Vimulti Arm Fat Burner Extreme Review

Vimulti Arm Fat Burner ExtremeAs the name suggests, Vimulti Arm Fat Burner is supplement designed to target fat stores that have accumulated around the arms. Many people, especially women, are very sensitive about fat that has collected in this area, so there is certainly a market for this product. Unfortunately it very unlikely that a supplement could work on a certain area of the body in this way.

Very little is known about the company marketing the product and the pills seem to have been dropped by many online stores. However, the benefits customers are offered include:

  • Helps destroy stubborn arm fat that is resistant to diet and exercise.
  • Helps with weight management.
  • Reduces the appetite.
  • Improves the physical appearance of the arms.
  • Reduces arm jiggle.
  • Firms the the arms front and back.

Claims: To target fat stores that have accumulated around the arms

Positives: Very little if truth be told in our opinion.

Negatives: This is a product that relies heavily on hype

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What is Vimulti Arm Fat Burner and How Does it Work?

We have no idea how a supplement like this could possibly live up to its name and Vimulti does not offer customers any explanation or proof to back up their claims. However, if the fat burning ingredients are strong enough to encourage fat burning the fat around the arms would be sure to go sooner or later.

Key Ingredients

Vimulti fails to provide a full ingredient profile and we were unable to find this important information anywhere online. However, the Amazon sales page mentions several ingredients by name:

  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C is easy to lose from the body due to smoking, drinking, or certain dietary choices. It is an important vitamin that is necessary for a healthy immune system, but the many benefits it is known to offer do not include the burning of arm fat.
  • Vitamin B: There are a number of B vitamins and all of them are common inclusions in diet pills because they help support a healthy metabolism. Any other benefits that may be offered here are hard to predict because Vimulti fail to say which B vitamin they are using.
  • Choline: A water-soluble nutrient that is necessary for a healthy central nervous system. Choline deficiency can cause many health problems, including liver disease and atherosclerosis, but although supplementation with choline can be advantageous it is not known to be an arm fat burner.
  • Coq10: A vitamin-like compound that assists the body with energy production. Most people gain a sufficient amount of Coq10 from their diet, so supplementation is seldom necessary and its inclusion here is doubly pointless because it is not generally used as a fat burner and is certainly not an arm fat burner.

The formulation apparently contains “other health supporting vitamins” as well, but what they are likely to be is anybody’s guess.

How To take Vimulti Arm Fat Burner –  People who want to get the best results need to take two capsules with breakfast and two more with dinner. A sensible diet and exercise program is also required.

Vimulti Arm Fat Burner Customer Feedback

Some past customers say the product lived up to their expectations, others are not impressed at all.

A few typical reviews read:

“It’s only been a month and it’s hard to say for sure, but I think my arms are a little smaller and less flabby now.”

“I was so embarrassed by my jiggly arms I always had to keep them covered. Nothing has changed because the pills did not work.”

“Got my arms back into shape without the need to mess about with creams or plastic bags.” 

“Horrible nasty pills that made me feel terribly sick. I gave them to my sister and she tolerated them better but her bingo wings are still there.”

Vimulti Arm Fat Burner Side Effects & Health Issues

The Amazon sales page states: “Must be 18 to order. Consult your doctor before using”. No other health advisory is offered, but the formulation is unlikely to be suitable for pregnant or nursing mothers. People who suffer from existing health problems and anyone who is taking medication should be double cautious about using this or any other brand of dietary supplement unless it has been prior approved by their doctor.

Vimulti Arm Fat Burner Where To Buy

We were unable to find a manufacturer’s website and although a few of the lesser-known online diet pill suppliers appear to have stocked the product in the past all of the sites we visited were out of stock. Amazon was the only site we could find that is still selling Vimulti Arm Fat Burner and the price per (60 capsule) bottle was $39.99.


The Amazon sales page states Vimulti Arm Fat Burner is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Bottom Line

The lack of information about the ingredients used in the blend is a disgrace. Nobody should be expected to pay for any supplement that contains unspecified ingredients. The ingredients that are mentioned on the Amazon sales page are incapable of producing the promised results and we are unaware of any ingredients that could. This is a fact that makes it all the more surprising that some customers swear Vimulti’s arm fat burner works. A money back guarantee is available though, so some people may be tempted to give the pills a shot. Our advice to anyone who buys Vimulti Arm Fat Burner is this: show the pills to a doctor before taking them and get an expert opinion first.

Not Recommended

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