Weightwatchers online UK – is it worth the money

WeightWatchers onlineWeightwatchers online is a web based suite of tools for people participating in the weightwatchers program.  Weightwatchers international was founded in the United States in the early 1960’s and is now established in over 30 countries.

The program relies on a science-based approach to weight loss that is realistic, flexible and simple.  It addresses support, behaviour, food, and exercise as components of a weight loss plan.

Weightwatchers online UK brings the resources and support of the weightwatchers program to a virtual environment and tailored to the British consumer.

How does it work?

The easiest way to describe how the program works is simply to say it works the way you need it to.  There are a multitude of options and customizable features including an online assessment and approach to weight loss, weightwatcher plan options and sign up, when and where – or even if- to attend meeting for support, and how to eat successfully whether you cook from scratch or need to make smart choices in a restaurant.


Weightwatchers differs from other weight loss programs in its realistic approach to diet.  It does not restrict or forbid any foods, require complicated colour schemes or food combinations.  Instead each food is given a value – a certain number of points – and participants are given a budget of points which they can spend as they see fit.  A new approach, featured prominently on weightwatchers online UK is the ProPoints plan.  It addresses what they term the overloaded environment and help participants overcome real-life weight loss challenges – like what to order in a restaurant.

success story from WeightwatchersThe program is also known for providing comprehensive support.  Traditionally, this has taken the form of weekly meetings where attendees take a private weigh-in, and associate with fellow, like minded customers.  The groups are counselled by someone who has successfully lost weight with the program.

In the online environment, the support continues and is mobile.  Features include tools for customizing an individual plan for healthy food choices, tracking tools, detailed recipe databases, fitness and exercise tips and instructional videos and food choice and tracker mobile tools.

What are the pros & cons?

The main strengths of Weightwatchers online UK could also be viewed as its main weakness, at least at the beginning.  Namely, the site is chock full of information!  It is well organized and pleasantly presented but there is no denying, this is a lot of content.  Visitors to the site can learn about weightwatchers philosophy, how the program works, receive fitness and exercise tips and even get specific recipes.


Of course the site encourages you to join the program, but it is not a hard sell approach or one that aims to strong arm potential customers through guilt or shame.  Instead   There is information on the traditional meetings, as well as how to use the program wholly online.  Consumers can also learn about a hybrid approach that incorporates in different aspects of each like person meetings, online support and mobile apps.  And this is all in the non-member portion.  One can only imagine what else is available to members once they log in.


For the novice who appreciates an abundance of resources, this website is a dream come true.  There is support for every aspect of weight-loss behind each click.  Some people though may be intimidated or overwhelmed by so much.  If this is the case, consumers would do better to approach it a small bit at a time, rather than take it all in at one sitting.   Perhaps just learn about a single aspect, like fitness, one day then leave it and return the next day for another small session.

For the experienced weightwatchers members, everything they need is at their fingertips; a definite pro.

What are the costs?

For full, completely online access to the ProPoints plan, participants will pay around 12pounds per month. There are single or three month plan periods available.  The joining fee about 30 pounds, but may be waived depending on various special offers or promotions.

For customers that wish to attend in-person meetings, the meeting plan offers a pay as you go option. Pay as you go has a regular joining fee of around 11 pounds and costs about 7 pounds per week.  For this price participants get weekly meetings, a weekly magazine, guidance from an experienced counsellor and group support. Special offers and promotions can see the joining fee waived and a first week either free or discounted.

The monthly pass incorporates the best of both options for customers.  The cost is usually a little more than 21 pounds per month.  In addition to the pay as you go, in-person benefits, monthly pass participants also get a mobile app, access to weight watchers e-source for point tracking and environment management, and access to a points value and recipe database.