Liporexall Review, Is It Worth Buying, Side Effects

Liporexall is the diet pill equivalent of Coventry. Most people have heard of it but no-one is really that interested.

Some other diet pill review sites do state that it is a vey ‘overhyped’ product but I think the opposite – it is devoid of any hype, anything what-so-ever.

Possibly the most exciting thing to happen to it during its existence is a change of packaging and bottle.

Read our review and decide for yourself if you should purchase.

Claims:  To help you lose your appetite and boost your metabolism

Positives: Not much in the way of positives

Negatives:  There is not one ingredient that provides any kind of evidence of appetite suppression

How does Liporexall Work

Essentially Liporexall is said to work by boosting energy, while curbing appetite, and increasing the metabolism. It is recommended that Liporexall be used in conjunction with a healthy diet, and exercise.

What are the Ingredients

Liporexall claims to use revolutionary patented and patent pending products; however, many of the products found in this supplement are already on the market in an array of other weight loss pills and suplements. There are eleven listed ingredients in Liporexall.

  • 7-Keto® DHEA – An all natural steroid essentially increases mental stamina while increasing physical strength. Some tests indicate that 7-Keto® DHEA is a less risky option compared to the risks associated with other steroids.
  • Advantra Z – Using bitter orange extract, Advantra Z increases the body’s metabolic rate, thus lowering the body mass index, and overall levels of obesity.
  • Bioperine – By targeting the healthy benefits of black pepper, Bioperine helps the body to absorb nutrients, and reduce fat by increasing its metabolic rate.
  • ChromeMate – Used to curb appetite, ChromeMate works by regulating blood sugar, increasing the production of insulin, and improves the level of glucose uptake.
  • ForsLean – Created from the extract of the Coleus forskohii roots, ForsLean optimizes the composition of the body and increases lean body mass. By converting energy from fat cells, clinical studies have shown that test subjects lost 800% more fat the test subjects that were taking a placebo.
  • Infinergy DiCaffeine Malate – Increasing caffeine to its maximum potential Infinergy encourages thermogenesis, increases focus and energy levels.
  • NeOptunia – By using extract from the Nopal Cactus Plant, NeOptunia reduces the amount of fate excretion and fatty acid biovailability. Clinical tests have shown that there is a 27% increase in the excretion of fat when using NeOptunia.
  • Phase 2 – White bean extract creates the non-stimulant and all natural ingredient Phase 2. This ingredient is used to delay the absorption and slow down the digestion of calories ingested from carbohydrates.
  • Pinno Thin – By increasing the hormones glucagon-like peptide1 and cholecstokinin, Pinno Thin makes the brain think the body is fuller, causing hunger suppression.
  • Super Citrimax – Another appetite reducing ingredient, Super Citrimax targets fat production using hydroxycitic acid (HCA). This ingredient is also shown to reduce body max index, increase serum serotonin (helping with appetite control, sleep, and mood), and improve the bodies lipid levels.
  • Tonalin – A form of conjugate linoleic acid (CLA), Tonalin decreases body fat while increasing lean muscle mass.
The most interesting and noteworthy ingredient is Bioperine – all this does is basically help the other ingredients absorb and start to work that much quicker. So in this formula – the Bipoerine is helping some pretty unremarkable ingredients absorb and do very little, that much quicker.

Press and Media Coverage

It should be noted that there is no company information available on the Liporexall website. While the company claims that this is an all natural product that provides results, the FDA has not approved this drug.

There is little to nothing that can be found in media coverage, or press releases that is not endorsed by Liporexall manufacturers.

Above is an advert that offers a free course of the 3 Day Slimming Pill – Not so much an exercise at gaming the press but a media tactic nonetheless. This is similar tactic to Lipocal, I wonder if the two products are related in anyway. See the LipoCal review

Liporexall Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

There are numerous customer reviews on the official website pertaining to Liporexall. While many say that they did experience weight loss its hard to take too serious s they are on the official website and they would hardly display negative experiences.

Liporexall Side Effects

While the key ingredients in Liporexall have gone through clinical trials, Liporexall itself has not gone through extensive testing. Known side effects for the drug include: Restlessnes, Headache, Jitterines, Nervousness, Irritability and Mood Swings, Insomnia, Palpitations, Elevated Heartbeat, Increased Blood Pressure.

Liporexall should not be taken if you have sensitivity to caffeine, a heart condition, or any family history of heart conditions. There were many reviews sighting chest pain as a reaction to taking Liporexall. There is also a great risk of allergic reaction to the pill if you have allergies to any of the listed ingredients.

Does Liporexall Work

The ultimate conclusion is to turn the page and move on, everything about this product is shoddy by to comparison to its peers.

The only contact information found for the manufacturer is simply an email address, no mailing address or telephone number are available on the company website. There is also no information pertaining to the manufacturing of Liporexall, where it is made, quality control, etc…

In conclusion, there are many healthier options which contain the key ingredients of Liporexall already available on the market, with more manufacturer information, and less harmful side effects.

Liporexall Stockists In The UK

There is not a high street outlet that stocks Liporexall, not even Coventry.