Proactol XS Review – Clinically Proven Fat Binder

Proactol XS fat binder reviewProactol XS is a medical fat binder, produced in Europe by Bauer Nutrition, and designed to treat and prevent obesity and reduce the likelihood of further weight-related health problems developing.

Weight gains can often be attributed to the consumption of high-fat foods such cheese, sausages, and any number of fat-laden fast foods and snacks. Fats contain unusually high amounts of energy and quickly supply the body with more calories than it requires. Any excess energy is then stored as body fat.

Tests show the unique non-allergenic ingredient in the Proactol XS medical device has the ability to trap at least 800 times its own weight in fat, without risk of side effects.

Official Proactol XS websiteClaims: To be 33% more effective than competing fat binders. Can help you lose 12lbs in 30 days

Positives: Some quality clinically proven ingredients. Exception history of success.

Negatives: Not burdened with too many negatives it has to be said.

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How Does Proactol XS Work – Primary Functions

  • Reduce excess weight
  • Use as a weight management tool
  • Lower fat intake (from food)
  • Lowers cholesterol intake (from food)
Mischa Barton is the latest high profile celebrity to lose weight with Proactol. Mischa has appeared in several tabloids (Daily Mail, Daily express and the Mirror proclaiming her weight loss success was a result of using Proactol XS

Fat Binders Explained

Fat binding compounds all share two things in common.

  • They body cannot digest them so they pass through the gastro-intestinal tract without imparting any nutrients and are finally ejected as stool.
  • They have the ability to absorb large amounts of ingested fat.

Fat binders are typically consumed with a quantity of water up to half an hour before eating. They then dissolve and form a mass that coats the stomach. The nutrients contained in the coming meal are absorbed in the normal way, unhindered by the fat binder, but most of the fat is attracted to the fat binder, is absorbed by it, and becomes as hard to digest as its host.

The unique abilities fat binders possess can assist weight loss in several ways. The primary benefit offered should take no explaining:

  • Fat binders severely reduce the amount of fat calories absorbed from food and ensure further weight gains are unlikely.

The also offer two main secondary benefits:

  • They bulk-up within the stomach to make it feel full and reduce hunger cravings
  • If the daily calorie intake becomes less than the body needs it is forced to burn existing body fat to obtain the energy required to perform its normal functions.

Medical Device v Supplement

clinically proven supplementProactol XS capsules are medical devices. They are not supplements. Traditional weight loss supplement contain formulations that change the body in some way. They may trigger the release of hormones that in turn encourage appetite suppression or increased fat burning abilities, or they might interfere with or enhance the normal function of organs such as the liver. Medical devices stimulate no such changes in the body. They are inert.

Nobody would mistake a hypodermic needle for a supplement. It enters the body and either delivers its contents or removes a quantity of body fluid. It is obviously a medical device. Although its contents will likely as not have an effect on the body, the needle itself leaves the body as it finds it.

Although it’s capsule form is associated with medicines and supplements, like the needle, Proactol XS leaves the body as it finds it, and just as the needle may be used to extract blood, the fat binding ingredient in the Proactol XS medical device extracts fat from consumed food and remove it from the body (via the anal passage).

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Key Ingredient

Each (500mg) Proactol XS capsule contains 500mg of chitosan (biopolymer N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine)

Chitosan is a natural compound that can be found in many aquatic organisms (the shells of shrimps and crabs/the bone plates of cuttlefish) and some insects (cockroaches, silkworms, honey bees). It can also be obtained from certain species of mushroom and fungi.

Commercially produced chitosan is usually sourced from the bio-wastes of aquatic organisms (especially shrimp), but the presence of shrimp antigen can be a cause for concern, and seasonal environmental changes may result in varying standards of quality; so it is fair to say there are arguments against obtaining chitosan from these sources.

Chitosan (biopolymer N-acetyl-D-glucosamine and D-glucosamine) is produced (in a controlled environment) from the fungus Aspergillus niger. It is a high quality form of the ingredient that is known to possess unusually powerful fat binding abilities, but does not present the same risk of allergic reactions that are attributed to other forms. It must be noted, however, that pregnant and nursing mothers should always consult their doctor before using any supplements or medical devices such as Proactol XS

Proactol XS Fat Binder Summary

Proactol XS diet pillProactol XS medical device has the proven ability to assist weight loss. It achieves this by binding ingested fat, thus preventing it from being digested and flooding the body with unneeded calories that would otherwise be stored as body fat.

Although the device’s main function is fat blocking, its use may also provide the secondary benefits of appetite suppression and fat burning.

The device achieves all of this via the use of a specific form of chitosan that is generally accepted to be safer than other chitosan forms and has also been proven to provide superior fat binding results.

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Where To Buy Proactol XS

Proactol XS fat binder reviewOrders can be placed directly from the official website – worldwide shipping is offered. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

There are multiple purchasing offers available from 10 to 90 day courses. A standard diet plan is included with all purchases and more bonuses are added for the larger packages.

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