T6 Fire Storm review with positives, negatives and customer feedback

T6 Fire STorm fat burnerT6 Fire Storm is a diet pill manufactured in the UK by Extreme Labs and several things about the product, including the name, are somewhat deceptive. “T “ supplements usually contain ingredients that can encourage the thyroid gland to excrete increased quantities of metabolism boosting hormones.

This is typically achieved by the use of an iodine-providing ingredient such as kelp. The T6 Fire Storm formulation does not contain any ingredients that are known to support “T” hormone production.

Extreme Labs also state the product is a “Level 4 Fat Burner”, but this term is not in general use and may be nothing more than the creation of the company’s marketing department.

Other possible benefits include:

  • Whirlwind weight loss
  • Enhanced metabolism
  • Scientifically formulated thermogenic effect

Claims: To be able to enhance metabolism and help men and women lose weight quickly

Positives: Great looking brand, good set of ingredients

Negatives: Does not contain any ingredients that are known to support “T” hormone production.

What is T6 Fire Storm and How Does it Work?

The above statements suggest the formulation’s primary aim is to speed up the metabolism and encourage the body to begin burning its stores of fat for extra energy. Many supplements are designed to do this, but good results are always dependent on the choice and quality of ingredients used.

Key Ingredients

Each capsule contains three proprietary blends:

  • ActivRX (175mg)
  • Thermolean Blend (303mg)
  • QuadVit Blend (9000ug)

These blends contain unspecified amounts of the following ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract (30:1): Green tea is a healthy weight loss ingredient that is rich in health boosting antioxidants, some of which have the ability to encourage fat burning. The manufacturer appears to be suggesting this form provides the ingredient in a 30:1 ratio. If so that would make it 30 times more powerful than normal green tea and such potencies are unheard off, although a ratio of 4:1 is quite common.
  • Capsicum 10:1 extract: Once again, the potency (10:1) is questionable, but capsicum has a good reputation as a fat burner and it also shows promise as an appetite suppressant.
  • Caffeine anhydrous: Although caffeine is generally considered to be nothing more than an energy provider and focus enhancer, it has more to offer and scientific study shows caffeine has the ability to enhance weight loss by boosting the metabolism and encouraging the oxidation of body fat.
  • Yerba Mate: A popular beverage in many south American countries, yerba mate is a natural stimulant that is often credited with weight loss-enhancing abilities. Unfortunately most of the studies that could be seen to support such claims were carried out on rodents. The ingredient could have a very different effect on human beings.
  • Taraxacum Officinate Extract: A dandelion extract that can help reduce the body’s water percentage, but lacks the ability to reduce body fat and provide genuine weight loss.
  • Bioperine: A black pepper extract that is added to supplements because its presence aids the absorption of other ingredients.
  • Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B12: B Vitamins are often added to diet supplements because they are known to be useful for supporting a healthy metabolism.

Usage Guidelines – One the first day one capsule is required on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast. This should be taken with water. If tolerance issues do not arise the dosage can be increased to two capsules before breakfast and one more, taken 30 minutes before training. A maximum of three capsules is permissible in any 24 hour period.

T6 Fire Storm Customer Testimonials

Customer reviews do not suggest an effective product.

A few typical statements read:

“If you want a diet pill that will make you put on weight instead of losing it, these should be just the ticket. Otherwise give them a wide berth.”

“All the promised made for this product are lies. It doesn’t do a thing.”

“T6 Fire Storm doesn’t work for appetite suppression or fat burning. It doesn’t give extra energy. It does nothing. Save your money.”

T6 Fire Storm Side Effects & Health Issues

Apart from a brief reference to the good sense of commencing supplementation cautiously, no health advisory is offered, but T6 Fire Storm is unlikely to be suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing a child. It would also be good practice for certain users to consult a doctor before taking any pills:

  • People who have existing health issues
  • People who have health worries or concerns about the product
  • People who are taking medication

Where To Buy T6 Fire Storm

A bottle of T6 Fire Storm contains 60 capsules and costs £26.99 when bought from the Extreme Labs website. Customers who purchase via Amazon can make a slight saving, but with a price tag of £24.97 it is hardly worth the effort.

Recommended Alternative

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