SafSlim Review – The Safflower Oil Diet Pill

SafSlim UKSafSlim is the latest product on the weight loss supplement market promising startling results.

Like its competitors, it bases its optimism on a special proprietary formula that uses fat-burning ingredients help you reach your weight reduction goals in just a short amount of time.

But does SafSlim have what it takes to become an essential part of your fitness lifestyle, or will it take its fifteen minutes of fame and walk off into the sunset?

SafSlim WebsiteClaims:  To help you get rid of un healthy potentially life threatening body fat with a revolutionary new formula

Positives: All natural formula

Negatives: Is more renowned for its taste than its weight loss results


How does SafSlim Work

Safflower oil diet pillsMany products boast a special ingredient or combination of ingredients which holds the key to their fat-burning potential, and SafSlim is no different.

The key ingredient in this product is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, or CLA, which you may have seen in other diet pills from time to time.

Scientific studies show that this compound helps athletes convert fat into lean muscle when used with a complementary training program, but this isn’t necessarily going to be indicative of the experience of regular dieters using this product.

What are the Ingredients

SafflowerCLA does all the heavy lifting in SafSlim, appearing in the form of SAFActive 78 High-Linoleic safflower oil.

The manufacturer points to clinical studies showing the effect of safflower oil on obese post-menopausal women in reducing belly fat without a change in diet or activity levels, but like the “evidence” presented on CLA success stories among athletes, isn’t directly relevant for the average dieter.

Other ingredients in this supplement include stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, sorbic acid, guar gum, ascorbyl palmitate, citric acid, vegetable juice, xylitol, glycerine, water, xantham gum, and gum arabic.

The mainly natural mix of ingredients greatly reduces risk of side-effects, and does not contain common allergens like items containing lactose, wheat, soy, sugar, or artificial coloring or flavors.

SafSlim in the Press

In January 2012, SafSlim gained a huge audience when it was featured on an episode of the popular daytime talk show ‘Dr. Oz’, backed by a guest appearance from none other than Montel Williams, who was there to promote its belly fat-busting potential. Needless to say, this got a lot of consumers curious about what the safflower oil-based supplement could do for them.

SafSlim made other headlines back in 2011, winning the International Superior Taste Award. This supplement is definitely well-known for its flavor, so the recognition was a no-brainer in the minds of its fans.

But ultimately, a product must perform in order to stay afloat in this cutthroat market, and it may be telling that the vast majority of press attention the product has received is about its taste, rather than its fat-reducing potential.

SafSlim Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

Everywhere you look, SafSlim has mixed reviews from its customers. For every positive review you find about it, you come across another one or two which didn’t report any gains over the time it was used.

In fact, many users reported not only not seeing fat reduction, but instead seeing an increase in weight, certainly an undesirable result if it is to be attributed to use of the supplement.

It must also be noted that customer experience will vary in relation to the other elements of their weight loss regimes, like proper dieting and healthy activity. Users reporting weight loss may well be able to attribute their progress to other aspects of their lifestyle, like starting a jogging routine, and in the same way, users who experience weight gain rather than loss may have continued engaging in unhealthy eating habits, believing the supplement to be a “magical” remedy to weight loss which, to its credit, it doesn’t actually claim to be.

SafSlim Side Effects

Some users reported various mild side-effects when using SafSlim, including indigestion and/or heartburn. If you use this product and experience discomfort or a serious reaction, stop using it and consult your physician. And while SafSlim is mainly composed of natural ingredients, make sure you confirm that you don’t have allergies to anything in it.

It is also important to remind potential users of this product that, at least in testing with athletes, SafSlim doesn’t necessarily result in overall weight loss. Rather, it replaces fat with lean muscle, meaning overall weight may not change even though unhealthy fat is being reduced.

This may be more applicable to those with high levels of activity like amateur and professional athletes, so results may vary for the average dieter.

Does SafSlim Work

It’s hard to tell if SafSlim can provide benefits for a certain subset of dieters, or if it works at all. Because it’s difficult to separate out the effects of other lifestyle attributes like exercise and diet, it’s unclear how much of an impact SafSlim had on users who experienced fat loss. And the fact that the only evidence of the effectiveness of CLA comes from studies performed on individuals in circumstances that don’t adequately represent the average user of this product is not encouraging.

The bottom line with SafSlim as well as similar safflower oil-based products is that you can get the right amount of safflower oil just from a little over a half ounce of sunflower seeds. They make a great, inexpensive snack and contribute to your overall health while you work to achieve other dietary and fitness goals.

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Where To Buy SafSlim In The UK

UK based customer can purchase from the official site. US, Canadian and Australia customers can buy in store through branches of GNC.

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