Yacon Root Pure Capsules from Evolution Slimming

Yacon Root Pure ReviewYacon Root Pure is weight loss supplement in capsule form. It’s not a complicated product. The capsules contain just one ingredient—yacon root—but as yacon has a strong reputation for assisting weight loss it would be unfair to judge the manufacturers too harshly for wishing to keep things simple.

The capsules are manufactured in the UK by Evolution Slimming Ltd. The company produces several other weight loss supplements as well as a variety of other health and beauty products.

Neither Evolution Slimming nor any of their products appear on any of the scam report sites or online customer complaint portals and everything suggests they are a reputable company. Their site is easy to navigate and is not over-reliant on hype, so first impressions are good. Customer services are available via online form, telephone, and live chat.

Yacon Root from Evolution SlimmingClaims: Can suppress the appetite to make you feel fuller for longer. Boost the metabolism and burn calories quicker

Positives: Heralded by experts within the weight loss industry

Negatives: A tad expensive, but just a tad/

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Proposed Benefits of Yacon Root

The main promised benefits are appetite suppression and boosted metabolism. The capsules are also vegetarian friendly.

“In providing such a guarantee Evolution slimming have put their money where their mouth is and their willingness to stand by their product shows they have faith in it …”

Key Ingredients

what is yacon rootEach capsule contains 500mg of yacon root. Science has proven yacon to be a very effective aid to weight loss, but the majority of yacon-based supplements take their strength from yacon syrup, not yacon root.

Yacon syrup is extracted from the roots of the yacon plant though, so—one way or another—the yacon plant’s power for assisting weight loss lies in its roots and yacon syrup has become an extremely popular weight loss ingredient since it fat busting prowess was endorsed by the US TV personality and dieting expert Dr. Oz.

How Does Yacon Assist Weight Loss?

Yacon rot medically accredited Yacon root and yacon root extracts are known to contain high levels of prebiotic compounds. These compounds encourage the growth of healthy bacteria (Bifidus and Lactobacillus) in the gut.

Dr. Oz called these “skinny bacteria” because they are so important to the process of losing weight:

  • Helps prevent cholesterol synthesis in the liver
  • Increases tissue sensitivity to insulin
  • Supports the immune system
  • Enhances and improves digestion (importance to effective weight loss)

Scientific Studies

All the studies into the weight loss benefits of yacon appear to have been conducted on yacon syrup, but they provide a good indication of the possible merits that the root itself may provide.

The most recent study is probably the one conducted by Dr. Oz. His four-week study was carried out on 60 members of his studio audience. They were allowed three meals a day and ate one spoon of yacon syrup before each meal.

At the end of the study the women had attained some impressive results:

  • 29 lost weight
  • 14 lost 5 or more pounds
  • The average weight loss (across the group) was 2.9 pounds
  • The average waist line reduction (across the group) was 1.9 inches
  • The women showed a combined weight loss of 153 pounds
  • 27 of the women stated they would recommend yacon for weight loss

How to Use Yacon Root Pure

The daily dose is two capsules. The first capsule should be taken 10 to 30 minutes before lunch. The second capsule is taken 10 to 30 minutes before dinner. The manufacturer’s website also contains a handy 7 day diet plan that can be downloaded to help dieters eat healthy and attain maximum results.

Customer Feedback

The customer feedback is excellent as would expect from a highly reputable company such as Evolution Slimming.

Potential yacon Root Side Effects

The manufacturers do not mention any side effects, and yacon is such a healthy ingredient that side effects seem unlikely, but pregnant and nursing mothers are advised to seek medical advice before commencing any form of supplementation or dietary practice. The same advice is offered to anyone who has any health issues or concerns.

The Bottom Line

Yacon syrup has been scientifically proven to assist weight loss so it is probably that pure yacon root should be able to offer comparable results. It is even possible that it may prove to provide superior results, so it is a little disappointing that customer feedback could not be found.

Yacon Root Pure is quite expensive for such a simple product, but Evolution Slimming appears to be a reputable company so consumers should be able to buy from them in confidence.

The company’s 30 day money back guarantee also ensures customers can feel confident their money will be returned if the promised results are not forthcoming.

In providing such a guarantee Evolution slimming have put their money where their mouth is and their willingness to stand by their product shows they have faith in it, so there is no reason why consumers should not feel an equal faith in Yacon Root Pure, and the data available suggests use of the capsules should provide some real weight loss results.

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Is There a Guarantee?

All product purchases from Evolution Slimming are protected by a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where To Buy Yacon Root Pure Capsules

The best place to buy Yacon Root Pure is from the manufacturer’s website and a bottle of 60 500mg capsules costs £39.99 (a month’s supply) – this is commuted to £33 you take the 3 months option.

Buy Yacon Root Pure capsules from Evolution SlimmingThis makes Yacon Root Pure slightly on the expensive side, but Evolution Slimming lead this market sector by light years – you may be able to find a brand that is £5 cheaper but most likely will be a US/Asian import.

If results are forthcoming few customers are likely to quibble about the price tag.

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