Vintage Burn – The world’s first muscle-preserving fat burner

Vintage Burn diet pillsVintage Burn is a weight management product manufactured by Old School Labs. It’s produced in capsule format, is suitable for vegetarian use and, if the marketing hype is to be believed, it is also the “world’s first muscle-preserving fat burner”.

This claim is disputable because a number of other supplements are designed to provide weight loss without the risk of losing muscle mass.

But if the Vintage Burn formulation can work in this way it’s certainly a benefit worth boasting about because it is all too easy to loose muscle while dieting, and muscle tissue burns calories faster than fatty tissue so it is certainly worth preserving.

Claims: To be a muscle preserving fat burner

Positives: Great looking brand

Negatives: It’s not new, most fat burners will have some sort of muscle preserving element.

The three main benefits Vintage Burn users are promised are:

  • Fat burning
  • Preserves muscle tissue
  • Improvements to mood and focus

Key Ingredients & Blend Potential

Two capsules contain:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (330mg): Scientific research supports the many claims made for green tea’s fat burning abilities and the ingredient also contains antioxidants that may offer protection against the damaging free radicals contained in some foods.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (270mg): Green coffee beans provide the fat burning chemical chlorogenic acid, an ingredient that is often considered to be powerful enough to use as a standalone weight loss provider.
  • Raspberry Ketones (200mg): A popular ingredient that supports weight loss by helping to suppress the appetite and encouraging the body to begin burning its fat.
  • Olive Leaf Extract (160mg): Although olive leaf’s ability to encourage weight loss is far from proven, it appears to be capable of lowering cholesterol levels
  • Caffeine (150mg): A stimulant that can boost focus and provide extra energy. Caffeine is also a proven fat burner .
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract (100mg): Garcinia provides a chemical called hydroxycitric acid (HCA). It has a good reputation for encouraging weight loss, but most experts suggest a dose of at least 500mg.
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract (100mg): A plant derived ingredient that is sometimes added to nootropic supplements designed to improve the memory and enhance the mood.
  • Chrysin (100mg): A flavonoid that is often used for the treatment of anxiety. Chrysin is also believed to encourage an increase in testosterone production, so it is often added to bodybuilding supplements.
  • Forskohlii Root Extract (60mg): A herb that is believed to have value as a testosterone booster. It is also reputed to be a fat burner, and may have the ability to increase the power of other fat burning ingredients, but research is ongoing.

Usage Guidelines – New customers are advised to take no more than two capsules, twice each day, 30-45 minutes before eating a meal. If there are no tolerance issues the dose can be upped to two capsules, twice per day, from the fourth day onward. However, for maximum benefits, Old School Labs suggest a dose of two capsules, three times per day. This is the maximum dose and it should not be exceeded in any 24-hour period. It is also important not to take the capsules near to bedtime.

Customer Testimonials

Vintage Burn has amassed a wealth of feedback via and the majority of customers have a lot of good things to say about the product.

A few average reviews read:

“I’ve used a lot of supplements that didn’t work, but Vintage Burn does everything it is supposed to do so it gets 5 stars from me.”

“I’ve got a flatter, more ripped stomach and my wife has already lost 15 pounds, so we are both totally blown away by this product. Try it yourself, it really works.” 

“I have been using this product for many months and can really see the results. My waist is smaller, the cellulite has vanished from my thighs, and I have more energy than I had before I began taking the pills.”

Side Effects & Health Considerations

Women who are pregnant or nursing a child are advised to seek medical advice prior to starting to use Vintage Burn. The same advice is offered to people who have existing medical conditions and anyone who is taking medication. Old School Labs also point out caffeine-related side effects cannot be ruled out, but each dose of Vintage Burn will only provide the same amount of caffeine as 1 1/2 cups of coffee, so the caffeine content is only likely to be an issue for people who have a particularly low tolerance.

Potential customers who suffer from allergies also need to be aware the capsules are manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, soybeans, fish, shellfish, milk, and eggs.

Where to Buy Vintage Burn

Vintage Burn is only available from and at the time of this review the price for 120 capsules was $49.99. When used at the maximum dose of six capsules per day, a bottle will last 20 days, but customers who use the lower dosage of four capsules per day, will be able to extend this period to a month.


Old School Labs do not provide a money back guarantee, but customers who are unhappy with their purchase may be able to secure a refund via the Amazon returns policy.

Concluding Thoughts

Is Vintage Burn the world’s first muscle-preserving fat burner? We honestly don’t couldn’t say, but we know the formulation contains some good ingredients that may be able to help people to burn calories without losing muscle tissue. It’s not a cheap option though, and users who take the maximum dose will find they are using more than one bottle a month. This is a fact that needs to be taken into consideration before deciding to use this product, especially when there are so many other supplements that may offer more benefits without placing such a large dent in the wallet.


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