Obegrass Sobres Review With Customer Comments

Obregrass Sobres Review UKObegrass Sobres is a fat blocking supplement brought to market by Actafarma Laboratorios.

It’s so named because it comes in the form of a powder that is packed into individual sachets that contain the correct dosage.

Powder-type supplements, that are mixed with water and consumed as a drink, are less common these days but they can be a very good choice for people who find it hard to swallow pills.

Fat blockers contain ingredients that the body cannot digest. Fat blocking ingredients also have the ability to absorb and bond with dietary fats and any fat that is not absorbed cannot release any calories into the body.

A gram of fat contains nine calories, so Obegrass should have a lot of potential as a weight loss aid and, like many other supplements of this nature, the main fat blocking action is provided by chitosan.

Claims: To help burn absorb fat and help the weight loss process

Positives: Good ingredient profile and made by a highly respectable company.

Negatives: We think there are better products on the market that are more effective. PhenQ for example can block fat but also burn fat and suppress appetite

Obegrass Sobres Advertised Benefits

  • Blocks the absorption of fat
  • Regulates intestinal transit
  • Helps weight loss
Usage Guidelines – The powder inside the sachets is intended to be mixed with water. One sachet should be prepared and consumed just before lunch is eaten. A second sachet is needed before eating the evening meal.

Key Ingredients and Blend Potential

Each sachet contains:

  • Chitosan / Chitosano (350mg): An ingredient that can be taken from a species of fungus or from the shells of marine-living crustaceans, such as lobsters. The second type is the most popular. It is also the type used here, so Obegrass will not be a good option for anyone who is vegetarian or allergic to seafood.
  • Vitamn C / Vitamina C (22mg): Resarch conducted on guinea pigs suggests Vitamin C can boost the fat blocking ability of chitisano. There is no proof it will work for humans in a similar way, but Vitamin C is not without value because it’s an antioxidant that can fight free radical toxins and supports good health in many other ways
  • Fructooligosaccharides / Fructooligosacáridos (6mg): A form of fiber found in many vegetables, including asparagus, leeks, and onions. Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) is often used in products that are used as an alternative to sugar and in some low-calorie soft drinks. FOS is also a key ingredient in many prebiotic products that are intended to improve gut health.
  • Vitis Viniferra (8mg): A grape derivative that offers many health benefits. It’s believed to be good for preventing diarrhea, so it’s possible it has been added here to help ensure the presence of all that blocked fat in the intestines does not cause users to start spending extra time in the toilet.

Obegrass Sobres Customer Comments

A few typical customer testimonials read:

“Works good. I’ve already lost 9 pounds and have only been using the sachets for 10 days. No side effects at all. Pretty impressive product.” 

“Obegrass is just another con and I can’t say I like the taste either. I used this junk for a month and all it did was make me do some extra pooping.”

“I’ve been losing 6 pounds a week thanks to Obegrass Sobres. It can get a bit messy at the back end if you keep eating a lot of fatty food, so you need to limit it and try to eat healthy.”

“Good for keeping you regular, but bad at helping you to lose weight. I never lost a single kg.”

Obegrass Sobres Side Effects

The fact that the formulation causes fat to pass through the body in an undigested state is likely to cause the stool to become soft and greasy.

The fact that it contains Chitosan makes the product unsuitable for vegetarians. Fat blockers may also cause the body to become deficient in certain important (fat-soluble) vitamins, so a vitamin supplement may be required to help keep vitamin levels on track.

Obegrass and other dietary supplements should be avoided by pregnant and nursing mothers. The only exception being if their doctor has approved the use of a specific supplement. The same rule applies to people who have existing health problems and to anyone using medication.

Obegrass Sobres Stockists

Where to Buy Obegrass Sobres

Obegrass Sobres is available from Farmacia Oliveras, Farmacias Direct, and many other online stores. The pack size options are 30 sachets and 60 sacchets per box. A 40 sachet box (33% extra free) is also sometimes available. Expect to pay upwards of 22 € per 30 sachets and bear in mind it’s only a 15-day supply.


There is no money back guarantee.

The Verdict

Dieters using Obegrass Sobres should find their progress improves and may even notice they feel a little healthier, thanks to the presence of the other ingredients Actafarma have included to support the fat blocking ability of chitisano.

But blocking fat absorption is only one of many ways to speed up weight loss.

Experts say products that provide multiple benefits, such as appetite suppression, faster metabolism, and improved lipogenesis offer dieters the best chance of success. So, although Obegrass may be good, there are better options available.

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