Weight Loss Success Pack from Complete Nutrition

Refirm weight loss success packThe ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Pack consists of several supplements that are intended to work together and assist the user to lose weight. With so many supplements included in the pack it is certainly one of the most expensive options available to dieters, and remembering when to take what, and in what quantity, may make the system too complicated for many consumers.

ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Packs and the supplements included therein are produced in the US by Complete Nutrition and the packs can only be purchased from the company’s stores. That’s a big problem because customers who do not live in the US, or who live in the US and don’t have a store in their district, will be unsuccessful in attaining a Success Pack. The company does have an impressive website, but do not offer online sales facilities. They also fail to offer an adequate amount of information about their product. Many competing manufacturers supply more information about a single product that Complete Nutrition supply about their pack of products; so that’s another big black mark against them right there.

Complete Nutrion websiteClaims:  To offer something for everyone. Provide a fast acting fat burning solution throughout the day

Positives: From a well respected company.

Negatives: Could be perceived as overcomplicated and very expensive.

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Advertised Benefits 

  • Shrink Fat Cells
  • Reduce Body Mass Index
  • Improve Body Composition
  • Boost Metabolism
  • Delivers Vitamins & Minerals
  • Enhances Energy, Mood & Focus
  • Improve Sleep Quality

Pack Contents, Usage and Possible Benefits

ReFirm Am Effective

Included to provide a little early morning fat burning.

One capsule should be taken each morning with breakfast and an 8oz glass of water.
Refirm ingredientsGreen coffee bean extract and cayenne both possess powerful fat burning abilities. Many of the other ingredients are also known to contribute to fat burning. Some of them may also provide appetite suppression, but the manufacturer’s use of a proprietary blend means individual inclusion rates are not available. If the rates are too low the blend will fail to work. On the other hand, if the inclusion rate of Green coffee beans extract, guarana, and/or yerba mate is too high, users may experience unpleasant side effects because both substances contain caffeine.

ReFirm Am Enhanced

Included as an alternative to Am Effective (above) and intended for dieters who require an extra dose of stimulants with their cornflakes. The only real difference between the two blends is the addition of Yohimbe Bark to the “Enhanced” blend. The ingredient is often credited with fat burning qualities, but such claims are far from proven. Its addition is also a a little worrying because Yohimbe has been linked to unpleasant side effects.

Many dieters may also wonder why they should be expected to purchase both sets of capsules when only one is required. The price could have been reduced by offering consumers a choice of packs instead one pack that contains products consumers will not use.

Vitamins & Energy Packets

The value of vitamins and minerals cannot be disputed, but the ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Pack contains a choice of three different blends, and individual users are free to choose which blend best suits their needs; so once again it is a case of the customer paying their money before being given the opportunity to make their choice.

One packet should be taken each afternoon with 8oz of water.

The Metabolism Boosting Multivitamin packet (left) contains two tablets and may be a better choice for users who enjoy an energetic lifestyle or are pursuing sports and fitness goals, but a boosted metabolism doesn’t just provide extra energy, it can also result in more efficient fat burning.

Weight Loss Success pack from Complete Nutrtion

The Blue Pack (for energy, mood, and focus)

The blue packet contains a single capsule. If the capsule really does deliver the promised extra focus it may prove to be more useful for gym-goers who require a little extra help to maximize their training sessions. The use of another proprietary blend means no inclusion rates are available, but any blend that contains so many stimulants will probably do the trick when it comes to extra focus and drive. On a less positive note, many of the ingredients used here are known to produce side effects; and the jitters and nausea resulting too much caffeine may seem mild when compared to the possible liver-damaging consequences if the blend contains too much Phenylethylamine. DMAE can also be problematic. Its use can lead to headaches, high blood pressure, and depression.

The Red Pack (for ‘healthy weight support’)

The red packet houses a tablet that contains a blend of ingredients included for their supposed ability to assist weight loss.

Green coffee bean extract is included, as is green tea, and both ingredients have strong fat burning potential. Raspberry ketone is likewise an effective inclusion. All the other forms of tea are less obvious choices for a weight loss blend, but speculation about tablet potential is useless because the use of yet another proprietary blend has given Complete Nutrition the excuse to omit the all-important inclusion rates.

Metabolism Booster & Sleep Aid

After they have been blitzing their systems with stimulants all day long some users may find sleep is a little hard to achieve so this may be a very worthwhile addition to the ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Pack. Just to add a little variety to the day this one comes in the form of drops. To be fair most of the vitamins listed are believed (though not necessarily proven) to encourage a healthy metabolism and valerian root’s calming effects are well known so its addition here may help ease a racing mind.

Velvet bean extract is a West Indian herb that has the dubious ability to produce a high if smoked, but it contains elements that may aid restful sleep.

Our Verdict

The ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Pack often costs upwards of $200 and the (sizeable) investment is unlikely to return the kind of results required to make the expenditure worthwhile. Some of the ingredients have potential, but the same ingredients can be found in many cheaper blends that are easier to obtain and offer proven results.

With so many stimulants included in the various blends side effects may also be an issue, so potential customers are advised to seek medical advice before deciding to use any of the supplements contained in the pack.

The ReFirm Now Weight Loss Success Pack should prove to be very effective at burning a hole in the wallet, but dieters who require effective fat burning are advised to look elsewhere.

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