Meratol – Does It Work, Success Stories, Results and Stockists

Meratol diet pillMeratol is a commercial diet pill, produced in the UK by Advanced Health, and made from only natural ingredients.  According to the manufactures, Meratol’s unique herbal blend can successfully reduce body fat, block carbs, and offer many other benefits.

These are pretty impressive claims and on the face of it Meratol would seem to be incredible weight loss solution that should be suitable for use by most people,  but let’s take a closer look at Meratol and see if the claims stand up to close scrutiny.

Official website for MeratolClaims:  To be able to enhance every aspect of your weight loss

Positives: From a reputable manufacturer and a fair few endorsements.

Negatives:  Not enough emphasis put on its carb blocking effect – this is minor though.

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Recommended diet pill

What Is Meratol and How Does It Work

Meratol is a herbal compound that has been formulated to help people to lose weight without the need for resorting to restrictive dieting practices.  Results are achieved by helping the user to reduce their calorie consumption while also enabling them to burn calories in a more efficient manner.

  • The restraining of hunger pangs
  • A Reduced calorie consumption of as much as 82%
  • Increased metabolism
  • More effective burning of calories
  • Boosted energy levels
  • Increased alertness
Meratol™ is a food supplement that contains capsicum (chilli), Prickly pear, brown algae and caffeine. It has been developed to compliment a normal balanced diet.

Key Ingredients

Meratol has four key ingredients, all of which can be found in other weight loss supplements, the pill’s real power lies in the combination and this is unique to the product.

MNatural ingredients in Meratol

  • Brown Seaweed Extract has been the subject of many years of research.  It contains powerful phytochemicals and natural nutrients that aid thyroid function and can raise a flagging metabolism
  • Cactus Extract is a proven appetite suppressant that been used for centuries. It lowers cholesterol and helps maintain the body’s insulin levels, providing an even balance that suppresses the appetite.
  • Capsicum Extract provides a boost to the metabolism and helps the body to burn calories up to 12 times faster than normal, while also inhibiting the growth of fat cells.
  • Prickly Pear is a popular ingredient in many dieting pills. It contains a soluble fiber that causes fat molecules to become too large for normal digestion.

As well as the four main ingredients, like many other diet pills, Meratol also contains a small amount of caffeine. This is known to increase mental alertness and can provide a much needed boost that should help the user get the best from any exercise routine they may be following.

Media Focus and Success Stories

As is often the case with any new diet product, Meratol has received a significant amount of media attention and it gained an extra boost in popularity when TOWIE’s Lauren Goodger, stated in a magazine interview that she lost a stone in just a month and then attributed her dieting success to Meratol.

Lauren is not the only one who reports positive results. Many other people, from all walks of life, have similar tales to share. One woman, who had been battling a weight problem all her life, tried Meratol and claims to have lost an amazing two stone in less than two months. The product attained a further endorsement when This Morning’s Dr. Chris Steele mentioned the pills in an article in Woman magazine.

Meratol Side Effects

There are no known side effects attributed to the use of Meratol. It is, however, not recommended for use by pregnant or nursing mothers, or those who are taking a prescribed medication. Anyone who has doubts about their health should, of course, seek medical advice before commencing any new diet or beginning a course of pills or supplements.

The Bottom Line – Is It Recommended

Although Advanced Health adopt a marketing strategy that draws attention to the fact that the ingredients in their product have been thoroughly tested by scientists and are proven to be effective, potential customers must not allow themselves to be misled into believing that Meratol—as a product—has been independently tested. It has not. It does seem likely, however, that such an effective combination of ingredients will produce some dramatic results.

Although scientific testing, in a controlled environment, can provide statistics that show the probable effectiveness of weight loss supplements, science is perhaps not the most important indicator of performance.

In the end the marketplace is the real testing ground of any product, and with so many satisfied customers writing positive reviews and extoling the virtues of Meratol it would appear it has passed the most important test of all and proved its worth to the very people it was designed to help.

Recommended diet pill

Where To Buy Meratol, Stockists and Suppliers

Meratol diet pillAvailable to buy from the official website only, the target market is the UK, The USA, Canada and Australia with several other European countries (Germany, France and Italy)

A one month supply costs around £34.00 with discounts for multiple months – the special offer at time writing is a buy 3 and get 3 free.

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