Benefits Of Raspberry Ketone

benefits of raspberry ketone

Raspberry ketone is a naturally occurring phenolic compound that is found in raspberries. It is largely responsible for providing raspberries with their unique smell and is becoming an increasingly popular ingredient in weight loss supplements, due to its reputation for encouraging the body to burn off fat at an increased rate.

Its initial reputation for assisting weight loss stems from a study conducted in 1995, by a group of Japanese researchers, and later published Life Sciences.  Mice were fed a high fat diet, while also being supplemented with doses of raspberry ketone, and the supplementation appeared to prevent the mice from gaining weight.

There are many benefits to taking raspberry ketone but perhaps the most popular usage is for weight loss and fat burning in particular. Raspberry Ketone has been identified as arguably the most effective of the superfruits, it can help to burn existing body fas as well as prevent the production of new fat cells.

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Although the results of the study were promising, and aroused a certain amount of interest at the time, the weight loss inducing capabilities of raspberry ketone were left largely unexplored until it was recommended by the US doctor and TV personality Dr. Oz.

Dr Oz talks about health supplementsDr. Oz was aware of several studies that had been carried out on raspberry ketone, but as well as sharing the positive results of these studies with his viewers, Oz also invited dietician and weight loss expert, Lisa Lynn, to join him on the show.

She brought along before and after pictures of some of her patients, who had lost significant amounts of weight while supplementing their weight loss plans with raspberry ketone. The positive endorsements, made by two such respected experts in the field of weight loss, when coupled with the past test results, triggered a renewed interest in raspberry ketone as a dietary aid.

The Scientific Conclusions

ketone scienceAlthough the majority of scientific testing has been done of animals rather than humans, the results still offer a good indication of the weight loss effects likely to be experienced by people who supplement their diet with raspberry ketone.

The results of the many tests have led scientists to conclude that raspberry ketone can prevent obesity. The way this is achieved requires further study, but the compound appears to alter lipid metabolism, by stimulating white fat cells, and it has been speculated that the effects are very similar in nature to those produced by the substance capsaicin (found in red peppers and a proven fat metabolizer).

Other tests measured the metabolic markers in brown fat tissue—a unique form of fat that generates heat using the thermogenesis process.  The results of these tests indicate raspberry ketone may activate the thermogenesis process, thereby enhancing the metabolism.

Side Effects and Safety Issues

raspberry ketone capsulesThe long term effects of using raspberry ketone as a weight loss supplement are unknown at the present time, but the compound has been used extensively as a food flavoring for many years and was granted safe status (GRAS) in 1965, by the US Food and Drug Administration.

It must be noted, however, that the awarded status was for use in small quantities, as a food additive, and does not necessarily mean that higher doses, taken over a long period of time, are guaranteed to be side effect free. Bearing this is mind; lactating or pregnant mothers should seek medical advice before embarking on any course of supplementation that incorporates raspberry ketone. The same advice is offered to anyone who is presently undergoing any course of medication, or who has any other health issues.

Other Noteworthy Points

Although Dr. Oz recommends raspberry ketone as an effective weight loss aid, he does not endorse the use of any particular product that contains the ingredient. His endorsement is for raspberry ketone only—as an ingredient or main metabolizing agent—and it must be remembered that even the best of ingredients can be rendered useless if used incorrectly.

Things to watch out for when choosing a raspberry ketone supplement:

  • Ingredients that are used in insufficient quantities
  • Inclusion rates that are not specified (so may be insufficient)
  • Products that contain low quality filler ingredients

In Conclusion

Many people claim to have lost weight by supplementing their diet with raspberry ketone and negative reviews are hard to find. Such an overall positive reception in the marketplace suggests raspberry ketone is living up to the expectations of the majority of consumers who have tried it.

Dr. Oz is a respected TV personality whose recommendation of any product tends to be taken seriously because he is—first and foremost—an experienced medical professional, who has attained the necessary credentials to make a true evaluation of dietary supplements such as raspberry ketone. It is also very unlikely that he would risk harming his reputation by publicly endorsing products that are likely to deliver substandard results.

Raspberry ketone appears to be a very effective weight loss supplement that has proved beneficial to the majority of users, so it is a highly recommended product. The only possible problem area lies in choosing with brand or blend to use. Some manufacturers are neither as knowledgeable, nor as ethical as Dr. Oz, so it is important that consumers choose their supplier wisely.