Slimturbovital – The new slimming treatment used by celebrities

Packets of slimturbovitalSlimturbovital promises rapid weight loss with an easy to follow plan. Users simply mix the powdered formula with water and drink.

They are not required to follow a complicated or special diet beyond eating well balanced meals, nor are they required to add exercise to their daily routine. Users should experience significant, rapid weight loss – up to 35 lbs in two months – and these results are guaranteed.

Anyone looking to shed unwanted pounds should ask whether this solution really delivers or if it is too good to be true.

Official website for slimturbovitalClaims:  To be the new slimming product that is used by celebrities

Positives: There is a money back guarantee

Negatives: You may need it

Diet pills not to buy

What Is Slimturbovital and How Does It Work

Woman drinkingSlimturbovital is a set of premixed powder packets that users mix with water and drink. The product description indicates the formula contains large amounts of enriched protein. This is supposed to differentiate it from other diets. Instead of shedding pounds due to muscle loss, this formula is purported to encourage fat loss while leaving muscle tissue intact. Furthermore, the website notes that the product will also cause the body to release ketones. This gives more of a clue as to how Slimturbovital works.

If a diet high in protein that produces ketones, and results in rapid fat loss while retaining muscle sounds familiar it’s because it is. This weight-loss approach takes several forms, but is most popularly known as the Atkins Diet.

Under that system, dieters eat high protein, high-fat meals while first eliminating virtually all carbohydrates (sugars and starches). The human body converts carbohydrates to the energy needed for life, and stores the excess primarily as fat, or adipose tissue. Secondary long-term energy stores take the form of glycogen, which is made and stored in the liver and muscles. In a diet with little to no carbohydrates, the body is forced to burn its fat reserves for fuel. After burning off fat for energy, the body burns glycogen. When glycogen in the liver is depleted, the body produces ketones.

A good example of this process is the induction phase of the Atkins diet, which includes very few carbohydrates and does produce rapid fat loss. Measuring ketone output in this phase is also part of the plan to prove it is working. However, over time some carbohydrates are reintroduced in controlled amounts. As one takes in more carbohydrates, the weight-loss slows.

What is questionable about Slimturbovital is that the product claims that users do not need to eat anything other than a well-balanced diet. In general, diets that are considered to be well-balanced contain varying amounts of carbohydrates. It is unclear how the simple enriched protein formulation of this powder will overcome dietary carbohydrates to produce fat loss and increase ketone production.

What Are The Ingredients

Beyond describing the formula as unique, 100% natural and using enriched protein, the manufacturer provides no other information as to what ingredients are actually contained in Slimturbovital.

Could Slimturbovital Cause Side Effects

Always consult your healthcare professional before starting any dietary supplement. Pregnant or nursing women should not take this or any weight-loss product without first consulting their healthcare provider.

It is impossible to determine if this product will produce side-effects or cause reactions in sensitive individuals because the ingredient list is not divulged.

The product does say it will cause ketosis, the production of ketones by the body. The safety of ketosis is a matter of some debate in the scientific and health communities. Do not confuse ketosis with the much more serious and dangerous state of ketoacidosis, which is an extreme and uncontrolled state of ketosis.

Bottom Line… Is It Recommended

Short answer: Maybe. It is a mystery formula that guarantees astonishing results in a short period of time. Users are not asked to change their lifestyles at all. No special diets, no additional exercise.

It almost sounds too good to be true, which is usually a red flag. Savvy consumers will notice a similarity between elements of this product and those of other high-protein, rapid fat loss diet systems, and may be encouraged to try it for that reason.

However, it is important to note that these would be leaps made entirely by users as the manufacturer provides a scarce amount of real information, to include a tangible ingredient list. Additionally, there is the cost factor. Although there are limited-time discounts available, the price of this system ranges from 54 GBP (90 USD) for the basic treatment to 129 GBP (216 USD) for the enriched treatment. It is unclear exactly how many packets are included in each treatment. For someone with more money and weight than time, Slimturbovital may be a viable short term option.

Diet pills not to buy

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