Kilo Off Review – the diet drink said to help you achieve a flat stomach

Kilo Off slimming pill reviewKilo Off is a weight loss supplement distributed by the French company Laboratoires Vitarmony. It is different from other products that we usually review as in it’s not a tablet or capsule, but rather a powder that users mix with water before drinking.

Users are to drink one glass in the morning or during their “kilo moment”. Apparently the included 40 page manual will help consumers determine what is described at their “kilo profile” and allow them to adopt a tailored slimming approach.

This tailored approach will include what time of day is best for each individual to drink Kilo Off – the aforementioned “kilo moment”.

official website for Kilo OffClaims:  Burn fat, drain water and toxins, maintain a flat stomach and suppress appetite

Positives: Includes a personalised diet guide

Negatives: not much clinical proof, doesn’t appeal to a UK based customer

Diet pills not to buy

The product claims to assist in weight loss by burning fat, draining water and toxins, maintaining a flat stomach and reducing hunger pains.  Users are advised to take the product for 20 days, then stop taking it for 15 days before starting another 20 day cycle, if desired.

On the UK website it is sold for around £24.00 for a 20 day supply. In an oversaturated weight-loss product market, wary consumers cannot help but wonder if something that promises so much is a miracle in a glass or if it even works.  Furthermore it begs the question: is it worth it?

Key Ingredients – Whats In It

Kilo Off slimming drinkKilo off really embraces the whole hog when it comes to ingredients. There are approximately 26 of them listed on the UK web page of a Kilo Off retailer.

It appears to be a combination of stimulants, extracts, vitamins and essential elements. The Laboratoires Vitarmony website does not list Kilo Off as a product, and other internet sources explain that this is the company’s only product on the English market, and it  is not sold in France.

The products on the UK site are grouped according to purported usefulness, so it is impossible to tell what the key ingredients really are, and in fact, how much of any ingredient is contained in each pouch. It is also impossible to discern the overall daily amount of any ingredient users will ingest.

The plethora of ingredients includes weight-loss supplement regulars like green coffee, green tea, guarana,  orange peel and chromium.

There are also Vitamins C, E and 8 different B Vitamins. Some less common ingredients are Cherry stalks and Meadowsweet. On the surface Cynorrhodon appears to be uncommon, but in reality it is just French for the familiar Rose Hips. One has to wonder why this was not translated like the other ingredients. Maybe it sounds more special en Français.

Kilo Off Side Effects

Kilo Off claims to have all natural ingredients, but it’s important to remember that any product containing so many different substances is bound to have some side effects and interactions. Kilo Off is no different.

First and foremost, the website warns that it contains soya as a potential allergen. This is worrying because there is no mention of soya in the listed ingredients. One wonders what other unmentioned ingredients are in these sachets. The website also notes that excessive consumption may produce a laxative effect. This is hardly a surprise as no fewer than 5 ingredients are purported to assist in draining water and toxins.

Some of the other ingredients are well known for their side effects and interactions. Under fat burners, the Kilo Off lists green tea, green coffee and Guarana. Each of these can cause upset stomach and sleeplessness. They also can interact with several medications.

Bitter Orange Side EffectsBitter orange is only considered safe in quantities found in foods. Quantities usually found in weight-loss supplements are considered unsafe and can contribute to high blood pressure, especially when taken with stimulants like caffeine, as it appears in this product.  These are just some of the potential problems and interactions. Without an accurate and transparent listing of ingredients, consumers are taking a big risk ingesting this potion.

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement.  Pregnant or nursing women should not take this product.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: No.  There is not enough information to convince consumers that this product will do anything that it claims. That there is no official English language website for the product is also of some concern. The ingredients are mentioned, but not listed in any detail. There are no scientific trials referenced to back up the product claims.  In their attempt to market to women – pastel colors, statistics mentioning results for women and not men – the company appears to be pandering to the same (non-existent) audience that equates menstruation, and related feminine hygiene products to soft-lit horseback rides on the beach or romps in fields of wildflowers. Surely women have better ways to spend £24 every 20 days or so.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy Kilo Off In The UK, Stockists

The official website is the best place to start for UK and Ireland based customers

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