Xenical – Is It Available In The UK To Buy Over The Counter

Xenical tablets prescription onlyXenical is the trade name for Orlistat. It is a prescription only medication, developed in the US, by Genentech, and designed specifically for use by the clinically obese.

It is a powerful weight loss solution that gets results, and the fact that many doctors choose to prescribe it for there more severe cases, should leave little doubt about the drug’s effectiveness.

Xenical works, and—bearing in mind the health issues faced by the clinically obese—it also has the potential to save and/or improve lives.

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Who is it For?

Xenical has been designed for use by patients who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more (at least 30% over the ideal weight for their height and build), but it is possible that a doctor may still write a Xenical prescription for a patient with a slightly lower (BMI) if the patient’s excess weight may have a particularly negative influence other existing health issues (diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure etc.). Even then, it is rare for a doctor to prescribe Xenical for anyone with a BMI of less than 27 (20% over their ideal weight).

What it Does and How it Works

How Xenical worksXenical works in a different manner than other weight loss solutions. Many over the counter supplements are designed to suppress the appetite, speed up the metabolism, and burn off excess fat.

Xenical tackles the problem directly at source—in the digestive system—by blocking the amount of fat that can be absorbed. A small percentage still gets through, but the majority of ingested fat is passed with the stools.

So—bearing in mind the natural consistency of fat—the stools will tend to be looser than normal, and eating a lot of fat can result in unpleasant consequences because most of it will pass through the digestive tract very quickly, and it is not unheard of for users to soil themselves.

How to Use Xenical

Xenical what does it doDue to the prescription only nature of the drug, its use will be monitored by a doctor, who will advise the patient on its correct usage, but the standard dose is usually 120 mg. Patients are normally encouraged to eat three meals a day, which should be nutritionally balanced and contain no more than 30% fat.

The capsules are taken with water, ideally at the time of the meal, but certainly no longer than an hour after eating. If a meal is skipped, or contains no fat at all (unlikely), it is permissible to skip a dose of the medication because, if there is no fat for it to block taking the capsule is pointless.

It is also possible that the prescribing doctor may also recommend some form of exercise routine to help provide increased benefits, but the average Xenical user’s level of physical fitness may prohibit this—and make the extra exertion dangerous—so no such change to the normal routine should be adopted without medical approval.

Side Effects and Negative Issues

The most obvious Xenical related side effects are—as previously mentioned—the possibility of greasy, looser stools and the potential for soiled undergarments; but it must be remembered that these things are not really side effects, but a natural part of the fat blocking process. Once ingested, if it is prevented from being absorbed, there is nowhere else for all that fat to go. It is also worth noting that, if the suggested low fat diet is adhered to, nasty surprises are extremely unlikely.

A small number of users may also find the drug causes painful skin rashes. This is not by any means a common occurrence, but other side effects are possible and there are several other considerations that must be borne in mind before taking Xenical.

The drug may not be suitable for people who suffer from:

  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Thyroid issues
  • Eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia)
  • Diabetes

It is probable that the prescribing doctor will be aware of any such conditions, but the doctor should always be informed if there have been any changes in health or to any existing conditions. It may also interact badly with some medications (prescribed or over the counter), and Xenical can pass into the breast milk, so it is not suitable for use by nursing mothers or those who plan to nurse a child in the near future.

The Bottom Line

Xenical is a powerful fat blocker that can produce dramatic weight loss results, but its use demands respect. There are a number of issues that mean it is not suitable for everyone so it is fortunate that the drug’s use is controlled in the present manner because this ensures it is only used by the right people, in the right manner, and minimizes the dangers of an adverse reaction. Used under such supervision Xenical has the potential to change lives for the better—and maybe save lives—but it use always requires medical supervision, so dieters should never attempt to procure it from the internet or any other source.