Raspberry Ultra Drops Review UK – Legitimate or Scam

Raspberry Ultra Drop raspberry Ketone LiquidThere is little doubt that the impact raspberry ketone has had on the weight loss and diet industry was a highly significant one. It changed the course of how natural fat burners are perceived and entered them into the mainstream.

It almost appears that every diet supplement that is introduced lately has raspberry ketone either included in the formula or as a sole ingredient.

There are a wide variety of brands that have appeared over the last year or so with differing levels of authenticity and wildly varying levels of acceptable business practices adjoined to them.

One brand that is receiving a large amount of publicity in both the US and the UK is Raspberry Ultra Drops. We are not in the habit of labeling any product a scam unless they actually are doing something that perhaps they shouldn’t (auto-billing, non delivery etc.)

We are going to outline just a few examples of how Raspberry Ultra Drops are marketed and then you can draw your own conclusions. But first we are going to give you and example of a legitimate raspberry ketone brand.

Raspberry Ketone Plus – Most Popular and Legitimate Brand

Raspberry Ketone Plus UKArguably the best known and most popular brand in both the UK and Ireland. Also a huge success in Australia, Italy and Germany and just starting to make in-roads into the big market that is the US.

Raspberry Ketone Plus is produced, sold and distributed by Evolution Slimming, a company based in Canterbury, Kent. The products costs £19.99 for one month supply with a few pounds for delivery depending on where you live.

If for some reason you are not happy with your purchase you can phone or email them and you will get a reply.

The product itself was one of the first brands that lit the raspberry ketone touch-paper. It is mentioned by name on the original (and real) Fox News report that brought this natural fat burner to everyones attention,

The product is supplement based, it contains the correct and recommended dosage per serving and does not make any wild or spurious claims.

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Raspberry Ulta Drops Review – Worth Buying or Just A Scam

fake raspberry ketone productsRaspberry Ultra drops also appear to have used Fox Media to their advantage – but not, as it would appear, in a totally legitimate way.

They appear to have manufactured fake news sites and advertising the brand (Raspberry Ultra Drops) as being endorsed or being the actual brand that is heavily in demand.

The connection or association with Fox and Ultra Drops is entirely fictitious.

There is also a much darker side to the tactics that are being used. The official website offers free trials to consumers – all customers need to do is sign and give their credit card details to take a small delivery charge and they will get a free sample. What customers are unaware of is that they will be signing up to an auto-billing or auto0shipping program (google it) that basically takes an amount of money from card/bank per month until the customer cancels. Cancelling is problematic to say the least.

Raspberry Ultra Drops Dosage, Whats In it

Most legitimate brands will state ingredients and quantities. It is recommended that 200mg of Raspberry Ketone is to be taken daily for optimum effect. Ultra Drops do not disclose what it is in the formula, this should speak volumes.

Claims Against The Company

There are dozens upon dozens of claims and cases made against the company behind Raspberry Ultra Drops (for legal reasons we cannot name). There are also many independent website that are running similar stories to ours.

If you have been affected by a scam product we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments in the box below.