Slimsticks, Can You Cut 600 Calories A Day?

Slimsticks is a range of diet drinks that claims to reduce your appetite, while lowering your caloric intake and helping you lose weight.

Available in flavours, strawberry, double malt and vanilla – the manufacturers claim that you can prevent up to 600 calories on a daily basis.

You just slip a Slimstick in a glass of water, let the powder dissolve, and drink up. Perhaps there is something that can be said for this as the chalky taste and texture of the mixture can be enough to ruin your appetite if nothing else.

The marketing is top notch – but what about the product, read our review.

Claims:  Claims to be able to help you reduce your calorie intake by around 600 a day. A great tasting instant weight loss drink

Positives: Can aid weight loss albeit modestly, great website, UK product

Negatives:  Very hyped and little in the way of substantiation or clinical evidence. No money back guarantee is a concern

How do Slimsticks Work

Slimsticks work by utilizing two main active ingredients: Konjac and Fabuless. Both of these products have been shown through verifiable clinical studies to work towards appetite reduction.

There are no studies on whether Slimsticks work however. This means that Slimsticks are hoping that by putting a lot of good things together, that you will get an even better product. This is not how things work but, this does not immediately disqualify Slimsticks.

The main concern with this is just that there is not a lot of testing behind Slimsticks. How much they affect you and how they affect you is not well documented. This means if you try it, you are just hoping for the best.

Taking is easy – simply empty the contents of a sachet into a glass, add 50-100ml of tepid water, stir thoroughly and then drink immediately.

What are the Ingredients

Within Slimsticks contain Konjac, palm oil, oat oil, glucose syrup, flow agent, artificial flavoring, sucralose, malt powder, and Fabuless. None of these ingredients are dangerous. The only risk that Slimsticks offer is that they may do nothing at all.

Press Exposure

Slimsticks Imogen thomas

There have been lots of media exposure with many photo opportunities for the opportunists.

The formula has been well followed with the introduced of a celebrity and red top newspapers to ensure that Slimsticks get maximum exposure.

It has managed to make the rounds in quite a few magazines. All of them report virtually the same thing: if you eat right and stick to a diet, then Slimsticks can help with your weight loss. Deviation from a strict diet means that you can expect nothing out of Slimsticks.

Slimsticks Customer Success Stories or Testimonials

The most obvious and high profile testimonial is that of Imogen Thomas. The Former Miss Wales and confidant of footballer Ryan Giggs Imogen Thomas has been featured numerous magazines and newspapers – Imogen suggests she has dropped from a size 12 to a 10 since using Slimsticks.

Success stories are limited due to just how new the product is. Of course there are some regardless, just because a product cannot blossom without someone using it successfully. For the most part, customers seem to have the greatest effect in the first few days of acquiring the product and then its effects taper off.

This can possibly be chalked up to the powder acting as a placebo or potentially users may just not be sticking to the diet that they need to, to use Slimsticks. Then again, if you are already on a successful diet, why do you need Slimsticks at all?

Slimsticks Side Effects

If there is one good thing about Slimsticks, it is that it offers no adverse side effects. One could make the claim that it has no negative side effects because it has no positive side effects either. At the very least, it is not harming you, though it may be hitting your bank account.

Do Slimsticks Work

In all truth it seems more likely that Slimsticks act as a placebo to aid you in your weight loss.

They claim to work best with proper diet and exercise, just like all other diet products, but without those they offer nothing at all. If you are properly altering your lifestyle to lose weight regardless, then you do not need a powder to help you along the way.

This means Slimsticks are there for those people who know exactly what they are aiming for and just cannot quite minimize their hunger cravings in order to achieve it.

There is no risk to your health at least. Many diet pills do all of nothing and still offer you the risk of elevated blood pressure, increased rate of heart attacks, stomach pains, fatigue, lethargy, and any number of adverse conditions.

With Slimsticks, the worst that you will give yourself by taking them is a bad taste in your mouth. That said, you can probably do a lot better than Slimsticks if you’re looking to lose weight.

Where To Buy Slimsticks In the UK

Available from its own website as well as a few online stockists such as Lloyds Pharmacy. Interesting not available from Boots, Tesco or other high street health supplement specialist.

Alternatives Slimming Supplements

RAspberry Ketone Plus UKRaspberry Ketone is the critically acclaimed natural slimming supplement that has been championed by TV’s Dr Oz.

Raspberry Ketone is a potent fat burner that could help you to lose 2-3lbs per week and according healthcare practitioners up to 10lbs per month.

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