Verdesse Green Coffee Pill, Is It The Right Green Coffee Slimming Pill To Use

Verdesse Green Coffee pillsCoffee gets a lot of press when it comes to its health benefits. Some research has shown that drinking moderate amounts of coffee can ward off diseases while some say drinking too much can be bad for you.

For many people, coffee is an addiction in the form of a pick-me-up to help them start their day. For others, it is just an enjoyable drink.

But new research has found that green coffee may have a completely different benefit as a weight loss aid. That is where Verdesse green coffee pills come in to play.

Claims:  To be a high strength green coffee weight loss product

Positives: Reputable brand. Cheap

Negatives: Not as strong as some of the market leaders – buying this is a compromise and a missed opportunity

Diet pills not to buy

What is Green Coffee?

what is green coffeeMost coffee goes through a roasting process where the beans are roasted at temperatures exceeding four hundred degrees Fahrenheit.  When the beans are roasted at such a high temperature, the chlorogenic acid in the coffee breaks down.

However, green coffee does not go through this type of process so the chlorogenic acid stays in tack and has a unique and potent fat-blaster called 5-caffeoylquinic acid.  This is how it becomes an integral part of weight loss.

Verdesse green coffee is a pill that contains a decaffeinated ingredient called Svetol. It contains this 5-caffeoylquinic acid and is said to help suppress your appetite and burn fat. You are required to take four hundred milligrams per day which is two pills (although some people have reportedly been taking twice that amount).

The product has had more of a following and focus in the United Kingdom, however, it can be ordered from through the company’s website. A box of sixty tablets is the equivalent of a month’s worth of pills.

Dubbed the “£14.95 a month slimming pill”

Clinical Research Claims

green coffee Daily MailScientists from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, conducted studies on green coffee pills and found that they can create a ten percent boost in weight loss even if a person takes a low dose of it. Of course, they also mention that taking the pill must be accompanied by eating a low fat, healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise.

A study from 2006 by Biomed Central Complementary and Alternative Medicine concluded that unroasted green coffee beans can speed up a person’s metabolism and burn fat at faster rates than normal. This ultimately results in significant weight loss. The caffeine in the beans unlocks fat that is stored in your body. The fats are sent to the liver and the chlorogenic acid helps your liver process the fat.

There have been many media reports ranging from the jingostic to the informative in daily nationals such as the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and the Telegraph.

The Pros and Cons

Dr Oz talks about health supplementsGreen coffee extract became extremely popular after Dr. Oz praised its weight loss benefits on his talk show, he has not ever recommended any one particular brand though.

Since then, the amount of people buying and using green coffee products like Verdesse has grown at exceedingly high rates. Many supermarkets, health food stores, natural food stores and pharmacies sell all types of green coffee products. The pills are relatively cheap.

The Verdesse brand sells for roughly twenty-three dollars for one box containing a month’s supply of sixty tablets. So far there have been no reports of serious side effects or health issues as a result of taking green coffee extract. Verdesse is all natural which means there is nothing artificial about it—unless you fall prey to one of those imitation brands of green coffee.

While coffee is a natural substance, sometimes too much of a good thing (even something natural) can have adverse effects. Some reported side effects from the Verdesse green coffee pill include high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome and anxiety. There is also a question as to the quality of the pills because some suppliers of green coffee products replace the coffee extract with a cheap ephedrine substitute as well as fillers.

Another area of worry is that there has been a lack of long-term trials and studies on green coffee so it is unclear if taking it would have any health ramifications down the road. Many Hollywood celebrities have used Verdesse green coffee pills to lose weight which means many women may follow their lead regardless if they need to lose weight or not.

Should You Try Verdesse Green Coffee Pills?

To date, there has been nothing to lead anyone to believe that taking Verdesse green coffee pills would have ill effects on your health. At the same time, no one is sure what taking these pills for a long period of time will do months or years from now.

Yes, you will most likely lose weight on this product as many people have successfully done but there are other products that represent the concept of green coffee so much better.

Diet pills not to buy

Where To Buy Verdesse, Stockists

Availability seems to be restricted to the Natures Best website. A 60 capsule supply will cost you £14.95

Recommended Green Coffee Diet Pills

Svetol Green Coffee tablets with 50% Chlorogenic AcidArguably the best example of a green coffee diet pill is Svetol from Evolution Slimming.

Containing 50% CGA it is the highest strength commercial green coffee tablet in circulation. It is sold exclusively from Evolution Slimming’s official website where they offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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