Semtex By Jodie Marsh, Positives, Negatives, Side Effects And Where To Buy

Semtex slimming tabletsSemtex is the fat burner released by JSTJodie the company fronted by Jodie Marsh, former glamour model and now fitness fanatic and entrepreneur.

Jodie has been subjected to much criticism during her public life particularly from glamour rival Katie Price. But fair dues to Jodie she has completely reinvented herself and put some substance into her public perception by going through what is a pretty remarkable physical transformation.

The most recent criticism is for her latest diet pill, Semtex. In hindsight it was not the most politically correct brand name – but Jodie has never one to conform so perhaps with the pretext of ‘no such thing as bad publicity‘ it has all worked out rather well.

Semtex diet pill official websiteClaims:  To burn fat and support your exercise and workout routines

Positives: There are a few ingredients included such as cayenne extract that are proven fat burners. JST Jodie is a reputable brand and there is no disputing Jodie Marsh’s drive and ambition.

Negatives:  The whole “semtex’ association has come under criticism. People seem to be easily offended nowadays

What Are Semtex Diet Pills

Semtex was released in 2012 and arguably the flagship product is the JSTJodie range. It is a fat burner that is prices around £30 for a month supply and suitable for those engaged in physical exercise from a moderate level upwards. There is no reason why this cannot be used a regular diet pill by those with more sedate lifestyles though

Semtex also has some explosive sounding sister products its the range such as Rage212, a pre-workout supplement and Rip Up 4-in-1 lean protein.

How Do They Work

Its main mechanic of action is not so different from a majority of competitive fat burners currently in existence. It increases the metabolism of your body which in turn causes a thermogenic effect by heating the core temperature of your body.

The end result of this is that calories are burned more efficiently. There is little doubt that this mechanic of action is effective (which is the main driver for this process being replicated). It is just a question of how well the process works – which is dependent on the quality of ingredients included in the formula.

Ingredients, What’s In It

The key ingredients are:

Brazilian Cocoa Extract, Caffeine, Capsicum, Guarana, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Vitamin B3, L-Carnitine

Relatives of IRA victims are “disgusted” that Marsh, 34, has linked her diet pills to the killer substance — and are demanding that she stops selling them

In The Press, Media Reports

The media has not been kind it has to be said. Most are critical of the use of the brand name which has obvious connotations with a material used for maiming and killing.

The Sun newspaper (among others) where quick to feature the brand (Semtex) and highlight that families of bomb victims have been ‘let down badly’ by the choice of brand name and that Jodie should withdraw them from sale.

Katie Price was unsurprisingly also critical.

Semtex Customer Feedback

There is not an awful of customer feedback it has to be said. There are several forums that have questions asking “has anyone tried Semtex, what are the positives and negatives” but not may answers. This may be due to the fact that product is in its infancy at time of writing

Semtex Side Effects

Despite the fact that the brand name conjures images of something that is highly ‘explosive’ and may be just a little bit naughty there are mainly natural ingredients that should cause to much alarm.

There is a high caffeine content and so best not to be taken within four hours of going to sleep. There are many supplements that do contain high levels of caffeine though and in fairness to the manufacturer they do highlight this.

Pregnant and expecting mothers should not use unless advised otherwise by their GP.

Is It Recommended

Hard to recommend simply because there are better, more effective fat burners (in our opinion) in circulation for casual diters.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy Semtex, Stockists

Can be purchased directly from the JSTJodie website. It is about £30 for one bottle that should last a month. There do not appear to be too many other stockists and retailers (Boots, Holland and Barrett, Superdrug, Tesco etc) that supply.

Ther are however plenty of opportunities to buy Semtex from Ebay (and possibly Amazon)

Recommended Alternative

Capsiplex fat burner UKCapsicum is powerful thermogenic fat burner and is arguably the most effective in circulation.

One product that are considered to be to the originators of the philosophy is Capsiplex

Capsiplex is a fat burner that is adjudged to help its users burn up to 280 calories per serving

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