Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner Review Good and Bad Points

Thermodrone Extreme Fat BurnerThermodrone Extreme Fat Burner is a fat burning supplement that’s exclusive to Amazon.

Thermodrone appears to be nothing more than a trading name used by a London-based company called Green Global Direct that specializes in online retail and distribution, so the pills must be manufactured by another company.

That being the case, Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner should be considered a product of unknown origin

The product details available on Amazon are brief to say the least, and the Thermodrone website contains no useful information at all.

According to the Amazon sales page, customers who buy the product can expect the following benefits:

  • Perfect fat burning pills that work fast
  • Designed for women and men
  • Increased energy, stamina, and focus
  • Improved metabolism
  • Contains only natural ingredients
  • Vegetarian and vegan friendly
  • Optimum weight loss results

Claims: To help men and women burn excess body fat

Positives: Does contain some good ingredients

Negatives: It is our opinion that there are more effective diet products on the market.

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Key Ingredients

Each (1 capsule) dose contains:

  • Caffeine Anhydrous (150mg): A fast-acting caffeine powder. Caffeine is good for providing energy and boosting mental focus. Research shows it can also accelerate the metabolism and encourage thermogenic fat burning. The dose here is quite high and may make the formulation unsuitable for people who do not tolerate stimulants well.
  • L-Carnitine (150mg): An amino acid that’s often used as a supplement ingredient and is believed to offer many health benefits, including accelerated fat burning. A lot of the claims made for L-Carnitine can be supported by scientific evidence, but the majority of people eating a healthy diet will obtain a sufficient supply of L-Carnitine from their food.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid (150mg): Animal based research suggest Alpha Lipoic Acid may have the ability to influence the hypothalamus in a manner that tricks it into suppressing the appetite.
  • L-Tyrosine (100mg): An amino acid that is sometimes used as a hunger suppressant. L-Tyrosine is also added to smart drug formulations because it appears to have the ability to boost mental focus. The amount included here is likely to be to low to offer much value in either area.
  • Brown Rice Flour (50mg): Brown rice flour is high in fibre. It controls hunger by creating a feeling of satiety, but a 50mg dose is insufficient to offer much benefit.
  • Green Tea Extract (50mg): The dose provided here is too low, but green tea is loaded with antioxidants and is possibly the healthiest natural fat burning ingredient in the world. The fat burning ability of green tea can be supported by numerous clinical trials. Although green tea contains a little caffeine, researchers have proved this is not the power component and state: “Green tea has thermogenic properties and promotes fat oxidation beyond that explained by its caffeine content per se”.
  • Citrus Aurantium Whole Fruit (45mg): Citrus Aurantium is a species of citrus fruit that provides a fat burning stimulant called synephrine. Although the ingredient has value, the wisdom of combining it with a high dose of caffeine (as is the case here) is questionable as it will increase the chances of side effects.
  • L-Tryptophan (25mg): An amino acid that is sometimes used as a performance booster. Research suggest L-Tryptophan’s ability to improve physical stamina may be because it provides an increased tolerance to pain.
  • Cayenne Powder (1.5mg): A popular thermogenic fat burning ingredient. Scientists have proved cayenne (red pepper) works and have also discovered it provides additional value as a weight loss aid by helping to control the urge to eat. The dose here is too low.

Usage Instructions – One capsule is required in the morning, followed by a second capsule in the afternoon. Customers who have difficulty sleeping are warned not to take any capsules after 3pm.

Customer Feedback

A few sample customer reviews read:

“I used this product for a month, in conjunction with diet and exercise. I can see it’s made a difference, so I’ve already ordered some more.” 

“These pill made me feel extremely dodgy, but I persisted with them for 10 days. When I got weighed I hadn’t lost any weight at all.”

“This is a fantastic product. It gives me more energy than I know what to do with and I find it easier to eat less food.”

“Please don’t waste your money on this rubbish. It doesn’t work. Even with diet and exercise these pills don’t do a thing.”

Side Effects & Health Issues

A lot of former customers state the product stopped them from sleeping. Many customers also say the pills made them feel sick.

A few other reported side effects include:

  • Headache
  • Diarrhoea
  • Feeling “very ill”
  • Anxiety
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting

We suggest all potential users get the approval of their GP prior to commencing use of this product.

Purchasing Options & Considerations

Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner is only available via Amazon. Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of pills and the normal price per bottle is £39.99. However, Thermodrone often discount this down to much less and, at the time of this review, people interested in buying the product were only looking at paying £13.99.


There is no manufacturer’s money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Bearing in mind the cheap price, Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner may be especially attractive to people who are looking for a low budget fat burner, but the formulation appears to have already proved to be too harsh for many people to take.

So although customer reviews suggest Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner may work for some people, the possibility of side effects is too high, and customers who experience negative reactions won’t be able to get their money back, so we suggest avoiding this product.

PhenQ Before and after photosAlthough the cost per bottle is slightly more, PhenQ is a better option than Thermodrone Extreme Fat Burner because its amassed an incredible amount of positive feedback that proves it provides credible weight loss results without causing side effects.

PhenQ is currently the no.1 fat burner in the world according to many sources, it attained such lofty heights for a reason, and customers who buy PhenQ are offered a very generous 60-day money back guarantee.

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