Three Time Slim Review – Ingredients and Side Effects

Three Time SlimThree Time Slim is a dieting system that consists of three unique products that are designed to work together as one and provide dieters with ongoing support throughout the day. Three Time Slim is the creation of Liothyss Laboratories. The company is based in Toussieu and produces a number of other weight management products and a range of low-calorie snacks.

They sell most of their products via their online store, but Three Time Slim must be deemed a particularly important product because it has its own official site.

One the products (MINCEUR) is a diet pill. The other two (EQUILIBRE & DESTOCK) could be seen as being quite innovative because the active ingredients are housed in a liquid, and dieters can rest assured they will receive the correct dose because the liquids are provided in small one-shot bottles with snap-off tops.

Claims: To help weight loss by providing three unique products that are designed to work together as one and provide dieters with ongoing support throughout the day

Positives: Good company, good ingredient profile

Negatives: A diuretic is used as one of the main weight loss actions. Expensive.

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What Are The Advertised Benefits Of Three Time Slim

  • EQUILIBRE: Aids digestion, enhances the metabolism, controls blood sugar levels.
  • MINCEUR: Provides appetite suppression and fat burning.
  • DESTOCK: Supports the metabolism of carbohydrates and assists macronutrient metabolism.

Recommended Usage – Liothyss Laboratories provide customers with a low calorie diet plan and state it is important Three Time Slim and the diet plan are used together.

All three supplements are taken with a glass of water. The only difference is, EQUILIBRE and DESTOCK have to be mixed with the water. With the MINCEUR the water is only needed to wash the capsules down.

The shot of EQUILIBRE is required before breakfast and two MINCEUR diet pills should be consumed before lunch. DESTOCK needs to drunk during the evening meal.

After 30 days of use, supplementation has to be stopped, but can be resumed again after a break of 14-21 days.

What Are The Ingredients Of Three Time Slim


  • Green coffee bean extract (200mg): A respected weight loss enhancer that suppresses the appetite, boost the metabolism and provides numerous other benefits.
  • Artichoke (200mg): A vegetable extract that aids the digestion and can help rid the body of dangerous toxins.
  • Chromium (100mcg): A mineral that helps prevent the blood sugar fluctuations that might cause cravings for sweet food or drinks.


Two capsules provide:

  • Chitosan (100mg): A popular fat binder that is often derived from the shells of crabs and other sea-living crustaceans. Each gram of fat contains nine calories. Chitosan can prevent around 30% of dietary fat from being processed, causing the fat (and its calories) to pass through the body untouched.
  • Nopal (100 mg): A cactus extract that is known to possess excellent appetite suppressing abilities. Research reveals nopal also has value as a fat binder, so it’s pairing with chitosan should work well.
  • Acacia fibre (100 mg): A high fibre gum that originates in the acacia tree. It is known to have value as an appetite suppressant and can also be useful for keeping cholesterol levels under control.
  • Capsicum annuum (50mg): A powerful weight loss provider that is generally obtained from hot chilli peppers. Capsicum is known to possess appetite suppressing abilities and has proven value as a thermogenic fat burner. 


  • Chromium (100mcg) & magnesium (30mg): Like chromium, magnesium appears to help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • Citrus aurantium extract (330mg): A scientific review of citrus aurantium studies suggests supplements that contain the ingredient may increase the resting metabolic rate and energy expenditure, resulting in weight loss.

Where to Buy Three Time Slim

The best place to buy Three Time Slim is from the official website. Each box contains a 10-day supply of all three products. The manufacturer states best results can be obtained by using the product for 20-30 days, and offers multi-buy discounts, but the savings available are pretty poor.

  • 1 x Box of Three Time Slim: 30,90 €
  • 2 x Box of Three Time Slim: 60,00 €
  • 3 x Box of Three Time Slim: 89,90 €


There is no money back guarantee.

Customer Testimonials

The Three Time Slim website provides links to a couple of blog posts published by women who were supplied with boxes of Three Time Slim in exchange for their review. One blogger claims a weight loss of 4kg in three weeks. The other says Three Time Slim helped her to lose 2.3kg in 20 days. We found a third review that is not mentioned on the Three Time Slim website. Probably because it is not totally supportive of the product’s abilities. The blog was written by a student who lost 2.3kg in two weeks, but was left with mixed opinions about the product because the weight returned in an equally rapid fashion after she ceased supplementation.

Side Effects & Health Warnings

Three Time Slim is not a suitable option for pregnant or lactating women. People who have existing health problems are advised to ask a doctor’s advice before they start supplementation. Anyone who is using medication or other brands of supplement should be equally cautious.

The Final Judgement

Artichoke is a diuretic. This may explain why one of the bloggers who lost weight regained it so fast. If her weight loss was mostly water it would be bound to return once the diuretic compound was removed from her diet.

Several of the ingredients have the potential to accelerate weight loss though. So Three Time Slim may work well if it is used in conjunction with the recommended diet plan and regular exercise. But this is an expensive product, and people with a lot of weight to lose would need to use Three Time Slim for several months.

The fact that supplementation has to be paused every 30 days is also not ideal because it will slow everything down. People may lose weight with Three Time Slim, but it will be along, expensive job.

Recommended Diet Pill

Best choice of diet pillWe recommend using a multi action diet pill that offer multiple benefits and one that can used indefinitely.

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