Anoretix Review – Positives and Negatives

Anoretix Uk reviewIf you are trying to lose weight, you have no doubt been overwhelmed by the amount of diets and supplements that are out there to try.

They all promise the same thing—weight loss—but not all of them work the same way. When it comes to supplements, choosing the right one is important as everyone desires something different.

Anoretix is one supplement that works in several ways so that losing weight is quick, safe and easy. They make many bold claims, but are they realistic and will you really lose a lot of weight with it? Here is the lowdown.

Official website for AnoretixClaims:  Size 18 to size in 16 weeks

Positives: 90 day money back guarantee…

Negatives: …you probably may need to use it.

Diet pills not to buy

What is Anoretix?

Anoretix is a combination of nine ingredients that will help you burn fat, lose weight, suppress your appetite, block carbohydrate absorption and boost your metabolism. How does it do all of this?

Super Citrimax ingredientThe reduction in your appetite and the fat burning comes from what is called Super Citrimax. It boosts the serotonin levels in your body which controls hunger. Study subjects showed a greater than fifteen percent reduction in appetite with Super Citrimax. Two other patented ingredients—Advantra-Z and ChromeMate—also burn fat and suppress your appetite by regulating blood sugar levels.

What is advantra ZThe carbohydrate blocking comes compliments of Phase-2 which is another patented ingredient that consists of kidney bean extract which has been shown to block carbohydrates from turning into glucose and then fat in your body. The fat blocking comes courtesy of NeOptunia which is a fibre that soaks up fat and binds to it. It comes from the Nopal Cactus plant.

Four ingredients make up the metabolism boosting properties of Anoretix—Tonalin CLA, 7-Keto DHEA, Forslean 95% Forshohili and BioPerine. Tonalin CLA preserves your muscles while decreasing fat by slowing down lipoprotein lipase which is a fat storing enzyme. 7-Keto DHEA converts fat into energy by activating three thermogenic enzymes. ForsLean 95% Forshohili comes from Coleus forskohili and helps your body preserve your muscle while losing fat.

Finally, BioPerine is a patented version of black pepper. Studies have shown that it can increase the transportation of nutrients in your body so every ingredient in Anoretix will be better absorbed.

The recommendation is to take one pill twice a day. One bottle contains sixty capsules at a cost of £30.00/$49.99. You can also purchase a two or three-month supply for £55.00/$89.99 and £79.00/$129.99, respectively.

The Pros of Anoretix

It would be difficult to ignore all the science that the website offers with regards to their ingredients. There are graphs and charts showing the study results for each ingredient when compared with using a placebo. And because many of the ingredients themselves are patented, one can assume that Anoretix is striving to be on the cutting edge of the weight loss supplement world.

They do not use any caffeine which they do on purpose because they know many people do not like the side effects that they can get from it. They also offer a ninety-day money back guarantee which is a long time for you to try the product and decide if it is working for you.

The Cons of Anoretix

Right off the bat, the cost of Anoretix is high. Even if you purchase the three-month option, it is only seven dollars less per bottle as opposed to buying one month at a time. While there is a lot of science-based evidence on their site, it is not clear who actually conducted these studies or if they are even accurate. There is no mention of a specific doctor, laboratory, university or company that conducted the studies. For all anyone knows, these could have been made up or highly exaggerated.

Probably the biggest claim on the site is the woman who says she lost forty-five pounds in three months. That is a lot of weight in a very short period of time. Most people lose an average of one to two pounds per week which would amount to only twenty-four pounds at best in a three-month period. She mentions she is taking it while on a low calorie diet and doing light exercise. Odds are the low calorie diet is what is causing the extreme weight loss and not the product itself.

Should You Try Anoretix?

Truthfully, the name alone is cause for concern. It nearly sounds like “anorexia” which can easily lead you to believe that it is not the healthiest way to lose weight or that you might lose too much weight which is also unhealthy. And at such a high price, would you want to risk your health and your budget all at the same time?

Without any information as to who conducted those fancy studies on the product’s ingredients, you might as well chalk that data up to creative marketing. With that being said, keep your money in your wallet and opt for a diet supplement that has more than just elaborate graphs and unrealistic and unhealthy claims. Since there are so many other options to choose from, you never have to settle for something that does not sound one-hundred percent right.

Diet pills not to buy

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