You Really Jump Start Your Weight Loss

Never jump into any diet pill without knowing how it works and why it works. Many companies out there will try to pass a pill off as a diet pill when the truth of the matter is that it is just a glorified placebo.

There are the good, the bad and the ugly. Liponutra falls into the category of the middle. It is a product that boasts its efficacy then hides a majority of the details from you, making it a risky buy and potentially even harmful to you.

All diet pills should be taken with caution and care, but with almost no information on the ingredients in Liponutra, their quantities, or even who is manufacturing them, it is impossible to be careful with Liponutra.

Like so many other diet pills before it, if it is dangerous to take, then it is not worth taking.

Claims:  To be able to help you burn more fat that you thought possible.

Positives: Does contain some god ingredients such as African mango, Acai and green tea

Negatives:  Quantities are not detailed, company details are very vague.

How Does It Work

acai berries LipoNutraLiponutra’s website claims that it burns fat without you doing a thing. By using all natural ingredients it somehow burns fat and reduces your weight.

At no point is this ever explained or are the ingredients listed in full with their quantities. Although Acai, African mango are included – and these are extremely beneficial ingredients, a trace amount is relatively useless.

This makes it impossible to tell how it actually works. Even if it did explain how it works, it would be folly to take that information at face value. Without knowing what is in Liponutra, there is no way for sure to tell how it works.

Supposedly it does not just cause the body to lose water or muscle weight either. Somehow it only burns fat and not just any fat, only unhealthy body fats. Even if it did work, when anyone makes a claim this large you need to be careful that it is not just a scam.

What are the Ingredients

This cannot be emphasized enough: Liponutra does not list all the 9 ingredients that it claims are in its pills or the quantities. Nowhere can this information be found. It does list African mango extract, green tea extract, acai berries, and resveratrol, but these are fewer than half of its active ingredients.

Press and Media Exposure

Relatively unknown in the press and media exposure is virtually zero. This is a typical diet pill that is totally reliant on the internet,

There is a stock photo of a doctor on their website to try and promote its legitimacy.

There are a few articles about it listed on blogs. Some are clearly paid to boost the idea of the product, others are more blatantly advertisements than actual reviews, and some are negatively criticizing the product. This means that the press is not good for Liponutra.

Liponutra Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

Perhaps there are actual success testimonies out there for Liponutra and perhaps there are not. It is not clear through the vague and unhelpful reviews that are left for Liponutra by customers.

The sceptics may think that the testimonials are fake.

In some cases it appears that no one has left an actual review. This leaves consumers without valid testimonials from the company or from other consumers, making it difficult to find any worthwhile information on the product.

Liponutra Side Effects

Without knowing what ingredients are in Liponutra, there is no way to know the side effects either. Without knowing the quantities of each ingredient, there is no way to tell if a harmful amount has been added to the pills.

Potentially Liponutra could cause anxiety, dehydration, lethargy, dietary issues, and any number of other issues, but there is no concrete way to know without proper testing.

Does Liponutra Work

It does not offer a great weight loss potential. It claims to cause weight loss without any effort on your part. There is no clinical evidence or consumer evidence to support this. Most reviews of the product appear to be faked or paid to be positive about Liponutra.

Without any positive history, scientific backing, or even transparency in its production, there is no way to trust Liponutra. You cannot even find out anything about the company who produces it through their website.

Simply put, it is a giant ad hoping to hook a few customers and then escape with their money. Always be wary of any dietary product that promises a miracle as they will almost never actually work.

Liponutra In the UK, Where To Buy

The LipoNutra official site is the only option for UK customers unless you want to run the gauntlet and buy from Amazon or eBay.

As we have mentioned before avoid buying and sort od diet pill (or health supplement) from eBay or Amazon unless is from the manufacturers own store or an authorised third party. Amazon and eBay are rife with individuals buying multiple months packages and splitting them to sell at a small profit.

It goes with saying that Boots, Tesco, and other high street chemists in Great Britain do not stock.

Recommended Alternative

Buy Acai Plus direct from Evolution SlimmingAlthough Liponutra claims to contain Acai berry is it impossible (unlikely) to say wether its contains legitimate real fruit product.

Acai Plus from Canterbury based Evolution Slimmings a far superior product that is arguably the UK’s most popular and best selling acai berry capsule.

Acai Plus is the only acai based product that has been reviewed favourably by industry experts.

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