Raspberry Ketone Plus UK, Review, Stockists

RAspberry Ketone Plus UKRaspberry Ketone Plus is just one of dozens upon dozens of supplements that have raspberry ketones as either a sole ingredient or part of a more complex compound.

Raspberry Ketone as a weight loss agent is arguably one of the most beneficial in existence. It is a superfood that has received almost universal acclaim.

It is not the substance itself that needs to be questioned, but the specific brands. We take a closer look at Raspberry Ketone Plus as see how it shapes up and whether its worthy of a recommendation

Evo Slimming websiteClaims:  To act a fat burner that can help remove 2lbs – 3 lbs per week. Detox, cleanse and improve the immune system and increase energy levels

Positives: Contains the correct dosage, 200mg. Arguably the best and most successful brand

Negatives: Not many that we can think of

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Raspberry Ketone Plus Review

It is said to be among the the hottest slimming pills currently in existence. It is popular not just the UK but across the Atlantic in America and Canada. It even travels as far afield as Australia.

It is distributed by Evolution Slimming a company that is British and based in Canterbury, Kent. Evolution Slimming are responsible for some of the most popular, most trusted and indeed most effective slimming supplement in the commercial market.

How Does It Work – What Does It Do

Raspberry Ketone fat burningRaspberry Ketones occur naturally in the standard raspberry. The Ketone is what gives the raspberry its distinct smell and taste. Not only is it a pleasant smelling and tasting natural substance but it is a ferociously potent fat burner as well.

It is suggested that  to gain optimal effect from the Ketone you would have to eat 90lbs of raspberries in one sitting. Or alternatively, just 2 capsules of Raspberry Ketone Plus (each capsule contains 100mg)

Here are some of the positive benefits:

  • Fat Burning – the effect that is most associated is its ability to burn fat. The ketones can transfer fat cells into energy so that your fat reserves actually are a help rather than a hindrance. Fat stored in problem areas such as stomach, thighs, upper arms and legs get converted in energy,
  • Boost Metabolic Rate – Your metabolism increases and this gives you the ability to use up this new found energy and quite literally burn fat.
  • Strengthen Immune System – Your body’s natural defences are shored up and have added protected against disease and free radicals
  • Detox and Cleanse – Your body can acquire quite a build up of waste material that can start to rot an poison from within. The ketones can help rid the waste material and prevent ill health from the effect of a toxic colon
  • Lower Bad Cholesterol Levels – significantly improve your cardiovascular health and lower bad cholesterol levels.

Press Features And Media

Raspberry Ketone Plus is the actual brand that was featured in the original Fox New reports that gave birth to the whole concept.

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dr oz7Dr Oz (American readers will be familiar) has given several interviews being extremely positive, If you are unfamiliar with Dr Oz he has an extremely popular TV show in the USA where he details the latest and greatest from the health industry.

He appears to be targeting the obesity epidemic in recent years and has put forward Raspberry Ketone as the outstanding slimming supplement

Side Effects Or Warnings

Completely and so will not cause any side effects if used as suggested. Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to avoid.

Does It Work – Is It Recommended

We cannot recommend highly enough. It ticks all the boxes. It can either be used as sole slimming supplement or in conjunction with something else.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Stockists In The UK

TRAspberry Ketone Plus UKhe sole supplier in not just the UK (including Ireland) but the world is Evolution Slimming.

A one month supply contains 60 capsules (2 x 100mg per day) and costs £19.95.

There are multi month option that entitle a discount and all orders are covered by a 30 day guarantee.

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