Silver Slimming Pills, Do They Work, Customer Feedback And Where To Buy

Silver Slimming pills reviewSilver Slimming have been in existence for several years and considered to be the veteren of the slimming pill world.

They produce a small range of products with the flagship being the Sliver Slimming Pill (or tablet). The official website suggests that it is the UK’s most popular slimming pill and they can provide the answer to all weight related problems and issues.

The product and website hasn’t exactly moved with the times, it has to be said.

We are going t take a closer and find out what is in it, what does it do and the potential side effects

Silver Slimming Pill UK websiteClaims:  To be the UK’s most popular slimming pill and the answer to all weight related problems

Positives: Its been around since the dawn of time and sold in Harrods and Selfridges

Negatives:  Been surpassed by several products on the efficacy scale

Diet pills not to buy

 What Are Silver Slimming Pills, How Do They Work

A product that has remained almost unchanged for its entire history, it is a commercial slimming tablet that is available to buy form a multitude of outlets and stockists both online and via the high street (even harrods).

According to the official website Silver Slimming Pills work by … well read the official explanation below taken from the company website, typo’s an all

how do silver slimming tablets work

Natural ingredients aside the product works on two fronts. Firstly by raising the metabolic rate of the body in an attempt to help to burn calories more efficiently and secondly by suppressing appetite

This dual or combination process to appears to be the mechanic of action of choice for many commercial (over the the counter) products today – and why not it certainly works… to vary degrees according to which product you buy.

it has to be said that both the metabolism raising and appetite suppressing effects are gentle ones to day the least.

The manufacturers suggest that your reduce you tea and coffee intake and drink several large glasses of water daily whilst on the supplement

Ingredients – What Is In It

The ingredients are not listed on the official website – which is a worry. Come to think of it there are several things on the official that are a bit of a worry. It does not appear to have written with any great care and consideration.

The full list of ingredients taken from the product packaging are

Potassium, Hydroxy Citrate, Magnesium Carbonate, Zinc, Chelate Di Alpha, Amino Acid, Tocophcryl Acetate, Guarana Extract, Chromium, Amino Acid, Chelare, Ginseng Root Powder, Bioprene, Goru Cola, Damiana Leaves, Powder Spirulina, Soy Lecithin, Cayenne Extract, Caffeine.

With the exception of cayenne extract a pretty unremarkable formula.

Media Exposure And Press Reports

There is a real lack of interest from the media. The manufacturers themselves do seem interested in raising awareness from media outlets offline of social websites online

Silver Slimming Customer Testimonials And Success Stories

On the official website there is the usual smattering of happy customers. From the less bias and independent sources the success stories are conspicuous by their absence.

Silver Slimming Pills Side Effects

Very unlikely to cause a side effect. A very mild, natural formula.

As a precaution it is advised that anyone on medication should not use unless told otherwise by their GP or doctor. Similarly, pregnant and mothers-to-be should avoid.

Do Silver Slimming Pills Work – Are They Recommended

Can be easily and swiftly overlooked.

Diet pills not to buy

Silver Slimming Stockists – Where To Buy UK

Can be ordered from the official website as well as many online third party stockists. If you prefer to buy in-store then Superdrug, Selfridges and Harrods are advertised as authorised suppliers.

Recommended Alternative

PhenQWe mentioned cayenne extract as being the only worthwhile ingredient in the formula. There is one product that is arguably the UK’s most popular slimming pill (right now, not several years ago) that contains a high dose of cayenne – PhenQ

PhenQ is the product that has been associated with numerous weight loss success stories from both ordinary life and celebrity circles.

We recommend PhenQ without hesitation.

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